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HOME – Set Up With Materials:

The European top-Hotellerie mils (TP/OTS) – home – new concepts of space facilities for the hotel Andels Berlin, the Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nurburgring and the Grandhotel Lienz set up for innovative contract furnishing fabrics created and realized. “At our current major projects in Berlin, at the Nurburgring and Lienz we could new equip approximately 800 rooms and suites and decorate”, HOME Director Monika Kruselburger of the new orders is pleased. Three of our current projects include new adaptation and design of the rooms and suites, as well as the public areas in the hotel Andels Berlin, at the Lindner Congress & Motorsport Hotel Nurburgring and Grandhotel Lienz. The order situation shows: HOME has as powerful and innovative companies nationally and internationally a very good reputation. Karki: “variety, flexibility and quality to package prices are standard for us.” HOME specializes in the emotional area of the object and provides all Services in the field of Interior Design: color & equipment consulting, curtain decorations, home accessories, colors and wallpaper, floor coverings, upholstery work, seat & upholstery furniture, small furniture, hotel beds and garden furniture.

HOME – setting up with materials for international wholesale the HOME team serves customers from the our. “Our customers benefit from our extensive international experience and get solutions that are tailored exactly to their needs,” Karki confirmed. HOME specializes in emotional areas and can point to a long list of references to business, children, or family hotels, resorts and hotel chains. Karki: “for us, the satisfaction of our customers is paramount, because satisfied customers come back and secure our long-term success. In addition we can rely on a strong, stable over many years network of external partners such as architects and Woodworkers.” HOME – setting up fabrics the Tyrolean company HOME – offers comprehensive service for all areas of Interior design for the upscale hotels and private apartments. The long list of references shows that competent care set up with materials is capitalized from consulting to implementation at HOME -. Press contact: Agnes Schedl marketing & communication home – Monika Karki GmbH A-6068 mils Tel.: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-76 fax: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-22

Number Of Relocations And Resettlements Rises

Is increasing the number of relocations and resettlements in Vienna in 2010. The financial crisis had effects on the site for many businesses and households. The drop in income and sales many Viennese to were forced to switch their private, as well as an economic location. Despite housing shortage, 2010 was a record year, when it comes to private removals. Whether private or commercial, parades are fraught with problems. Partners in the form of companies that specialize in relocations and resettlements remedy. Contact information is here: Federal Reserve Bank. Relocation, relocation and disposal.

For private homes as well as businesses always a topical issue. Nicholas Carr gathered all the information. The company extra move from Vienna has put together an offer that assumes these tasks in one complete package. From 34 euro / h, two men from extra moving team take over the complete process for your customers. This be well-swept given to homes and offices, items to be settled over befitting packaged and at the destination, we unpacked again undamaged. Our customers appreciate the all-in one service offered by us”, says Managing Director Haris k.

The company extra move is for more than three years on the market and has in that time frame over 300 parades organized and conducted. To the full satisfaction of our customers. Parades are an annoying task for many people. Many have neither the time nor the expertise to move your goods quickly and cleanly to. With our competitive rates, removals are affordable, the customer feedback is overwhelming. After the move no one wants to miss our holistic services.” The company extra moving services ranging from simple removals from private homes to the relocation of large Office and business complexes. Waste is disposed of. Without additional costs. Trained artisans also take over the Assembly and disassembly of furniture, as well as their proper packaging. Currently, the offer is valid for two people plus truck 34/h. So that extra move offers an excellent price / performance ratio to the convenience of a full service Moving to take advantage of. Our lean structure and excellently trained staff, we can offer our Dienstleisutung at very competitive prices, which allows many individuals and businesses, to give the concerns associated with a move normally,”, as k. Manuel Gruber