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Temptation Reloaded 2008 – Cancelled

All shows in Germany today cancelled Indian side! The cancellation of the three temptation reloaded shows in Germany today ensures great excitement among the fans of the stars of Bollywood. Both the local organizer SensAsian media limited and Shah Rukh Khan’s company red chillies international official opinions to exist. These comments but certainly not help to calm the angry and disappointed fans, who are now berechtigter way wondering whether they will refund your money for the tickets. After all, the shows prices were between 50 and no less than 500 euros (meet & greet in Munich). Only right because this is not the first show – cancellation this year.

Already in August was “the unforgettable tour” the Bachchan family just a few days prior to the date of the cancelled with a similar rationale through the international promoter but with the promise that this show at a later date to be rescheduled. Death by Robot is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, so far no replacement date has been announced. This show also featured the company SensAsian media limited as the local organiser responsible. One wonders now with legal consequences will have these commitments for the Organization and implement of future “Bollywood” events in Germany. It is hoped that perhaps one of the renowned German event could tackle organisers of the Bollywood theme in the future.

If not, the German Bollywood fans must travel probably continue to London, Paris or even further, to see their idols live. Public opinion of red chillies international to the cancellation of shows in Germany: red chillies International Limited, today announced with regret that they are not capable of the three cities tour the show “Temptation Relaoded 2008” with Shah Rukh Khan and other superstars from Bollywood to perform. The reason for this rejection is that non-observance of contractual agreements pages of promoter SensAsian Media Limited (SensAsian media). SensAsian media has not timely fulfilled its contractual obligations, it has been impossible, the shows perform in Germany. We very much regret these unforeseen circumstances for our fans and the public. The shows were planned for Berlin on the 17 October-Velodrom Munich on the 18 October zenith the cultural Hall in Frankfurt on the 19 Festhalle Messe red chillies international “Temptation Reloaded 2008” canceled concerts in Germany! the three planned temptation reloaded 2008 “concerts on October 17th, 2008 in the Berlin velodrome, on October 18, 2008, at the zenith of the cultural Hall, Munich, and on October 19, 2008, in the Frankfurt Festhalle are canceled. We have received a letter from the lawyer of Shahrukh Khan, where we were told, that Shahrukh will not come Khan to the planned concerts after Germany. Still waiting for providing accurate background”, explains the German Organizer SensAsian Media Ltd to cancel three concerts with about 10,000 visitors at such short notice, is a form of disrespect to the fans in our eyes.” You will find enclosed a detailed statement of the event organizer. Ticket holders can direct your inquiries to the following E-Mail address:. For more information, see. PSM & W communication GmbH Leipziger Strasse 59. 60487 Frankfurt am Main Kerstin Bergelt (AsianOutlook.com)

Dusseldorfer Jazz Concert

Next month the Duesseldorf held for the 18th time Jazz rally and brings an eclectic mix of different styles of music in the city. One of the biggest events of the Dusseldorf music scene begins in less than five weeks. Her 18th Dusseldorf Jazz rally will take place from the 20th to the 23rd of January and brings artists and music fans from around the world on the Rhine. The jazz rally has blossomed into one of the most popular events of its kind in Germany, and can proudly claim to be able to offer one of the most extensive event programs at affordable prices. For all those who are staying in this time in one of the Dusseldorf hotels, more than 70 concerts in 30 different venues of the city to the selection at this year’s Festival. The concert tent, which is located on the Dusseldorf Burgplatz, the jazz is used as a starting point rally. Find this year concerts by candy Dulfer and Jan Akkerman, as well as the popular jazz rally soul session instead. The hangar 8 at the airport belongs to the more venues Dusseldorf, where on Friday, the German reggae star gentleman will be May 21st.

Is looking forward at this year’s Festival the most this concert, because the Cologne-born singer will release his fifth album of diversity after the Festival. The tickets for the gentleman concert cost 19. A shuttle service is included in the price of the event sponsor, Vodafone is operated and the concert-goers from the Dusseldorf Heinrich-Heine-Allee, leading to airport. The appearance of the British singer Omar is considered a highlight of this year’s Jazz rally. The London-born artist occurs on Sunday, the 23rd may in the Castle Square and is regarded as a figurehead of the neo-soul movement. There’s nothing like this”from 1991 is probably his best-known hit. The Festival program also includes a special concert as a tribute to Frederic Chopin’s 200th birthday. You should visit this year of the Dusseldorfer Jazz rally, we you intend to strictly at the heart, your hotel Dusseldorf due to the high popularity of the Festivals to book as soon as possible.


