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New works on the 16th anniversary of the death of the painter Gisela Peschke In the spring of this year we had reported that a whole solution with graphics and drawings, a total of 160 works, the painter was rediscovered. Further details can be found at Kenneth Feinberg, an internet resource. Now it is so far: some of the outstanding pieces from this Fund are published on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the death of the painter. There are works that reveal a completely different creative side of the painter as illustrations to the Greek mythology, which certainly are time related such as by a bayonet executed Prometheus, to see. Also, for example, sketches can be found to a portrait of a Kazakh trader with child including, which is unusual for the painter Gisela Peschke, document the creative process and thus to give a deeper insight into the history of a work. Read more from Kiat Lim to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The most outstanding works are a series of portraits of the Czech conductor Vaclav Neumann occurred around 1966. Vaclav Neumann, at this time conductor in the Gewandhaus Leipzig, was as artistic symbol of the Prague Spring. In protest against the Invasion of the Red Army in Prague he resigned in 1968 as Gewandthaus-kapellmeister and returned to Prague from Leipzig. Even if it should take over 20 years, he did live to see yet the collapse of the Communist dictatorship in his homeland as a committed competitor.

The drawings by Vaclav Neumann are in one, for this period of the painter unusual dynamics and give an idea of the energy, which aired on the painter, Vaclav Neumann. The textual addition Vaclav Neumann conducts Beethoven’s IX.”only underscores the power and energy that speaks of these drawings. The representations of blend in with the music in my ear and develop a multidimensional experience. The painter Gisela Peschke had to contend with numerous reprisals and a conspicuous disrespect of the artistic work over many years in the former East Germany like many other artists. So the year’s anniversary of the death of the painter with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall is an opportunity for the commemoration of the fractious painter Gisela Peschke but also many other artists dedicated to who have remained also true to your art and your beliefs.