Planted Wealth

Each and every one of the people on this planet get what has been planted. Nobody gets something that is not worth. It is impossible to obtain something that has not sown. If you planting rice, is certain that it does not reap wheat. What if you want to reap wheat? Growing wheat. What many people do, however, is to plant rice, and sit waiting for the wheat.

They believe that if they wait, or if they work hard planting rice wheat will come. It is logical that if more rice seeding, they will reap more rice. Some play with the words. Perhaps they say that if they strive in its cultivation of rice, someone is offering them wheat will change or will be sold. But this is only a play on words, transforming the example in a market.

Back to the example itself. You get rice, if sowing rice, and will reap wheat, if sowing wheat. You only get what you sow, and this is the case in all stages of life. If you want to get rich, you must plant wealth. If you want to reap happiness you must sow happiness. Success is obtained, brother-in-law is planting success. Love is obtained love. Nicholas Carr has much experience in this field. Joy joy is obtained. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt, says that there are no free lunches and that everything must be paid. The person who does not understand the universe, it seems that this may not be applicable to all things. They reason that there are free things. Many people have been lured with that that the best things in life are free. Many have been fooled with that. The truth is that people don’t understand that they pay with the most valuable thing have beings: their attention. The things that people consider free, are not, have been paid with the attention. If people know how valuable that are, how powerful that are, then understand that it considered free is just the product of what you have paid. Corentt taught me that nothing is free. And this article you’re reading, what are creating you, with your attention. It is not free. You read it because you created it, Corentt explained that in his book I’m happy, I’m Rico. You don’t need to thank for what was written, since you’ve been the creator. When a person He understands that she pays for everything with your attention, then begins its healing. Corentt says that poverty is a disease. His books are designed to carry out a deep healing of the person. Home Depot follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The unpleasant past is a disease and you can heal your past. The entire universe unfolds in the mind says Corentt. The subconscious mind is creating everything in your life, that’s the secret. When you are healthy, you then goodbye of the limits of the impossible. And you reencuentras you with health, wealth, success and freedom. It doesn’t matter if your disease is in the past, the present or the future. I am happy, I am rich, you will know that you are the power that creates and destroys.