A variety of office partitions. Wide range of colors, various options for coating and glass can create an original design project office partitions for any room. The unique "mosaic" system allows various panels combination of colors and sizes of panels, allowing organically fit into the existing interiors, to avoid impersonal spaces and emphasize the different purpose areas. Soundproofing office peregorodok. structures, office partitions to help reduce background noise in every workplace. Combining office partitions of different heights allows you to create different acoustic configurations, where one sector workplace is an acoustically protected and the other, on the contrary, facilitates communication manager with the client.

Spatial configuration can be completely redesigned or gradually supplemented with new elements. Office partitions remain stable only due to geometry and integration with hinged tops at no additional fixtures to the walls, floor and ceiling. This will allow for changes to transport office partitions and re- install as an ordinary furniture. The functionality of office partitions office partitions modules due to design features tightly interconnected along the entire height, which greatly increases the rigidity configurations. Partitioning integrated with tabletops that saves you money and increases the stability of the system. Hinged table tops and accessories are mounted on a special technological holes in the partitions with using brackets in various sizes. This simplifies the installation and dismantling the configuration and makes it . Present office partitions office partition systems constructively focused on compliance modern telecommunications requirements.

Each job can be incorporated into a single electricity, telephone and network systems. Additional accessories and hanging shelves can fully staff working place. Open office partitions office partitions using the combined modules with glass, in addition to aesthetic considerations, allows you to save eye contact is right where it is needed. Thus increased efficiency on the one hand, and every employee can feel as part of a team, on the other. Convenience – office partitions for office space complete "turnkey" has a wide selection additional operational elements of furniture (cupboards, cabinets, etc.), office chairs and accessories, as well as the offices of the head. If necessary, the complete isolation of premises (offices, meeting rooms) are offered fixed office partitions, 80 mm thick.