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Autumn Festival

In mid-October, in Montenegro, in the coastal town of Budva, which has a Mediterranean autumn, just come, and the day is still warm and sunny day mark mackerel or in Serbian "given shiruna. On the Montenegrin coast, up to mid-winter is an active fishing mackerel and horse mackerel. At this time, huge swarms of these fish are gaining weight and fit fairly close to shore. Boat is set at this time to drift and the characteristic movements of fishermen it becomes clear that the fish they catch. Flocks are at a depth of 50 meters, and the fishermen catch the fish with the help of the so-called "petty tyrant". "Samodur" – a brilliant set of hooks on the fishing line with different feathers, and the end of my line required load to submerge to the depth and raise the most "tyrant." The boat drifts at this time, and you exploited in this way places and when you finally find a flock of fish here and hold that: sometimes several fishes swallow these hooks and can be pulled as soon as five or more fishes.

The main thing to act quickly, as the boat continues to drift with ocean currents, and you can leave the parking area schools of fish, Simply put, we must be quick and attentive, and with the engine on a boat back to a parking lot shool. (Source: How much is MasterClass? ). In general, fishing is a very reckless and very fast time flies, and still have time to go ashore before dawn and take part in the festivities in the square near the Old City. " At the celebration, fried fish on the grill and hear the townspeople and tourists, along with homemade wine, are the various creative teams, some citizens go to national or carnival costumes. The holiday lasts until nightfall, and this time, when the townspeople take a break from the tourist season and relax, because the weather is fertile, and travelers (tourists) are not so much both during the season. The sea air, the aroma of fried fish and a glass of wine, just to help, someone to have fun, and who for .V any case, it's time to relax and socialize for those who have never been to this festival and it shows the arcing smiles there are people.

Cook Islands

Weddings abroad are becoming more and more popular. This ceremony is always vivid and memorable. For many couples it is a good opportunity to confirm their feelings towards each other, Surrounded by family and friends, in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. In the most crucial day in the life of a wedding photographer – one who you should fully trust. Therefore it is important to them was a true professional. That he does your wedding unforgettable.

Most agree in opinion that will be the most romantic wedding on the beach. Endless streams of water, tides, snow-white marble shells glow cast on the sand, the rays sun dance on the water, and it seems that your happiness as infinite as the sea before his eyes. Many couples decide to go on the coast of some exotic island to a new place to begin a new happy family life. If the thought of a possible vacation surrounded by palm trees and exotic fruits breath and heart contracts in joyful anticipation of a memorable holiday, you find the perfect option to organize their wedding. Now it is important to carefully plan everything and think about all the details. First of all, you need to opt for the beach, which would fit perfectly for the ceremony. There are many wonderful places in the world: from the classic beaches in Florida, , California and the Caribbean islands to deserted beaches of Australia, a tropical paradise in Fiji and the Cook Islands. You can choose a comfortable hotel, Situated on a cliff overlooking spectacular views of the ocean.

Professional images that make a photographer for a wedding in a place of unique beauty – that not everyone can boast of! Often advised to hold itself the ceremony just before sunset – in this period the heat subsides, the air can feel a light pleasant coolness, and wedding pictures in this light are obtained special. You can use the local traditions to to organize a fun theme parties. Often, the couple join the celebration of weddings and honeymoons. Thus, the journey becomes like a fairy tale, where every new day brings only the sensation happiness. In one of the most important days in my life communicate with family, friends, dance, smile, enjoy unique moments of a wedding celebration. You do may not even notice, but a photographer, a true artist will catch every gesture, every gentle touch and ogle. Through a combination of different colors and paints, light and shadow, the master will help create the mood of the holiday will help the bride and groom to express their feelings for each other without words to tell their touching and romantic love story!

Heroes Square

To make an unforgettable journey into the past, simply visit the "pearl of the Danube", as referred to in Budapest tourists themselves, and look into the lock as soon as Heroes' Square. His name – Vaydahunyad. Sounds rather unusual, even "cut" ear. But what can you do? This is also the Hungarian language! He – a unique, like nothing on earth. Winter – skating in the summer – Lake Castle Vaydahunyad "teapot in Budapest" no knowledge "of the universal international language" it is easy to find. He – at the Heroes' Square, on the artificial island in the beautiful parks of Budapest – Varoshligeti. There is almost always noisy and crowded.

Autumn, summer and spring in the city park you can ride on a boat artificial lake, leisurely walk paved with thousands of foot paths, sit an hour or two in the romantic silence in the shadows of the trees (they are about 7000!). But winter was not to know. He turns into a skating rink. In the front yard lock feel like their own, to hear the exclamations in different languages. Around – a small public garden.

