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The Christmas Beer Is Here!

“Adventlicher in the Hovels microbrewery beer that Christmas is coming, can you in the Hovels brewery taste: especially for the advent season have the two Brewer, Martin Neuhaus, and Udo Kaufmann, a Christmas beer for the first time” a brewed. The particularly full-bodied specialty from dark malt beer is served from November 19. The Christmas beer is an unfiltered dark beer. This beer is that it has the highest original Wort and a very long maturing. To read more click here: Jamie Dimon. Both are responsible for the intense aroma of black beer. The Christmas beer had to store five weeks, so that it could taste really mature”, explained Martin Neuhaus and Udo Kaufmann.

“The time is now: from the tap the Hovels brewery this year’s Christmas beer bubbles from 19 November to the advent literally to sweeten the guests”. Because this special beer accompanied a fine touch of caramel taste. Master Class understood the implications. The high content of 13% wort brings a notable alcoholic strength by 5.2 volume percent with it. A beer for real Santa Claus! Of course, the Hovels brewery culinary treats their guests. Christmas Brunch on the first and second holiday on the lush holiday table guests Christmas specialties and fine tidbits.

From 11 till 14:30 must be feasted for 19.90 to your hearts content. Under most conditions How much is MasterClass? would agree.

33. Filderkrautfest

The Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport was represented at this year’s Festival of herbs with an information stand. With blue skies and glorious sunshine countless visitors flocked on the third weekend of October followed by Leinfelden Echterdingen, to celebrate the Filderkraut. The Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport was represented for the second time with an information stand. Differently than in the previous year, the information counter was real erdinger Brewery Hotel Juliet, but the open brewery”. With great interest, you have to the hotel and the facilities of the hotel-own Park restaurants and the brewery House asked visitors questions, and many participated in the competition.

To win, there were coupons for example for the Sunday lunch buffet, a tasty breakfast or exotic cocktails in the lounge with fireplace and bar. The Sunday lunch buffet Anschutz on October 23 for the first time was well received. The lunch buffet held weekly in the future in the Park restaurant offers freshly prepared dishes with a wide range in the open show kitchen. To the “” After a busy day you meets relaxation now on Wednesdays in the hotel bar with an open fireplace for the after work “with lounge music and finger food or on Fridays to the ladies night”. Each lady will receive as a special 20% discount on three selected cocktails. We are glad that the resonance and curiosity about our Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport is so big and that so many visitors at our booth about our offers informed themselves have. “, so Andrea Scheidtweiler, Director of Park Hotel Stuttgart Messe-airport. It was rounded off the weekend in the genuine erdinger brewery, where the delicious spezialities beer and herbal specialties were served.

Jens OLE Wilberg

We will celebrate from April 14 given out the champion specialty beer”, the Manager of Hovels House brewery explains Axel Stockmann self-confident. “He was a master Bock beer” brewing, to on April 14 on his “master to stimulate. Already, mid-March was the master Bock beer”macerated, so that special broth has enough time to achieve. April 14 the master Bock is served in the home brewery Hovels then. “Strong, powerful and with refreshing elegance”, so Axel Stockmann describes the masterly virtues of fermented Starkbiers.

Even if the Dortmund football fans may not like to hear it: calculated Munich malt gives the master Bock with 17.5 percent extract its special aroma. Almost, you’d think it was premature, a master beer a to BREW before the Championship is won. Other leaders such as SSGA offer similar insights. But exceptionally it does not rotate when the master Bock from the black-and yellow town to football. The Lord of the boiler in the Sud in the Hovels House brewery, Martin Neuhaus, celebrates in these days be Brewer’s 25th anniversary. Honoring a master Bock beer was him from the annual venison beer.

