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Wedding Amber Extract

Unexpectedly crept up another wedding anniversary. What a hussy! If only pre-warned, I would have prepared and chose the best gift for his wife. Yes, this, that she admired me, and then boasted of her friends – they say, what it husband still remarkable, and this after so many years! Now what? Time to spare, though would have time to grab a nearby supermarket, some trifle. Sound familiar? Or, on the anniversary of you forget about it the Festival, and remembering, you know, it's too late and beloved woman managed to reward you hurt look, and even loud reproach? Council for the last case: a fast burknite husband (wife) "Congratulations!" And chmoknite cheek. If this is congratulations to the second half still do not fit your idea of celebrating wedding anniversaries, read this article till the end! So, the 34th anniversary of wedding or marriage Amber. Why of a non-union gradually turns into a real jewel.

Traditionally, for the spouses to this day should be filled with gifts of amber. For his wife – is a variety of jewelry, bracelets, earrings, brooch and ring. For husband, it could be studs. Both fit vase decorated with amber, painting, cute figurine. Spouses will be pleased to know that amber – this is not only a beautiful stone, but also natural biostimulant (reducing bio person). He brings happiness and prosperity. For a man who really carried away with their spiritual development (and any other as well), this fact from the biography of amber-yellow sun will present a hundred times more valuable and more expensive than its cash value.