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That is why the first recommendation passed by not loading the boxes with more weight than we can raise and put heavier items at the bottom of the box and above the lighter. Choose the size of the boxes for the move based on the objects that we are going to save them also well is important. For example, we have to save books, which are always a heavier load, in small boxes, while large maximizing them load that does bulk but is lighter, like clothing. It is also important that, if we have to go down stairs, we choose not too high boxes that reload them cover us vision won’t lower rolling several floors! It is necessary to have clear what the proper way to lift weight: flexing the knees and keeping your back straight. Nothing of stooping suddenly doubling us ele for pull the bulk with all our strength, as it can occur that give us a jerk and not us can lift more during the next few days. It is also important that if we are going to load weight on back and shoulders well distribute the load to prevent muscle contractures. Last, but not least, remember properly packing those sharp, sharp or fragile objects. It is not good idea, for example, put kitchen knives in a plastic bag, for reasons that everyone can get to guess, because the minimum bag will tear and can cut us. We must also be careful with glass or glass objects, if we break while we load them can hurt us significantly. If you follow these recommendations, to avoid a hard time during our removals. Images: Flickr / Evan Hunter estimate in Palencia Mudanzalia Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise After Shave Splash (without packing) purchase online prices price buy Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise After Shave Splash (without packing) rental vans cheap Advisor of removals VCE online announces general availability of VBLOCK POWERED SOLUTIONS We are online