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Andrew Tan

“Read the full interview on the occasion of the appointment to the cool vendor” under. About Gartner cool vendor selection process the Gartner report doesn’t claim to a complete listing of providers in a specific technology area, but is designed with the focus to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services. Gartner excludes all warranties in relation to this investigation, both explicitly and implicitly, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The three key criteria for the “cool vendor” are: innovative, impressive and pioneering. Innovative services and products for unresolved challenges, their Feasibility in economic life is secured, aroused the attention of Gartner in the past six months and were in the “cool vendor” report. About ENTEREST GmbH the ENTEREST GmbH was founded in 2003 as a special supplier of BSS/OSS applications, and consulting services for the telecommunications, media and entertainment industries. EDR Workbench is ENTERESTs core product and so far unchallenged in the data processing of use of. The application range processing of complex scenarios of interactive analysis down to the fully automated 24/7.

Typical use cases are mediation, test-XDR-generation, detection of leaks of revenue (revenue assurance), conversion as interactive XDR analysis and ETL (extract, transform, load) processes. EDR Workbench allows a dramatic improvement in their data processes of of use of for network operators and service providers through the use of bandwidth and flexibility. This directly affects the margin and allows customers to better focus on their core competencies. Partners, however, have to develop the possibility of using EDR Workbench new business fields. To the customers of ENTEREST include well-known companies such as Softbank Mobile (Japan), T-Mobile (Germany) and Swisscom (Switzerland) as well as system integrators such as Atos Origin, for example, T-systems and Hewlett-Packard. ENTEREST is a company privately located in Norderstedt, Germany. For more information contact: Andrew Tan, partner, ENTEREST GmbH, Tel. + 49 (40) 94 363 94-0,

High Speed Distribution

Visual components presents product suite with advanced PLC features Espoo / Finland the 3D at the SPS/IPC/drives 2010, 16.11.2010 – the SPS/IPC/drives 2010 the Finnish software vendor presents an extended portfolio of 3D simulation software for system builders and system integrators in the control and automation technology visual components Oy. The 3D simulation of production and plant concepts increases the efficiency already in the acquisition and sales phase. Manufacturers can edit faster customer requests up to 80% “, Ricardo Velez, Manager research & development of the Finnish software vendor promises. Source: Federal Reserve Bank. The 3D product suite from Visual components for this purpose offers 4 modules: 3DCreate, 3DSimulate, 3DRealize R and 3DRealize. Our advanced PLC features for the control and automation technology facilitate the development of various concepts with standard systems or customer-specific solutions and accelerate the implementation and testing phases of 3D systems replica prior to the actual commissioning”Velez further. The coupling to controllers via the PLC add-on. The user accesses via the PLC add-on directly on the control interface and can connect directly to the IOs”, explains Ricardo Velez. If you have read about Dennis Lockhart already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With the software release 2010 visual components in addition to the OPC interface also the direct interface support of the S 7 series by Siemens, as well as the TwinCAT series from Beckhoff.

Marketing and distribution in 3D today is one for long-term investment speed in marketing, sales and implementation”, says Ricardo Velez. The plant manufacturer would be required to Velez, ensure within very short time with a concept to win orders. Visual components offers a powerful simulation tool manufacturers and system integrators, to implement quickly and effectively meaningful 3D presentations of concepts. These are suitable for video presentation at trade fairs as well as email to customers and prospective customers. All relevant data and hardware components are required in the 3D product suite read and in defined selection libraries created.