Shaanxi Will Become A Partner KRAZ

Kremenchug Automobile Plant has plans to create a dump truck with best layout more than 20 years. The first prototypes appeared in the 80’s, but, for obvious reasons, they remain experimental. Only in the past year KrAZ presented the public with a tri-axial truck KrAZ-7238C4 with the wheel formula 6×4. In addition, during the past year at the plant said that are actively seeking a partner for the serial industrial implementation of this project. Apparently, such a partner is found.

They are likely to become Chinese Automobile Holding Shaanxi Automobile, which by last year took on the Chinese market 4 th place in terms of production. Already known that Shaanxi has set for the first sample KrAZ-7238C4 cab and bridges. However, the Chinese stall, despite its German origins, looks clearly outdated, and the plant is not yet ready to say for sure whether it will stand on a new dump truck KrAZ. Specifications KrAZ-7238C4 Axle 6×4 Load capacity 25 000 kg curb weight chassis 12 350 kg curb weight distribution on the front axle / rear truck on the 5850/6500 kg Full vehicle weight 37,500 kg weight distribution on the front axle / rear truck for 8800/28 of 700 kg Engine Cummins ISMe 385 1930 (Euro 3) Cylinders 6 Displacement 10.8 liters capacity of 380 liters. with. (At 1900 rpm) Maximum torque of 1835 N m (at 1200 rpm) Transmission 9JS150TA-B, 2-band, 9-speed clutch MFZ-430, dry single plate Bridges bogie through line, with interaxal interwheel and lockable differentials and reduction gears Tires 315/80 R22, 5 Fuel Tank Capacity 400 liters capacity 15 cubic platform. m Maximum speed 100 km / h.