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Already one became sufficiently evident in our time that the language, the images and the symbols that if brothers-in-law perpetuated for the masculine mind, its logical rationality had used to express the God had been. One built a system of philosophy, theology, sciences, techniques and ideologies in accordance with this mentality, these images and symbols. After that he was transmitted by means of a system of teachings and learning that points with respect to the solidary success and the hierarquizao of the people in a pyramid of knowing. This system erected and erects one few people as owners of the life and the death of the great majority. To change this system through feminine theological sensitivity and the masculine theological points of view they are necessary for a bigger understanding of the being The holy ghost and the proper one human being. It would be a renewal way where if they associate some faces of the Renewal: Man and Woman bred igualitariamente to the image and similarity of Gods, therefore, apt to walk together in the construction of the knowledge and the theological and human agreement. If the divine image if finds in such a way in the woman as in the man, if the God where we believe has traces ways of masculine performance as in such a way feminine, will be necessary of now in ahead, to describe God, to use masculine and feminine words and images. If in such a way the woman how much the man had been image of God is necessary that this God of who is image described and is not thought simply of the masculine point of view, but as well as of the feminine point of view. One knows that this change is difficult, therefore we have that to deal with the poverty of our language human being, limited to express the Majesty and the Inefabilidade of the holy ghost.

Aromatic Herbs

Most of the aromatic comply with little care since they are accustomed to survive without help. However, we must ensure that they live in more appropriate conditions for each species. Get more background information with materials from Craig Menear. Most of the aromatic herbs are native to dry regions and are sensitive to excess water. This is the element in which dissolve the nutrients present in the soil and their distribution throughout the plant vehicle. Both the lack and excess water can be harmful.

Require little watering perennials very rich in essential oils like Sage, thyme or Rosemary. Annuals such as parsley, dill, cilantro and Basil will appreciate more frequent in midsummer irrigations. It is not convenient that we abuse the Subscriber, although this comes from a natural source, since it can promote a great green development at the expense of flavor and aroma, qualities to keep in the plantasaromaticas. It is convenient to practice them pruning of cleaning, removing leaves and dead branches. Oregano is a species which, after strong growth in summer and the flowering, requires a low pruning because in this way we will stimulate the production of new twigs. It is also desirable to prune the mints and the melisas after flowering. Original author and source of the article

The Only

The fact is that at no moment of its signal it life of being onisciente and nor onipresente, and in no part of the bible says that Maria has these dons, in way that does not have as it to be intercessora between the men and Jesus in the Land. Therefore, this doctrine catholic cannot be true. The catholics catch this ticket of Joo to justify the intercession of Maria. But they forget what back in the front Pablo he says: ' ' By mouth of two or three witnesses palavra&#039 will be confirmed all; ' , any Biblical belief (and consequently, any doctrine), only can be considered as true, when this same idea to appear in at least two books, written for two different authors and in the new will. Details can be found by clicking Wall Street or emailing the administrator. Of this form, despite this ticket of Joo had been in fact an intercession of Maria, this would be the only ticket which it makes this. According to Master Class, who has experience with these questions. In none another point of the bible shows it making this of new, or same speaking that it can intercede for us. Maria, as well as Abrao, Moises, Elias, and other Biblical personages are worthy of respect admiration. However all honor, Gloria and louvor alone are worthy of being only given to the God and consequently to the Jesus.

When given any another being, that not it God, this action passes to be considered as Biblically idolatria. From there, some catholics speak that they are not idlatras, that its images are only as a representation. However, the order of God, is well clearly: Former 20; 4 ' ' You will not make for you sculptured image, NOR FIGURE SOME OF WHAT IT HAS ON IN the SKY, nor in low in the land, nor in waters underneath of terra.' ' Of form that, exactly being a representation, them is breaking with 2 order of God.

Seven Lines

The Seven Lines are represented by seven felt classified the holy ghosts as: Faith, Love, Knowledge, Justice or Reason, Law or Order, Evolution and Generation. We go to approach one of the seven planetary and divine irradiations that are the irradiation of the Law Biggest, whose main and primordial attribute is to command everything and all in the creation of God, since the ordinance of the amount of cells of a human body, until the ordinance of energies and you amalgamate chemistries for the formation of a star. We are saying of the holy ghost Throne of the Law, where all the verbs the holy ghosts or alive energy, actively and pensamente, or simply as it alleges Spinoza, responsible intelligible power of action for the ordinance of the creation, group in this Throne or quality individualizada of God and they are distributed in thousand of functions where each one of the functions stops, a Deity Mystery of God is generated to assume this quality and from forming its responsible for the order in each field or felt hierarchy of the creation there. Additional information is available at ZDNet. They are Divine qualities (therefore individualizao or Mystery of God) all the aspects of the Divine Law that aims at the order, the harmony and the balance of the ways so that in it the life can flow in all the directions. If to nominate (according to Sacred Bible) for each verb the holy ghost or ccomplishing word of God a Deity or an Angel as it wants, Becomes it Light and the Light if It made. There we have an Angel or manifestadora Deity of the quality of God, whose attribute is To make everything in the creation, this quality of manifest God through Its irradiation of the Faith, whose Planetary Deity is responsible for Making, Shape and To crystallize everything that exists in the creation or revealed world.