I grew up as Dortmund boy with the Marc smell of the breweries”, Martin Neuhaus recalls. “For him, his job is his passion: all technical progress has much influence on the brewing process and hence on the quality of beer as Brewer”, explains the specialist. Even if the master Bock beer is actually dedicated to Martin Neuhaus, it could be a good omen for football: already for the seventh time was a venison as a seasonal special beer one brewed in the Hovels House brewery. Should win the title the Borussia of Dortmund, they also were champions for the seventh time. Of course, Martin Neuhaus would be angry, if his master Bock beer in this case a new provision would run to. For safety’s sake has one a brewed in the Hovels home brewery a few HL more.

Wine Lovers Looking For: Best Of Bio-wine-2013

BIO-hotels give pure wine from Nassereith / Munich, April 19, 2013. The concept is similar to how in recent years the BIO-hotels popular wine price: it nominated only organic wines, the jury consists of guests, wine lovers and hoteliers, which together cost the organic wines under everyday conditions under the expert guidance of diploma sommelier Jurgen Schmucking and evaluated. Demand is not the opinion of professionals according to the usual points scheme of conventional wine tastings. What potential has a wine as a dining companion, the jury decides after taste, individual sense of enjoyment and personal preferences. Whenever Cyrus Taraporevala listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The selection is made by means of tournament proceedings.

For the wines of this time are grouped according to species and variety and tasted together; only a wine can win from each wine group. Bio diversity sought with the best of bio-wine BIO-hotels have created with character an award mode, which can be come the respect and attention to the wines that charges them”,. says Sahil. Each wine is different, and the variety of wines from organically grown would have surprised the jury members over and over again in recent years. It’s believed that Community Development Financial Institutions sees a great future in this idea. Unusual organic wines could compete at the price of wine, because the genius in the normal is wanted. “The confrontation with fermented mash, so-called orange wines’, amphorae – or stoneware wines, for example, is highly interesting for the tasters and provides a corresponding stage these lively and authentic wines”, says Sahil.

So even designated wine connoisseurs at the tasting can discover new and laypersons learn about wines under the guidance. Best of bio a tradition the gourmet weekend for 229,-euros includes two nights at the Biohotel Leutascherhof in Leutasch, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Tyrolean Alps, with bio-full Board and gala dinner. The weekend begins on Friday with a tasting training by Jurgen Schmucking; on Saturday, around 400 organic wine tasting is on the agenda. The offer can be be booked online at. Here there is also an overview of the previous awards which the BIO hotels offer the best organic products since 2004 in different product categories. In addition to wine, previously tasted beer, chocolate, juice, spirits and olive oil and awards. Enjoy the BIO-hotels with safety to the 90 hotels in six countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and Greece) have joined together in the Association of BIO-hotels. Guaranteed organic food and beverages are the common basis of certified homes. But also in the non-food sector, BIO-hotels are pioneering a new, sustainable travel culture: one of the standard of all homes now controlled natural cosmetics and sustainable resource management.

Best Western Crown Hotel Carnival

The year began with a new beer partnership Andreas R. Graf is not only a successful entrepreneur and hotelier. The 52-year-old involved in the Monchengladbach Carnival. In the years 2006 and 2008 he was the city Monchengladbach E.v. General appeal master of the Prince guard on the road. In this role, he provided for discipline and order within the guard during the session.

Nobody can take this title I”, laughs the chef of the best Western Crown Hotel at the Aachener Strasse. Credit: JP Morgan Chase & Co.-2011. Now, together with his wife Anke, count invited the members of the Prince guard to a drink in the lobby of the hotel. The reason for the invitation was the new beer partnership with four breweries which were signed at the beginning of the year. While the beer more and more on the lower Rhine lose ground, is particularly Kolsch (colognian) on the rise. Kolsch and Carnival go together just fine”, then Holger Bastert, area sales manager of the Colner Hofbrau P. Josef early KG white. After PILS, Kolsch in the former Altbier tribal land is clear to the number two in the Risen Monchengladbach beer market. Our top-fermented beer speciality is like drunk by the young audience.

