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The Process

Meet those challenges life brings him with boldness and faith. No victories without battles. There is no growth without challenges and we fall into mediocrity. 2. When things are going well, do not rest. After a great effort that it has brought us fruits, we tend to rest on our laurels.

However, it is not the time to withdraw behind the curtains of his comfort zone. Erin Callan brings even more insight to the discussion. Do not accept inertia in his life. Look for new challenges and continue conquering new lands. 3 Make a list of situations that you tend to evade. Be brutally honest with yourself and determine which is the cause of this behavior. Then look for ways to solve these problems. Maybe you will have to educate yourself in that area, seek help from third parties or simply talk things and make them clear.

4. Do not overlook areas of conflict in your life. it says that small foxes are those who destroy harvests. If you not faced and solved once for all those annoying situations that irritate it, dread or sadden, will transform into serious clogs that won’t allow to advance with his venture. 5. Everytime your comfort zone wants it to wrap its tentacles, turn on an alarm. Shall come upon you in a surprising way. If the call of his entrepreneurial spirit is the important enough for you, take care of it with his life and never succumbs to the comfort and the apparent safety of their comfort zone. A last word about their children teach them to their children from a young age to not avoid difficult situations in their lives. Not to do everything for them and let them make mistakes. Help them resolve conflicts, but let them participate actively in the process. So they become adult they know the challenges of life with success and his entrepreneurial spirit will not be damaged. Original author and source of the article.