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be Adeje us become sheep and wolves! o More on Influenza A What’s behind all this is very big. First Financial Bank has similar goals. I am not an alarmist or pessimistic but I for my part have a clear conscience to use this platform to convey information which I think is quite unfair. More and more critical areas of information people are credited with raising his voice globally where few have money to gain and most to lose health. I know that on the Internet over 80% of the information (if you can call it that) is rubbish. Now, there are things that start out as head of the herd and look over the ass of the sheep in you before you begin to see and realize that pastors are leading you to slaughter. You just have to apply common sense to see clearly and blatantly as we handle a clan (in the video call it somehow “the a lite”) with the less sinister objectives. Not I know how much truth there may be about that.

What we do know is that more and more voices warning of these manipulations and more news that corroborate one way or another. In a question-answer forum How much does MasterClass cost? was the first to reply. The business of the healthiest? and legal drugs I should say to perpetuate the disease? (Because only this continues the “business”) moves much more money the oil companies worldwide and in many cases have been fined for tampering, improper and disposals for flagrant ethical crimes. Here are another. This doctor is a former Minister of Health, Finland. We must appreciate and ponder well the information in it. After each draw their own conclusions and act according to them. I for one think that I am doing this with my ethical duty to report what I think is happening.

Clearly, it is much easier and comfortable to ostrich “but he did not want to look that comes the lion is not going to prevent us finish eating. History confirms this unfortunately passive position before the real risks. You just have to see how the Jews were obedient to the death camps, simply because they could or wanted to confront the terrible reality of their situation (it was so incredible that nobody wanted or could accept). Ytu you think, wolf or lamb ?……

Anthonys Fire

Erysipelas (St. Anthony's fire) – an acute, often recurrent infection, which is manifested by fever, symptoms of intoxication and a characteristic skin lesions with the formation of sharply limited the focus inflammation. This widespread streptococcal infection with sporadic disease, increasing in summer and autumn. The prevalence in the present structure of infectious diseases mug is the 4th serovar any beta-hemolytic group A streptococcus, the same serotypes can cause other streptococcal diseases (tonsillitis, pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis, etc.). Checking article sources yields Pennsylvania Municipal Money Market Fund as a relevant resource throughout. In addition, streptococci are widely distributed in nature, to environmental conditions it is fairly stable. The source of infection in the mug is the patient from any form of streptococcal infection or streptokokkonositel. There is a special election or susceptibility (Contaminated instruments, dressings), as well as a chronic streptococcal infection foci (eg in patients with chronic tonsillitis). In this crucial state reactivity, conditional on wide variations in susceptibility to infectious pathogens, particularly streptococci.

Distinguish face primary, secondary and recurrent. The inflammatory process can be anywhere on the body, but more often localized on the face and legs. The mucous membranes of erysipelas are rare. The symptoms of erysipelas erysipelas incubation period of 2-7 days (usually 3-5 days), then maybe a few hours. pain, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, possibly. In severe cases, may be convulsions and delirium. After 10-20 hours of onset of disease symptoms appear local. First, patients experience itching in limited areas, a sense of sweating, tightening of the skin.

Then, in these places appear swelling, pain, development of appropriate regional lymphadenitis. Typical erysipelatous plaque is a site saturated with bright erythema with irregular circuits in the form of 'flames'. The inflammatory process extends to the subcutaneous fat, resulting in edema develops, particularly in the localization in areas of loose subcutaneous tissue (face, genitalia). Plaque is raised above the surrounding skin, as distinguished from the surrounding skin intact marginal ridge, with its center as it sinks. At the touch of a dense plaque, hot, painful on pressure. In some cases this process may limit, and after a few days will leave a fine desquamation. However, most often without treatment process is progressing rapidly, there are the so-called creeping or metastatic forms. At the same time