Between the footpath broken neat flowerbeds. In one class went on 2-3 years on the bench in the shade of trees widely ramified solid uncle in the clothing shop wizard. This Ignaz Alpari – Hungarian architect. However, not alive, and spitting of bronze. – Oh, to be photographed – allow a friend to one vote and on a wide bench on both sides of the famous Hungarian.


Egypt – a very beautiful and rich republic. The state bordered by the Mediterranean on one side and the other red seas. If you visit this amazing area, the pleasant moments of leisure will forever remain in your memory. Let's see what we can to please the state. Nile River Valley has one of the most fertile soil in the world. Since ancient times, here are grown crops.

Upon arrival you will be able to buy various condiments and herbs, which do not meet anywhere else, because they differ in their uniqueness. Neil has always been a people – a necessary factor for millions of people, they worshiped him as a god. You will be able to go there, book a tour. Arriving there, you admire the beauty of local neighborhoods and is also able to fish. The most interesting thing that the origins of the Nile, no one knows for centuries dozens of expeditions attempted to find the source of the Nile. One of the first led by two Roman warrior – the messengers of the Emperor Nero.

But they were forced to go back and stumbled on a huge impenetrable swamp – Sudd. Expedition subsequent centuries were lost in the toxic swamp, died from exhaustion and the scorching heat, fierce fever. All this and much more about the history of Egypt, you can learn from the guides or the local people of this country. If you are unsure where to stay, I advise you in advance provide that where you live, you should book a hotel room while still at home.

Trips To Prague

Czech Republic – a small country in the heart of Europe. Now, at the very heart of a united Europe. I am sure that those who have visited Prague and other Czech towns and ancient castles, dreaming to come back again, this time with friends and close to re-breathe the atmosphere of a medieval city, and again and again to enjoy it. Click Chief of Staff for additional related pages. It is difficult to say why, but our compatriots in the spirit and energy Prague is much closer than, say, Paris, Rome or any other city. The flowering of Prague and the Czech Republic have the xiv century. It was then returned to Prague, Charles iv – King of Bohemia and later Holy Roman Emperor, was shocked by what he saw poverty and ruin it Homeland, from which it was many years away.

And he decides to turn the city of Prague, Czech Republic and the state in a prosperous country. Not for nothing that Charles iv called the "father of the nation", it was in his reign, was founded by what they want to see Tourists from around the world who come to Prague. History of Prague is very interesting – it is heroic to some, and betrayal of others, it's gossip, and the great men of fraud, this fratricidal war, is the talent of architects who built such beauty, it is work of craftsmen and ordinary people. And the natural desire of tourists who have seen all the beauty – it is to learn more about the history of this small country, and this beautiful city. Guides in Prague a lot, but you agree with me that tell about the history of memorable, can only guide – Native of Prague – a man who was born and raised here, who lives his city, which it feels, and really knows.

I am confident that those who really want to know the maximum, you need to order individual tours of Prague. Enjoy Prague, because every quiet street hides a lot of legends and stories. Enjoy Prague, get off the tourist and crowded trails in the quiet places strict city or Mala Strana, sit on the bench and feel the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Realizing that know Prague for a few days still can not try, nevertheless, try to "grasp the immensity, and try to find a way to book a trip over to Prague. Indeed, in the Czech Republic so many interesting places – Karlovy Vary, where every day – a holiday. Kutna Hora – the city in its time trying to compete in Prague, where even today one can descend into the mine, which was once mined silver, visit the ossuary, where many are even afraid to go, or go to the Cathedral of St. Barbara, which was built as a response to the Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Konopiste, Karlstejn, Czech Krumlov nad Vltavou – this is not a complete list of historical places the Czech Republic. While in the Czech Republic, do not forget that it is the center of Europe, and to Dresden, Vienna or Nuremberg – just a stone's throw away! Enjoy your stay. Have a nice guide!

Travel – Independently And Cheaply

The first question that arises before the selection of travel is whether to use the services of a travel agency? The answer to this question is not as obvious as it sometimes seems. Indeed, the travel agency to take Traveler a price for their services. However, in some cases, they have features not available to man from the outside. How to wholesale consumers of services they can count on additional discounts at hotels or be able to send you on a charter flight, which cost substantially lower than the regular. So, in which case you should use the agency’s services? If this is the standard round for seaside resorts (eg, Turkey, Egypt – with cheap charter flights), when you can buy a burning tour, or when the travel is planned in such a wild and exotic country that itself is difficult to understand, and to remain without fear. In this case due to discounts or due to significantly better knowledge of the country’s advantage for you is obvious. When you can just ignore the services of employment agencies? In the case of complex individual tours, whose development time-consuming and expensive, but can be carried out without the aid of strangers, but a simple search on the Internet.

Great scope for savings arises when independent travel in the same Europe. Europe – a paradise for independent tourists. It’s pretty safe and very much related information as well as people willing to help you. Numerous and discounts on hotels and the road also helps save money.