Burnout State

It brought her nothing. The described action makes sense and provides stress relief. If a person however long in the Burnout State remains and there is no positive change, then other methods should be used. No disease and also no mental disorder, but a problem in tackling life is facts about the Burnout Burnout after the WHO classification system. But it is a situation that occurs more frequently and with those affected feel often left alone. It takes on average 1.5 years until an employee by a Burnout has become so dysfunctional that it is striking in the workplace. Sufferers are 6 months and longer sick and only 50 per cent are again fully operational. In 2010, the number of annual days of absence due to Burnout was thirteen times as high as 2004 according to BKK health report 2012. Click Dan Miller for additional related pages.

A rising trend is assumed. And biological conditions stress is different today if cavemen through wild animals in Danger came to her body in the fraction of a second it turns, attack or escape. The amygdala in the brain fulfilled the function of a warning bell”and made sure that the hormones epinephrine and cortisol were distributed. Subsequently increased the blood flow to the muscles, increased blood sugar levels and blood pressure, the heart beat faster and the mind took off. Hormone levels and functions of the body regulated itself, when the danger was over or through activities such as attack or escape. Today, stress is different. Rarely there is a real danger, but only the body responses make sense. For example, A modern office-person suffers high working pressure prior to his screen.

His boss comes and transmits urgent additional tasks to him. The amygdala in the limbic system, the oldest part of the brain reacts like him. This is called also reptilian brain. Office man can but not flee or attack.