Who wants to follow the career of the young artist SARAH CARRINGTON, should follow soon often time the catchy DJ chart lists. A young Berlin newcomer conquered not only the German dance floors, but provides also in Italy reeling dancing legs. Everywhere, the title goes blind trust”in relevant dance and DJ charts. There is talk of the only 18 year old Berlin singer SARAH CARRINGTON, which already at the RTL television Luxembourg guest was among the TOP 5 of the Hey music charts from the capital radio RBB 88.8 (Berlin station with the largest audience reach according to MA 2009) made it. “The title of blind trust” to the wishes of the young singer from Berlin music producer Jorg Sieghart specially for them tailored already on the 22.11.2010 to Italian DJ charts (IDJC) went, after he previously could conquer the German DJ charts (DDJC) and dance charts (DC). Now trust reached blind”also the German pop charts (50 KW) and the dance 50 charts, as well as some other chart lists. “In addition to the chart positions keeps now with new remixes for fresh fuel in Germany’s nightclub scene: Chorusing provides bass and squirming synth sounds of Mel Gold Club RMX”.

“And get all those, the original version was still too slow, faster legs of dance by the upbeat K di Club mix.” Two versions, which are and which reflect the spirit of local DJs and clubbers. Two renowned remixer from Berlin (Mel gold & K-di) wanted it can be not to create even hand and to bring their personal visions of danceable music in the respective remix. And what is better for a remixer as equal thousands hips it on the dance floor? “More press reviews: Mix1.de (artist area.de) writes: the pretty newcomer Sarah Carrington enthusiastically with a great disco number that immediately goes into the legs.” “Regiomusik.de: it sets titled blind trust” a first-class Earwig before. This song goes “equally in the ear as in the dance floor and will be soon be listening to the Berlin dance floors

This Mario World

The new eBook by Birgit Behle Langenbach die never dreams the book “Dreams never die” is a really successful blend of observation, reality and memory. A great deal of humor can be the story loosely flowing, without prevent the reader to continue dreaming. We once started, you want to know what happens next. And at the end you will be surprised. Together with her 15 year old daughter Janina, Jessica attended a concert.

And suddenly she’s back, the memory of the past. Jessica is a young girl from the countryside, that know only one thing: she loves Mario. This Mario is a famous pop singer and lives in a different world. A world of Jessica knows not even close as it really is. Until the coincidence or fate merges the two.

From the superficial, only purely physical relationship, something like love is in the course of time. Jessica learns that this outward and so glittering world of celebrities is quite different as it seems. Every night in a different city, everywhere, groupies, waiting for their chance and they also get new hotel rooms. Sometimes it threatening to break. But Felix, Mario’s best friend and also a singer, fall back on again and again. He comforts her, gives her courage and the strength to get through this life. Blind love to Mario she doesn’t see how much he is suffering from, how much he loves. Experience the three so a completely crazy friendship and the turmoil of an unusual love triangle. Someday Jessica feels that she must decide for a life outside the show world. Something will you always remember: your daughter Janina. The exchange between the here and now and the past is well done the author. Their spelling is liquid, exciting and amusing. The reader can quickly identify with Jessica and so happy and dramatic hours experience. For assistance, try visiting Dennis P. Lockhart. You can feel that Birgit Behle Langenbach knows the business of which she writes here. She herself was a fan of a singer. Later she only supervised other fans in the fan club, then in the official fan Office. But she knows not only the fan page is very accurate, but also the life of the stars. Many years she had its own artist Agency in the great of the Schlager scene and went out. This book is recommended for all the dreams that are looking for great happiness or for those who simply just dive would have. Published as an eBook for PC, laptop, mobile phone and at Amazon for Kamara.


