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Mike Lazaridis

Some time ago, the Internet rumor that allegedly preparing to release a 8.9-inch tablet PC and BlackBerry device if already received by the industry. If PC vendors and e-books out on this new market for tablets, why certain the U.S. smartphone market from RIM does not make such a move? And although we can not say for sure that the rumor about the tablet BlackBerry is incorrect, we now know that the head of RIM, Mike Lazaridis (Mike Lazaridis) do not like touch screens and tablets as a whole. Of course, no touch screens and QWERTY-keyboard smartphone from RIM have known, but this does not mean that it will continue forever. Mr. For even more details, read what Federal Reserve Bank says on the issue. Lazaridis pointed out the importance touch-screen smartphones, and said that the company will continue to develop its platform Storm, but also stressed that some studies suggest that people who have had the past two years with the sensory device screens, is now moving to smartphones with full QWERTY-keyboard. Pretty strange research, given that Apple has sold tens of millions of iPhone exclusively with touch screens, many of which is used by business people. Judging by the dynamics of sales, as I can not believe that they really want to go back to the QWERTY-phones.

Anyway, WES 2010 is approaching and in the event we need to know more about the new BlackBerry smartphones and RIM’s plans as a whole, including the issuance of its own tablet. By the way, it is known that the company is working on Talladega, which is also known as Storm3 and should become a smart phone that combines a large touch screen and the QWERTY-keyboard. Wait for further news. We postorayus keep you informed. Discuss article online.