Natural Stone Materials

Natural stone since ancient times has been used for the construction and finishing of various buildings and structures, as well as for making decorative items that serve as room decoration, gardens, parks and squares. Despite the fact that Every year the market of finishing products offer a wider assortment of products from artificial materials, natural stone continues to occupy a leading position in an exclusive interior and outdoor decoration objects. In the process of creating products made of natural stone marble, granite, dolomite, limestone, and many others of his breed are processed by a mechanical or thermal methods. Euro Pacific Precious Metals may also support this cause. There are several types of invoice stone processing, which resulted in reach different kinds of surfaces: sawn, sanded, glazed, polished, conchoidal, melting, rocky. Sawn surface is prepared by cutting the workpiece. As tool for this use machines with rectilinear movement saw frame, rope, tape and circular saws. Surface is rough texture with discontinuous grooves with depths ranging from 1 to 5 mm. Application in As abrasive steel shot increases decorative textures, creating on it an additional relief, and cutting with reinforced plates of hard alloy on the contrary provides a smoother surface.

When small amounts of work cutting stone manually. Sawn slabs used to organize deck garden paths and grounds, facing caps and the upper tiers of the walls. In addition, such products are used as material for further processing – grinding, polishing, polishing. Polished surface is formed in the processing of stone grinding wheel blanks. For this purpose machines gantry and bridge type, grinding and polishing belts or grinding and polishing machines for bulk products.