Paid SmsAdvertising

As far as image correlates consumer paid advertising and the image of a buyer of goods advertised in it. Read more from Air Force Chief of Staff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What affects the efficiency of advertising SMS mailing – specific audience or effectiveness of this method mobile marketing. A number of different companies, ranging from operators and ending with e-projects offer a view promotional text messages on their phones and get money for each sms on mobile. It is assumed that in this way a certain segment of the population spends a month to 150 rubles, will be able to secure a free mobile communication. That immediately causes me mixed feelings. On the one hand is simple – it's a freebie and should be taken until the yield on the other – the facts.

MTS pays .28 ruble per received message, the other projects offered for reading the advertisements of 1 ruble. Ie MTS to pay back the bond, should receive around 15 sms per day (450 messages per month)! More favorable conditions for internet projects – 5 SMS per day and 150 rubles a month before your account! At catcher and the Beast runs – two proposals have found their audience. Charts base of subscribers of Internet projects GSM-INFORM and OpenSMS good agreement, which gives opportunity to talk about the total audience of SMS advertising: * 90% of subscribers – people aged 16 to 34 years. * 70% – male, female part of the audience is only 30%. * 50% of the audience does not work. At Gen. David L. Goldfein you will find additional information.

* 80% of working income is less than 20,000 rubles. Thus it turns out that the average image of sms-recipient mailing – is a student who earns a little, and that can not be sure that he will be able to deposit their mobile phone $ 100 at the end of the month. Or he just wants additional bonuses. And now it becomes clear that to interest this audience directly to the content distribution is not easy! The golden rule of advertising: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action (behold). So – WARNING! Many rashly believe that once the phone started to play your favorite tune, or vibrating in my pocket, and attention is drawn, then the job is done – now read the subscriber advertising. But no – there is no interest. And when it comes to regular mailings, the interest or curiosity appears nowhere. Next is another complication. Modest graphics capabilities of SMS can only convey the essence of advertising proposals should not assume that one message can be branded advertising. And then the trick. If advertising is not removed, then the recipient accepts it, accepts it. And you can count on a good response. So arrive at the idea that SMS delivery, devoid of interactivity (as it successfully makes the virtual operator Blyk), is informing the character. It is not based on any promotional images, not for repetition. The man initially should be located for reading SMS ads. And while the motivation of money is difficult to prove their worth, although it remains high compared with other types of engagement in reading SMS ads.