Internet Make Money Earn Money

To writing, surely the simplest and most direct is through pay per click program. To do this, the most important aspect to consider is to build traffic coming from search engines, especially Google, which is by far the most used. One of the most common mistakes people make is to focus on traffic formerly at social networks like Facebook, or RSS. The drawback of focusing on this kind of traffic that does not bring us almost no benefit, because this audience is interested only in information that we provide, and almost never click on Google ads. So, knowing that we have to focus on traffic formerly at Google, the next step is to know the strategy to decide on which keywords (keyword in English) we want to write. Obviously, we all have issues we are passionate about and on which we would always write, but if we want to make a living writing on the Internet, we must back down a bit and write about topics that we provide the performance we need to also write about that over which is more difficult to do business. There is a very useful tool to study the profitability of any keyword, which is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool With it, we can estimate the economic returns which could be drawn for a particular keyword if we could place ourselves in the top 5 of Google for search.

To know the difficulty that would put us in the top 5 for a particular keyword, we can use tools like SEO for Firefox Extension. This Firefox extension to meet so many SEO related information for each search result. In particular, the most representative parameter to know the strength that Google gives to a particular page is PR (Page Rank or PageRank). This parameter is an index between 0 and 10 that reflects the strength of a page for Google. In general, pages with PR equal to or greater than 4 are very hard to overcome. Knowing all this, we do an extensive search and find keywords to be able to get some return. If we get many of them, we may even get to make a living as well.