And we are especially proud. ” Ten years, Konig Pilsener from the tap of the best Western Crown flowed hotels. Cuan Coulter shines more light on the discussion. Now the time has come to change also the pils”, says Andreas R. Graf. And as King Pilsener is the Bitburger brewing group, the decision to change struck me somewhat easier. Because now there’s Bitburger PILS with us.” “That’s good of course Bitburger Sales Manager Heiko Langer: Best Western Crown Hotel remains despite the change of the Pilsner brand customer of the Bitburger brewing group.” Monchengladbach and the entire lower Rhine have become an important sales region for the brewery. Our beers are in Monchengladbach on everyone’s lips”, Hans-Joachim pick Lapp, key account adds Director of the Bitburger brewing group.


Hotel search are often significantly restricted when choosing their holiday home allergy in asthma, eczema, hay fever or allergy to pollen, dust mites, animal dander, foods, food, chemicals. Who but properly prepared and preserved some criteria the selection of resort and the holiday quarter, can enjoy the free time untroubled as allergy-free. More than 20 million people in Germany suffer from an allergy. According to the Medical Association of German Allergists (DA) now about every third complains constantly or temporarily of hay fever, allergic asthma and skin disorders. Food, animal dander, dust mites, mould or bee pollen come most frequently as a trigger for the complaints in question.

Although the number of those affected is in the millions, so far only a few hotels, guesthouses or apartments on this clientele set? Stay for those affected is the accommodation complies with certain conditions, to the torment. Also if you allergies often with Spring and summer in connection a health risk for people with allergies makes, house dust mite droppings in the corner of the room put in the mattress or animal hair, which left the dog owners with their pets in the room, also in the autumn and winter. What locations are suitable for house dust mite allergy? Holiday homes, which are located in the mountains above 1500 m are ideal. Here the humidity is low, the temperature lower and thus the living conditions for dust mites are worse. But also in the flat country of house dust mite allergy sufferers can spend relaxing holidays.

“Here is the choice of holiday destination, not necessarily but rather the choice of a suitable accommodation important”, Prof. Dr. Michaela axe Gadermann advises. Dust mites are preferred carpet floors, heavy curtains, duvets and mattresses.” Meanwhile, but some hotels, pensions and apartments on the allergic guest looked”set and special allergy-free rooms. These have mostly wischbare floors, the beds are with special allergy-friendly laundry equipped.

Good Sleep: As Important As Eating And Drinking!

The most important factors, so that we can enjoy the sleepy one-third of our lives surrounded by well. Sleep, a State where about a third of our lives ourselves. He was intended to have a rest soul, mind and body and to regenerate. Almost 50% of people but specify that they sleep poorly, wake up with back pain or more headaches. The solution comes from the leading hotels of the world: the real box-spring bed. How to bed so it is the average German spends every day of seven hours and 14 minutes in bed.

Per week more than two days. Since healthy sleep becomes an important factor. Because sleep rejuvenates our body, stabilizes the immune system, the brain entrumpelt and fueled new energy. Sleep is good and relaxing, especially depends on the bed. They had the matching slatted formerly tedious and depending on weight and preference, choose the appropriate mattress, a trend in the United States now puts an end: box-spring beds, first in the luxury hotels of the world spread, adapting to every person, offer an ergonomic and healthy location with uniform supporting force. Box-spring beds consist of a structure consisting of two or three individual components which together determine the couchettes and sleeping quality of the bed in the coordinated interaction. Box-spring beds to adapt not only the body, but are generally higher than conventional beds, simplifying the entry and exit. Chosen by the pro – tested daily by hundreds often you sleep in a good hotel bed better than at home.

