Guarded Water

In the deluge systems, they are open. And in the sprinkler jets equipped with special locks, which melt when the temperature rises to 60 – 80 C. The most commonly used sprinkler system (for example, one can mention the domestic FIERSTOP). In the guarded Indoor sprinkler heads (SH) are placed under the ceiling at specified intervals over the area served. Firing temperature-sensitive elements of sprinklers is under the influence of an open flame or heated to 57 or 68 C.

For each sg suitable distribution piping, which is in the standby state are under pressure. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Erin Callan on most websites. At operation a thermal element sprinkler water begins to flow in the supply pipeline, which triggered the sensor fluid flow pump (eg, grundfos type MQ), and water from the storage tank pressure reaches the site of the fire. The sprinkler sprays water over a fire, so is its suppression. It should be noted that the special requirements shall apply specifically to the pumping equipment. As an individual house is not always possible to duplicate the installation of the unit specifically for fire fighting water is pumped from the regular water supply pump. Therefore, when selecting such unit should provide water flow for fire fighting system and maintaining proper pressure in it. As a rule, modern pumps equipment for wells (the most frequently used method of supply of private homes today) has an electric clutch, which allows to maintain constant pressure in the pipeline. Some of these models (you can mention the downhole pump grundfos type SQE) are supplied with a special control box.