Internet Networking For Finding Work

Social networks are a very effective way to seek work. Social networks have always existed, it is looking for a job through people with whom we interact, but you can also use these contacts for any other purpose. Until recent years, when we talked about social networks, we referred only to personal contacts, relations in the face. But with the widespread use of the Internet also have appeared online social networks or networking. Internet social networks has increased considerably in recent years, and today there are many who do NETWORKING (online networking). These contacts can be for any purpose: to find a partner, to find people with the same interests or to find work.

Generalist networks on the Internet that we know are Facebook and Twitter. Then there are specialized networks on different topics. The most popular networks in the Hispanic world to find work are Viadeo, XING and LinkedIn. Today, they are a powerful tool that can not give those who are looking for a job. Do not confuse social networking with Internet portals where you can hang your CV to the hope that some company is interested in him. The functions of social networks are different.

In social networks also hang our curriculum, although not exactly as you would submit to send when applying for a job. What we expect in these networks is to establish beneficial relationships with others. In fact, online social networks have the same role that social networks face to face. Before these networks exist apuntasemos us to a club or association. The club or association has its own purpose but a second goal, not always explicit, is that its members relate to each other. Today, online social networks, and networks specifically aimed at business relations or have the same purpose but this time in a rather explicit. Its sole reason being is that its users to interact with each other. In online social networks do not relations are given “face” that are so important to sociologists. However, we know the “lives and miracles” from other people sometimes better than the people with whom we interact face to face. And above all, who art in online social networks is to build relationships, to help or be helped. The advantage that each can draw from these Internet networks depends on their personality and purpose. Some people do not get any benefits and are becoming more and more people found work through it. It is too early to know if these online networks will involve a radical change in how we relate or simply are a complement to the personal relations of life. But the best way to check what benefits we can bring these networks over the Internet is join one of them and start using them. If your goal is to find work, join some that have that purpose.