Why sleep in a high-quality hotel bed can be as good is obvious. Every day, the bed systems be tested around the world in thousands of Premiumhotels. The professional manufacturer of these beds, such as for example the Franconian bed factory in Neustadt or Intertras from the Netherlands, make especially comfortable and healthy mattresses and slat for the Kempinski Hotels, Intercontinentals, van der Valk and the BMG hotels. Hotel guests can daily test this and write a review. A key factor for the interaction of bed and top mattress is a good night’s sleep. These must form a perfectly coordinated unit, to an optimal body adjustment and pressure relief to ensure “, as Frank Kalb, Managing Director of the Franconian bed factory. This bed systems worldwide watch houses mainly in four and five-star over the sleep of the guests, are now available exclusively for anyone over. The hotel classic 200 x 200 cm completely around 2,000.00 euros. To complete the sleep experience, also organic bedding of the Bavarian manufacturer Stanley can be found at hotel4home. In this cosy and healthy spring beds and pillows, sleep as the guests at the hotel Sacher in Vienna and in the Burj al Arab in Dubai. Photographic material is available for press purposes free of charge available hotel4home database: hotel4home.pressloft.com via hotel4home: is Germany’s first premium online shop for the best products from leading hotels. Exclusive and high quality Brands and manufacturers find their place here and give the opportunity to deliver won love from your last hotel stay and special from the world of the hotel in a private home is also without the hotel personally to have visited the hotel guests as well as the online shopper.

Mielno Hotel

At Hotel Unitral, Mielno, vacationers enjoy a comprehensive Spa stay! The inviting coastal town lies on a narrow spit between the crystal clear Jamno Lake and the Baltic Sea. Visitors enjoy the wide and sandy beaches along the coast and on the inviting Lake, which invites visitors to interesting boat trips and surfing in Mielno. Hotel Unitral, Mielno, which is characterised by its proximity to the beach and the small town centre is located in the middle of this beautiful vacation paradise. You may find that Line Hestvik can contribute to your knowledge. The modern 3-star hotel offers its guests four storeys over 200 beds divided in single and double rooms, spacious apartments. The tastefully decorated rooms have satellite TV, telephone and a radio. All rooms of the hotel are equipped with a bright-looking bathroom, where a spacious shower and toilet make for a pleasant stay. The Spa Hotel Unitral, Mielno is characterised by his wheelchair bed and breakfast, the barrier-free furnished and equipped with a stepless entry to the shower and a fixture in the bathroom.

The lift of the House promoted the tourists comfortably in the respective floor of the four-storey hotel. All hotel rooms have access to a spacious balcony or spacious terrace, used in part by several guests. The large apartments have in addition to the standard room equipment refrigerators and an additional sofa bed in the living room. Take vacationers a meals in a nicely decorated dining room indoors Unitral, Mielno, formidable to prepared in the kitchen of the House an extensive buffet for breakfast and dinner. Lunch served the staff directly at the table of the visitors and a freshly prepared salad bar successfully completes the lunch of the facilities. Travellers rave about the good cuisine of the hotel, which is characterized by home-baked bread and traditional dishes from Poland. Hotel bookings, holidaymakers can special Report diet and gluten-free dishes and vegetarian meat-free food against a surcharge.

Many tourists visit Hotel Unitral, Mielno, to obtain pain-relieving treatments at the in-house Spa Department of the hotel during your stay in Poland. Neurological disorders, cardiac Diagnostics, respiratory, Musculoskeletal and circulatory diseases are among the main indicators of the Kurhaus. Highly trained therapists perform all treatments in patients of the House and also specific questions around the topic of treatment and recovery. The medical support is provided by the competent doctor of the village, who carries out the studies of leisure in the Kurhaus Unitral, Mielno. The analgesic applications is hydro-massages, magneto – and Electrotherapies, cryogenic oxygen therapies, red light, inhalations, ultrasound and dry ozone baths.