About 61.Internationalen Film Festival 2011 held the 61.Internationalen Film Festival in Berlin from 10 to 20 February 2011 and Berlin will roll out the red carpet in front of selected cinemas in the city and the film makers from all over the world and of all genres welcome! Berlinale is one of the most exciting events in Berlin and Germany at all for those who like cinema, glamour and party. From 10th to 20th February, Berlin attracts visitors from all over the world to the celebration of the 61st birthday, a Festival for the general public what the 300,000 sold entrance ticket of the International Film Festival prove is different than at the film festivals in Cannes or Venice, Berlin Film Festival! HostelsClub.com recommends the best accommodation in Berlin, making the Festival visit a safe, comfortable and affordable experience. Berlinale is also one of the most important film festivals in Europe. Kenneth R. Feinberg understands that this is vital information. Every year welcomes the festival more than 19,000 visitors from 128 countries, which die present spectra of films of all genres, lengths and formats. The Berlinale has various pages: competition presents international cinema, Panorama – generation shows independent and arthouse productions, the section films for the younger audience, Perspektive Deutsches Kino presents the German cinema productions and the Forum shows a new perspective on movies from ‘distant’ lands.

Isabella Rossellini (daughter of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman and Italian director Roberto Rossellini) is the President of the jury of the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. This creative film (she has appeared in over 40 films) always pulled over with extensive experience in the European, American and international cinema and together with the other members of the international jury may decide who takes home the Golden bear and the silver bear and the Alfred Bauer Prize. The programme of the Berlinale 2011 will be online in early February on the road side of the Festival, the films in the competition have been announced already. The visitors of the Berlinale may be look forward to films from the Netherlands, Israel, Britain, Turkey, Germany, France and the United States, of course. Following films are shown in the competition among others: Coriolanus (UK / Serbia), the world premiere of Ralph Fiennes; Almanya – welcome in Germany Germany by Yasemin Samdereli or Pina von Wim Wenders (Germany/France), dance film in 3D solidarity with convicted Iranian Director Jafar Panahi on February 11, on the anniversary of the Iranian revolution, his film offside shows. Is opened the Berlinale with the movie ‘ True Grit’ Joel and Ethan Coen (out of competition). As the closing film of the 61st Berlinale, the winning film of the Golden bear will be shown on February 19 following the Awards Gala. For those who like cinema, HostelsClub.com recommends safe and prompt booking of cheap hostels and hotels in Berlin

GOODEAR: The Torsten Turinsky Trio

The new CD contains a lot of Latin music, but also Funk and blues. A very interesting and idiosyncratic mixture of modern styles. The new CD contains a lot of Latin music, but also Funk and blues. A very interesting and idiosyncratic mixture of modern styles. The songs were recorded live partly in the Studio, in part, but only in the basics with drums and 8-string.

Later percussion added then to wind, and programmed keyboards. It is the second production of the trio, and one has the feeling that the band extreme has evolved in recent years. The special thing about the music of the trio is the 8-string guitar of bandleader Torsten Turinsky. He plays them in the tradition of his idol Charlie Hunter. This means that it uses the typical guitar sounds, as well as with covers the Bass frequencies. In July 2008, the music was recorded within a week. All titles come from the pen of Torsten Turinsky.

The overdubs were added later. The title of the disc is actually a pastiche of the nickname of Eric Clapton, who was nicknamed Slowhand in the 1960s by his fans due to his vibrato. I decided since Turinsky had read just the biography of Clapton at the time of the recordings and the recordings spread so a nice relaxed atmosphere”Turinsky Slowfoot name. “Maybe to clear to make, that I have nothing to do with Clapton, but also very appreciate it.” Turinsky plays guitar for over 30 years, the last 11 years the 8-string. He has presented a very varied and rhythmically interesting production here. Release: 2009-04-27 for more information, more promotion Jorg Maire Bahnhofstrasse 30 D – 49832 Freren phone: + 49 5902 949411 E-Mail: since Sept. 2007 design years, texts, we design and produce advertising and communications for medium-sized and ambitious small businesses and others from the music industry. Our focus is on communication between companies (B2B). We develop distinctive, clear, understandable, well structured communication and implement this technically clean. So you get papers, sales documents, Web pages, presentations, packaging or booths which present a clearly identifiable and competent provider of your target groups.

