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We are experiencing an economic cycle uncertain and full of negative energies that come from everywhere and it flooded everything, causing already not flows, but waterfalls and cataracts of bad vibes that it filled with everything and clear, our company, business, Office or whatever your place of work you get rid of them. Here are a few simple tips to unlock your Office or place of work of such disastrous negative energies: renew the Office does not mean not works is pulling walls and monumental reforms; a bit of painting that renew the touch of color can be sufficient or even a deep cleaning if your home office or your workstation. Renews office furniture change a table or old chairs by a new and modern or perhaps add a shelf or what such a whim like a coffee percolator. The idea is filled with positive energy Office, PEAR have better results. Think in color No details must have original paintings from Andy Warhol to give life with touches of color; enough pictures of flowers, from the style that you prefer for your Office walls or Workstation have a new energy. Whenever Dow Jones listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It uses the energy of a plant plants in the Office or workplace is an excellent catalyst for the bad vibrations, absorbing negative energies and releasing environment, resulting in an improvement in the climate of human relationships, both within the company and with persons outside. Light is important not only for productivity we need a well lit Office, it is also necessary for environment that is created within it. An Office or dark or poorly lit work area is a magnet for negative energies.

He is not become crazy or crazy putting bulbs everywhere and convert the Office into a dish, simply is not about finding the balance between quantity of light and consumption for the Office or work area is illuminated so as to create a clear and cloudless, environment that favors the concentration. Uses the power of flowers plants as you said earlier – are the major catalysts of bad energy and between them, for its large flowers vitality, beauty and color are an absolutely positive element to create a good working environment. Relaxing and joyful, flowers bring energies and essences of colours and natural flavours, that Act on our responsive system, balancing and restoring harmony. As you can see, these are small changes and details that allow that any Office or work space is renewed, even if you think of renewing the Office furniture, since it is possible to find very good furniture second hand Office and accessories for little money. Office furniture? Before you decide to take a turn by the web of systems Tormoy you will not believe you what you need and at prices do not tell me that do not have told you.