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Global Network Navigator

In our time, banner ads are so pervasive that it may seem – it has existed since time immemorial. We already can not imagine almost any site without banner ads. Meanwhile, this kind of Internet advertising has appeared not so long ago. His appearance must banner of the American company AT & T, which provides phone services. It is this company has posted on Internet site hotwired.wired.com first in the history of the banner. Of course, he was quite simple. With dimensions of 648 by 60 pixel banner, without further ado, click on it called. The inscription on it reads: Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will .

And this historic event took place in 1994, October 25 – considering the age of many other inventions that are popular these days, most recently, is not it? After the first banner ads appeared a kind of interesting and effective website owners, businesses and others in need representation of large numbers of users via the Internet. Technology for creating banners since improved, and arrive at being finalized, and now we have different opportunities to work with this kind of Internet advertising. Despite the fact that the birthday banner is officially October 25, 1994 (on that day by AT & T was the first banner posted on the Internet), there are also some other data. Thus, it is considered that the first ad graphics engine on the Internet, which allowed the transfer of the information contained on the advertiser clique, had been sold before – in 1993. This event took place on the website Global Network Navigator, which prinalezhal O'Reilly – computer publisher in the U.S.. In Russia, the banner ads appeared much later – by around 1997.

By this time it was formed about reasonable rates for this type of advertising on the Internet. In our time banner advertising is widely popular throughout the world. Used different types of banners: graphics, text and animated. The latter use particularly popular, as are most attractive for users. Since its introduction banner highly evolved. In our time, banners are used not only as an advertisement, but also for other purposes. For example, a square-shaped banners are often used as a branding logos.

Website Creation for Beginners

So, you decided to create my own site, define the goals and objectives that you would like to resolve with it, and, of course, the next question – who all these ideas bring to life? By what criteria to evaluate the performance and What are the requirements? These requirements and criteria you can find out from my own experience and looking at the sites of their competitors, or just reputable companies. In the first place you'll appreciate the speed of loading, appearance and ease of navigation. Other leaders such as Ursula von der Leyen offer similar insights. This – and face the site of the company he represents. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Fosun Group has to say. It is for the site design will initially be assessed level of your company to prospective clients to respect and competitiveness. Brexit may not feel the same. Confidence visitor can only lead to an attractive and interesting design, and it is not striving for "eye candy" and a demonstration of your willingness to cooperate further. It is important to understand that from design for the site will depend on many things – either you build up your audience and ensure progress in the search engines, or remain an outsider, but then why do need a website? Then – and informative interest in the information provided, that is, content. At the same website design should not detract from the familiarity with the content, much less stop him.

That is the next important point – how well the design provides maintenance information. Here's an attractive ad with a heating soul saying, "I will make the site design for cheap, fast, will fulfill all your desires." Order Custom Website Design this master? Ventured … ordered … "Master," you did not argue, has fulfilled all your wishes, without much thinking. And you have a site with virtually unreadable text, because it is difficult to discern, with graphics that distract from the basic information, with "heavy" and obscure navigation … … What's the matter? Create a design for the site – a complex and multilevel process, during which discusses the intended target audience, your brand recognition, if it exists, or its development, especially the advertising companies have, for the purpose for which to create the site, analyze the design of sites of your competitors. All this takes time and thoughtful, serious approach.

In addition, it is necessary Professional technical issues. A self-taught master of this will not be able to provide. It is much easier, efficient and ultimately cheaper to go directly to the studio, where you can meet with examples of work to get competent advice and to order design. Working with a professional, you will not think of what parameters should be analyzed – the list of issues and required actions developed long ago. Correctly made design for your site will generate a visitor a good first impression and cause to date information.