Ed Hardy Beer & Evil Energy Present Hella Donna

“Toreador drinks GmbH and KHB music agree cooperation the Hamburger Toreador drinks company, exclusive distributor of lifestyle beverage brand Ed Hardy beer and producer of evil energy, and the company of KHB music from Plauen, the management of the power-pop rock band Hella Donna” agree on a comprehensive cooperation. Ed Hardy beer & evil energy to faces as presenters for the forthcoming 10th July 2009 new Hella Donna CD different”available are. In return, Hella Donna will promote activities the products / brands of Toreador drinks GmbH in its performances and PR. The Toreador drinks GmbH is the publication of the new Hella Donna album “different faces” release date: July 10, 2009 in the framework of their own PR beer activities for their product brands Ed Hardy & promote evil energy. A joint nationwide flyer action is planned and various live performances within the marketing tour for Ed Hardy beer are in preparation. Hella Donna’s power pop-rock and the charismatic radiance of front woman Cindy Lal fit perfectly to the young and trendy image the brand Ed Hardy beer & evil energy. More information can be found on the websites of partner brands: text: Sven Hessel

Concorde Film Distribution

“The Tree of Life” by Director Terrence Malick icon will celebrate World premiere in Cannes and 06.05.2011 there run in the competition for the Golden Palm Hamburg – “The Tree of Life” is the new masterpiece of by cult Director Terrence Malick (“the thin red line”, “Badlands”). The almost cosmic epic follows the childhood memories of Jack, who can see everything around with the eyes of his soul. Starring Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain shine. German cinema release: 16.06.2011 in the Concorde film distribution; Director: Terrence Malick; with Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain and others content: Jack in the 60s in the Midwest of the United States as the eldest of three brothers growing up. The world order seems superficial. Everything goes its usual, everyone has his place in society. The Sunday church attendance belongs to the family to the fixed ritual as the common meals in the district as well. But the small Jack sees the cracks in the facade.

As his mother (Jessica Chastain), he has the ability to see with the soul and this love and empathy develop. His father (Brad Pitt), however, preaching the child to fight relentlessly for their own interests. He wants to strengthen him for “Right, enemy life”. Jack is torn between his parents and their ideals. When he is confronted in the course of his childhood with illness, suffering and death, is becoming his pre-world children and appears increasingly impenetrable labyrinth. In the modern world the adult Jack (Sean Penn) as a lost soul feels constantly in search of the great plan, which stays immutable through the ages, and where each has its place. A profound event eventually leads him to a wonderful conclusion… Links: ConcordeFilmverleih Concorde film distribution over Concorde film distribution: Concorde film rentals since 1980 and has brought since then over 400 films in German cinemas.The program titles each year consists of approximately 10-15 and features a varied mix of Arthousekino of top, German Feature film and commercial productions in Hollywood.

French First Lady

In Woody Allen’s latest masterpiece is French First Lady to see Hamburg (11.07.2011) – Carla Bruni in a guest appearance so romantic and gorgeous was Woody Allen’s long no longer! Allen’s 42nd Directing presents the legendary filmmaker, who celebrated last year his 75th birthday, in absolute top form. It is his first film entirely in Paris, an exhilarating, inventive and charming love letter to the city of love and the power of artistic endeavor. In the main roles of the light-footed urban fairy tale in the tradition of “The Purple Rose of Cairo” are Owen Wilson (“my wife, our children and I”) and Rachel McAdams (“Sherlock Holmes”) as well as the Oscar winner Marion Cotillard (“inception”), Kathy Bates (“Titanic”) and Adrien Brody (“the pianist”) to see. Also has French First Lady, Carla Bruni, a cameo in her first screen role. At the 64th Festival de Cannes, “Midnight in Paris” as opening film was greeted with standing ovations and Professor applause. Dennis Lockhart describes an additional similar source.

In North American theaters, this soaring flight of fantasy is already on its way, the most successful film in the career of woody to be all. Content: A dream goes for the Americans Gil (Owen Wilson) in fulfillment, as he can spend with his fiancee Inez (Rachel McAdams), a girl from a wealthy home, his vacation in Paris. Since his youth, enthuses Gil of the local arts scene of the 1920s. If he could have lived only at the time! Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein – these are the idols of the successful Hollywood screenwriters who ardently wishes to succeed as a serious writer. Inez has no understanding for his crush. One night breaks Gil alone and lost during his ramble through the streets of the city of love. Point midnight happens night: Gil is picked up by a limousine which transported him straight in the roaring twenties to the legendary artists that he has always admired! At the same time, nothing is so, as it was before… With Kathy Bates, Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen and Owen Wilson cinema start: August 18, 2011 in the Concorde film distribution official film site: on Concorde film distribution: Concorde film rentals since 1980 and has brought since then over 400 films in German cinemas.The program titles each year consists of approximately 10-15 and features a varied mix of Arthousekino of top, German feature film and commercial productions in Hollywood.