The company, which started in a tiny Office with a handful of employees, has taken momentum, now employing 27 workers. When he designed the concept, the original goal of Breznitz was to create a product that would improve the quality of life of the elderly. But the CEO of the company, Amicai Bar-Nir, 36 years, pointed to the first place of the market and took more specifically clarified that improvement: driver training. Statistics show that drivers above age 60 are involved in more road accidents as a whole, as well as one higher percentage of more severe accidents, along with drivers aged between 17 and 20 years younger. The first commercial product of Cognifit to drivers, called Drivefit, has a model that aims to seniors. But it turned out that the most popular model is a program aimed at young drivers, which is being used in driving schools large international. We decided to direct our product to the elderly and we are marketing to young people, and so it is how we develop our improvement program and confirmation of cognitive skills for which she learned to drive, says Bar-Nir.

DriveFit is a strong and sophisticated program that presents a way to scientifically proven to improve the skills and capabilities of those who drive. Based on examinations of drivers led by prominent psychologists long, DriveFit training plays and clearly improves the varied mental processes associated to drivers. Designed for use in computers, DriveFit adapts only to the needs and specific weaknesses of the user. DriveFit consists of test and training sections. In the review section, participants carry out a series of tasks associated with skills several employees to drive such as time of reaction, memory short term, visual search and others. On the basis of the evaluation, the training section develops a program allowing users to practice specific skills that need improvement.