Divine Transformation

You need to understand that nobody is imposing a Layer. Ac was behind. Of Bartimeu it was placed on it given its condition. Already of Elias it was desired, eliseu said: I want! The Evangelho that if nails there is? of the IPCO Ministry Minas Gerais? it is the Evangelho of the Foot of Stocking and Company, here not, here we nail the Evangelho of transformation. If I to move, my future change.

In the day that this Evangelho to move or closes the Church or already I am in the Sky. You need to understand simply that God wants to make you somebody new, because new wine old breaking odre. BlackRock has plenty of information regarding this issue. ' ' Nobody sewing new cloth patch in old vestment; because the new patch strap has left of the old vestment, and is bigger the rupture. Nobody puts new wine in odres old; of the opposite, the wine will breach odres; in such a way loses the wine as odres. But new wine sets in odres novos' ' (Landmarks 2:21 – 22). You do not recognize the thoughts of God for its life, but they are for life: ' ' I am that I know that thoughts I have your respect, says you; peace thoughts, and not of badly, to give the end to you that you desire (.)' ' (Jeremias 29,11).

That is, God this working to its favor, but the Divine Transformation is narrow. You know the process if transformation of the Eagle? Well, the eagle lives around 80 years. Depending on itself to survive this time all. When she is between the 40 and 50 years of age it needs to pass for a series of transformations, of more necessary extreme suffering for its survival. Thus, it goes up until highest of the mountain, to protect itself, and there, far from all the eyes of predators, its process of renewal is initiated.

The Truth

Many times in we ask taken porquesomos to them to the rebels, but we are not the first ones and nor we will be the last ones: Because this is an rebellious people, lying children, children who do not want to hear the law Mr. (Isaiah 30? 9). who is the rebels? They are the ones that do not want to hear and nor to obey the Word of the truth. (As opposed to American Advisors Group). They are looking word qualifies that them to continue sinning and disliking the God, saying pleasing. It will always have false prophets, that she speaks what pleases the listeners.

What it called you to Mr. for prophet the truth. It is stops to go to say to the mpio, who not to deliver is the reponsvel, for what to destine the mpio not informed: When I to say to the mpio: Certainly you will die; you not to inform it, nor speech to inform the mpio concerning its bad way, to save its life, that mpio you will die in its iniquity, but its blood, of to your you will require it hand (Ezequiel 3 -18). If you say the truth and the mpio prefers to continue in the error, you has in its hand its proper freedom and el, in the one of it, its conviction: But, if to inform to the mpio, and it if not to convert of its impiedade and its bad way, it will die in its iniquity, but you exempted your soul (Ezequiel 3 -19). For assistance, try visiting Camille Biros. It has people that she finds that God pardons today, for the straightness of yesterday, God does not take in account house time: Similar, when just to turn aside themselves from its justice, and to practise the iniquity, and I ahead to put of it a slip, it I will die; because you did not inform it, in its sin it will die and they will not be remembered its action of justice that will have practised; but its blood, of to your I will require it hand (Ezequiel 3 -20).

A Dilvio In My Life

I feel a horrible pain in my chest, I feel a dilvio in my life I ache, me to know that everything takes me the total destruction. American Advisors Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. God turned the coast pra me, because I abandoned first it, all the doors if they had closed and I am the abyss if he approaches to me, I can feel the fire all perpetual burning my being. I feel myself chained, without exit, everything I not only take me the death of the body more than the soul shout for aid but I heard nobody me. I am alone delivers in the hand of the enemy, it possesss my body and I feel will to cut the pulses, I I need aid I I need God I feel myself impotent, incapable I think that I do not have but salvation, because everything believes to lead it that I was abandoned. The worse thing is to be free and if to feel chained I do not want this life pra me, want to be free and not a marionette at the hands of? devil? I do not want to die in this necessary slavery of necessary aid of a miracle, I want much that hears me to God I pardon, I I feel me mourning of me I feel myself impure, dirty of mud as a worthless being Horrible this sensation of impotence, capacho and worse is to know that everything depends on me, is necessary of the first o step and to leave everything in the hand of God lacks faith, lacks to believe that God pardon can me, already does not know what to make nor where to go.


