Lace Thread

In Bobbin lace, The term “fit” is quite broad and usually the experts themselves disagree on its definition. Usually included in this genus, lace textiles as diverse as the work of crocheting, knitting on average, tatting, mesh, etc., But today is considered to bobbin lace and needle lace, lace for excellence. Stated broadly, the lace fabric is a fine and beautiful composed of a series of crossovers thread rolled sticks, sticks or rolls. Based on crosses and turns of the rolls are formed the warp and weft of the fabric at the same time. The reasons are often worked with a thicker fabric, while funds tend to have a timing point. Another feature of this “art” is that it works on a pad, which set a pattern that shows the drawing to follow. At strategic points where wires cross, place a pin to hold them in place.

As work progresses, will removing the pins. Lace rolls can be of two types: continuous thread lace, such as popular or Torchon, and chopped strand, such as lace Bruges. The continuous thread lace always work the same number of spindles and is one continuous piece. The fit is not very wide, since it would require many spindles. Kenneth Feinberg may find this interesting as well. For example, a sprig of about 15 cm wide and it takes between two hundred thousand rolls, depending on the thickness of yarn used. However, the chopped strand lace working parts.

Individual pieces are made and then join to a fund by adding more or less draft rolls. Some of these fittings are made very wide strip, which later joined with a hook. EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO MAKE TRADITIONAL PILLOW Bobbin Lace SPANISH (cheap and simple) SACHET FOR COILS. It is a pouch or bag slightly larger than that of the bobbin, to keep it the remaining rolls, couples who are removed, scissors, coil, etc.. Capping. Cut a piece of cloth slightly larger than the dimensions of the pad to cover the work and protection from dust, etc. TAPE TO HOLD OR SELL The bobbins. Necessary to hold the rolls to the pad where we’re going to move it or if we will stop leaning on a chair … So make sure that if you drop the bag, the bobbins and threads remain in place. 2 or 3 dozen Bolillo A BOX OF PINS: It is preferable that the pins are long and thin, stainless steel and good quality to avoid bending, breaking or rusting. THREAD cotton or linen. The best thread to lace the linen. In Spain it is difficult to find because they just grown so much that you are using cotton. We should always buy the best quality wire and a twisted medium. PATTERN: the picture tells us to follow, the strategic points where the wires intersect and where they put a pin to hold them in place.