Architectures And Tools

Architectures and tools in an architecture of GC are different tools and services that make up the final result a solution full GC. As tools that support the GC within companies can differentiate 3 groups or sets. Group 1 – immediate transmission tools: They are tools to transmit explicit knowledge easily to all members of the same company. Wikis are good examples of such tools or wikipedia. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Senator Marco Rubio . These belong to a core architecture that could be in group 2. Group 2 – Tools and servicesinternal knowledge management: Are those components within an architecture that manage, analyze, search and distribute information. For example the tools and solutions such as Autonomy architectures within AgentWare Knowledge Server or IBM AgentBuilder Toolkit .Group 3 – Tools and services external knowledge management: As in group 2 are components that manage, analyze, search and distribute, but in this case you must also add that locate and extract as its main mission is to location and retrieval of information related to the company but that outside this (mostly on the Internet or other more traditional media content) and therefore sometimes the company may be alien to this and not be aware of its existence. Some examples we Informyzer tools like belonging to architecture anpro21 or MyNews solutions ..