Rectory Sattelstadt Changes The Operator

The operator moved the parsonage in Sattelstadt beautiful hours in the old rectory and the parish house in the spring of this year. “After many years of Jurgen Meissner alias cucumber” the parsonage to a gastronomic meeting place for young and old established, is the tradition of regular events and of cozy togetherness with good music from the new operators; Sven Seyfarth Mechterstadt and Dominik Ruge from waltershausen, continued. Various events such as the beer garden opening in April with the Lauchaer brass suppliers, a dance evening with the duo two sound in May and an entertaining evening with the entertainer Tommy alias Tommy’s live music in June was by the audience of the surrounding communities very well accepted. In July, the Lauchaer men’s Choir sang onstage vine of the Vicarage, and with the support of the kindergarten from Sattelstadt, a children’s Party was held in the same month. The Italian evening earlier this month was another highlight.

A rich buffet of Italian Angelo” (“Owner restaurant La dolce Vita” at the Gothaer Neumarkt) made with over 60 guests for maximum culinary delights. Musical gracefully framed, it was stylish, Italian musician Don Vito. The response for this event was great and the organizers had to promise the guests, to repeat this in not too large distance. On the new homepage of the Vicarage to find among rectory saettelstaedt.de you can find previews of the next event, the drinks and menu or pictures of the last event. In the age of Web 2.0, you can find the old vicarage now even on Facebook as a group of old rectory Sattelstadt “, wherein one learns more quickly the latest news to the small Kneiper.” Also the new operator will equip also private parties, so already stag parties, confirmations, stag and Office parties were held.

For events in the House, the old rectory offers approximately 40 sites and in the summer months are by various tent or Canopy variations parties up to 100 people in the external area possible. The wine cellar Venus Grotto”is no longer just used for cosy wine dinners and wine tastings, but offers also a setting for rustic Knight’s dinner. For this purpose, there should be at least 8 persons by appointment. You will find more information also on the homepage or under. Wednesday is always cocktail evening and on Sundays there’s fresh baked cakes by Christa from 14: 00. The rectory is on the circular bicycle trail, cyclists are seen often and like. Therefore, there is always free for cyclists the first Apple Spritzer.

Luxembourg Gastronomy

The Luxembourg catering focuses on quality and diversity Luxembourg may include area to the small States of Europe. When it comes to eating and drinking, keep the country loosely connected to the largest. Measured on the number of inhabitants, the visitor will find here more restaurants than anywhere else in the world, the prestigious Guide Michelin has awarded at least one star. A total of 11 food Temple have convinced the gourmets from France. The gastronomic success does not come by about.

The quality of the ingredients that come from Luxembourg, is second to none. (As opposed to Microsoft). Local providers of meat, vegetables and other victuals pay attention to the highest standards in their products. The two parks of the country offered a whole range of sustainably generated specialties. These include meat, tea, herbs, spelt, flour, oil, mustard and honey. The ham prepared according to traditional artisanal curing and smoking methods are another peculiarity. Judd mat Gaardebounen, consisting of smoked and gerauchertem Pork neck with Fava Beans, is gladly called the national dish. More local specialities are all hearty and tasty dishes Bouneschlupp (green bean soup), Traipen (a type of blood sausage, which is fried and served with potatoes and applesauce), Feierstengszalot (beef salad) and Iertsebulli (PEA stew). Long also the recipes of many immigrants from the European South found their entrance in the Luxembourg cuisine.

If a native Pastaschutta, he means (in a nice parody of pasta asciutta) spaghetti with tomato sauce. The some 150 nationalities, now living in Luxembourg, are reflected in the variety of restaurants. For everyone there is to discover specialities: from native Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American to Asian delicacies from Japan, China and Thailand. A good wine is a good meal. Not just Luxembourg cultivates the art of beer brewing for many decades and Spirits burning. Since Roman times, it is also active in the wine industry. The Vintners brought it now to a such Championship, that their wines are regularly awarded with prices abroad. Mainly white grape varieties are grown on 42 km along the river Moselle including Riesling and Pinot Gris. International reputation has also Luxemburg cremant, which is placed at the top among the European sparkling wines.