It was night and in the base of the sustentation of the roof of the church it had a nest and in the nest it had a bird, that it was not bothered with the cult that happened where the louvores, applauses and pregaes that made to tremble its home. When observing this scene I was clarified by the Spirit that stage portraied some moments of our lives ‘ ‘ the bird has the nest for interesse’ ‘. When he is dark and the night harms the flight and the freedom if it becomes synonymous of risk for the bird, it returns to the nest where it is a safe place, there it waits the storm and the blackout to pass, in the nest it is heated better and been able to generate with security. But when amanhece and the risks are not evidentes, the freedom sensation returns to the nest and the bird starts to desire to the limpid waters of the ribeiros and candies fruits of the forests and the cooling air of dawn, then it abandons the nest to live regaladamente. The birds are as the men who if nestle in the wings of the Highest one for interest, when the terror acomete and the danger is one reality looks the divine protection, but when the storm passes soon it comes the desire to enjoy of the pleasures that the world offers and if they deliver to the wills of the meat. If it must not have the divine protection for interest, must be loved the God and unconditionally be said as Simo Peter when many disciples if had removed Jesus asked: you do not want you another one to remove you? Peter answered: Sir, for who we will go?

The Same

But, of all form, the good intentions do not only make sufficients and, therefore, the text searchs to exortar the members of the Church, together with the Ministers, to take the front to the placed perspectives however. Of this form, &#039 can be said that; ' Diretrizes' ' they load, in its set, a valuable number of ideas and pastorais actions, which must be taken in urgent way, as urgent are the existence of the proper text. Above all, she is necessary, and this idea that perpassa entirely the document and locks up this work, that the diverse communities, spread for Brazil, do not forget themselves to reaffirm its commitment of faith and the solidity of its truth without, however, to be left to become sectrias, ostracistas, so to speak. Perhaps check out Lehman Brothers for more information. FINAL CONSIDERAES After these reflections, brief, however enough in what if it considers, can be given a cbjetivo in this work, not, however, in what it intends. If is well truth, on the other hand, that the quarrel proposal regarding the text comes here to develop the reflection on what the same searchs, is also, and not little truth that the same one is not considered and would not obtain it if wanted to deplete it. An action of the communities, the thought of faith of these e, on the other hand, the action of the universities and theological ways cannot stop, nor, of any form, if limit to the reading of this or that text. The finding here, then, consists, not less than to find, before a reply, an invitation, before a dogma, a dialogue, under the risk to see me interpreted the analogy. That this way, renascido in the Church, especially after its last one I conciliate, I can continue being trod, also, between those and those that if consider to this delicate dialogue between the faith and the reason. .

Exu Deity

as Umbanda is Religion, therefore it is mystery of God and being mystery of God she is infinite, then we are revealing our form particular of approaches it and as it was taught in to believe them in its force and manifestation. Coming back to the Mystery Trancador, the Cosmic Deity of the Law regent of this mystery, it has its hierarchies of natural beings, spirituals and the holy ghosts that act in all the directions of the creation. We know that all the cosmic-active part or negative mystery of the Umbanda was assumed by the Cosmic Deity Orix Exu that loaned its name to these mysteries and authorized a way them beings natural spirituals and to retake its lines of evolution Under the support of the Exu Deity prevailed by its regents until apt they will be for of course assuming a degree to destined. since to exert the function to lock we must lock something, then thus appears all a natural hierarchy that in parallel with the spiritual, had formed an enormous one and fruitful line of Exus all conducted by the trancador mystery and appear the lines there of works of Exu Crossbar-Street of the Souls (that it means mystery trancador of the ways of the espritos that had attempted against against the evolution of its fellow creatures. Crossbar? Streets of the Bushes (that it means hierarchy of beings natural spirituals and that act locking the ways of the espritos that through the knowledge desvirtuaram and had spread the illusion in the life of its fellow creature. Crossbar-Street of the Waterfalls, that means mystery of the Law (Ogum) that it locks the ways of all the beings that had attempted against against the conception of the Life (Oxum) in all the directions of the life, since an abortion until the conception of a virtuous and positive idea for one half of better life.

Mr. Crossbar-Street is a mystery of God and as such must be respected and reverenciado, therefore it is a necessary Divine Quality to the order, the harmony and the balance, where to the life and the evolution she is being threatened. Mr. Exu Crossbar-Street is a Guard of the Ways and In them it is the intent eyes of the Law Biggest, always vigilant in its function that is to lock the ways of who if it desvirtuou in its evolution and still thus it wants to drag all that they are its return hindering to them to evolve and to promote routes its spheres of evolution. Sarava the holy ghost Throne Of the Law Biggest Sarava the holy ghost Father Ogum Sarava Celestial Father Ogum Seven Sarava Spears the holy ghost Mystery Trancador Sarava the holy ghost Father Ex Sarava the holy ghost Mystery Crossbar-Street Sarava Mr. Guardio Crossbar-Street SARAVA UMBANDA.