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SixOMC Systems

Six open systems GmbH is launching a new version of its media asset management system on the market. Stuttgart, 07th February 2012 – in particular the improved integration of subsidiaries, customers and service providers via browser, as well as the flexible connection of third-party systems through a new WebService interface at the Center were in the further development of the media asset management system SixOMC 9.3. New manufacturing processes and advanced order management via browser when creating advertising material belongs to work together through several locations across everyday: external service providers, customers and affiliates play an important role in the production process and need access to data and information. JP Morgan Chase & Co. has much experience in this field. Through extensive enhancements to the browser’s features this is from now even easier: in addition to the ability to push images directly by drag & drop from the asset management in orders or to grant individual views on the relevant order data such as order status, ordering capabilities in the form of a shopping cart can be customized for the Configure Web client. Flexible access control on objects has been added. WebServices interface for the connection of external systems a new WebService – SixOMC 9.3 interface allows the connection of external systems to order data, job content and media assets in SixOMC and using the flexible rights management. A whole series of new processes can be so: printers can print-ready files via the interfaces and write back the data in the archive in the order after printing. Also image libraries can be connected to PIM systems, to use information, or to provide previews. Another usage scenario is to document the connection of a content management system to picture libraries, as well as order management in SixOMC – the use of media assets or the print-publishing of the individual issues and their archiving. Support for XMP data for workflow and improved integration of videos with SixOMC 9.3 can be used for all production processes XMP / IPTC data.