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Wall Street Institute

Wall Street Institute, multinational leader in multimedia teaching of English for adults, has launched its official page on Facebook (facebook.com/WSIEspana) to publicize their products, promotions, courses, photos and all the activities that make the company learn more and the utility of their face to language learning tools. Companies started to be aware of the emergence of social networks and the enormous power of viral communication that the user owns. Personal recommendation is much more powerful than any traditional advertising. That is why we want to encourage friends and relatives of the students of our courses to become fans of our page so soon we form the largest English-speaking community in Spain, explains Jose Pessoa, director of business development of Wall Street Institute. Wall Street Institute develops this new strategy because he believes that it is easier and more direct to disseminate the novelties of the company through social networks only through press releases.

Imagine that in just seconds, thousands of people can find out your notices, courses, news, offers, etc. And if what you communicate possesses its own virality, i.e. they are attractive for consumers, the possibilities multiply, concludes Pessoa. The teaching method offered by Wall Street Institute has been tested as it integrates different forms of learning available to adults. More than 2 million people have successfully completed their process of learning around the world.

Within the scope of the academies of English this company has always managed to differentiate from competitors precisely by its method, innovative and original, giving rise to a safe and effective learning of this language through the use of a method online which allows greater flexibility to the students which may be completing each of the courses that match them to your level from anywhere with Internet access. All this is complemented with the textbooks and subsequent meetings with the tutor, which evaluates the student in order to practice in conversation and analyzing learning. For even more details, read what Kenneth Feinberg says on the issue. Wall Street Institute has 40 establishments in the Iberian Peninsula. In Spain today, develop the educational system 7 centres, own 2 and 2 franchises in 3 centres franchisees in Cartagena, Toledo, Zaragoza and Madrid. The ensign is offering franchises to interested in expand the Spanish market, starting with the main Spanish as cataluna_,_castilla-leoncataluna_,_castilla-leon-la Mancha, Andalusia and Galicia regions. Basically seek people who share our vision for the business. Franchisees, whether direct or entrepreneurs franchisees seeking, together with us, to develop a particular region. Fundamentally they are profound connoisseurs of his installation market, who understand the potential of a concept of business proven in 24 countries and have the dynamic enough for the development of a language centre, explains Jose Pessoa. Wall Street Institute was created in 1972 giving answer to the enormous potential of the business of English language teaching, both at teaching for professional reasons as personal effects. Initially released in Italy, quickly expanded their English language learning centers to Switzerland and Spain, later expanding to other countries. The investment to be a franchisee of this ensign is about 150,000 euros, including the entry fee, with an exploitation royalty of 7% of sales and a royalty of 2% of sales marketing.

TFranchising Could Be the Ticket

As the President said “This latest data is closely linked to the emblems generating employment in Spain and therefore the number of workers decreased in the same proportion of 0.9%. ” According to the report of the AEF, in absolute numbers it has in 2063 jobs, thus lowering of employees 235 929 233 866 on 31 July. Turnover The turnover refers to statistical review, provides a setting in the above information for the year-end 2008. “It is, therefore, to incorporate the billing given in the previous report, the adjustments that businesses have sent in recent months and allow us to establish as a final check on 31 December 2008 the number of 25.734.661.000 .

This represents an increase of 3.8% on the total figure of 2007, which was 24.786.918.000 “explains Vallhonrat. The sector remains the most turnover of power to 6.117.546.000 , followed by hotels, as a whole, with 5.515.941.000 and travel agencies 2.182.895.000 . Within walking distance is placed: fashion, in all specialties, with 1.779.087.000 ; furniture and Textilhogar, 1.727.964.000 and transport services 1.531.279.000 . The franchise, by regions and by origin in the report, the AEF has also revised franchising plants operating in the different Spanish regions. As usual, Madrid is 291 head emblems (three more than last year), followed by Catalonia with 241 (5 more), Valencia 95 (add 3 compared to the previous period) and Andalusia with 86 (4 more than in 2008). These four communities coalesce 79.7% of franchisers in central Spain. With regard to the billing that produce the flags in the Autonomous Communities, the report shows that the four communities mentioned account for 85.8% of the national total, which is justified by the concentration of large networks, especially in Madrid and Catalonia .

As for the origin of the emblems, as revised in the AEF, the number of foreign brands have gone from being an Now form 18.1% to 18.5% of the total, or what is the same total of 895 166 of today are foreigners, while in 2008, 159 of the 875 prevailing at that time were foreign. France and the United States lead the ranking, even though Italy is the country that teach more recently introduced in Spain with four new marks (from 26 to 30) and Andorra, South Korea and Norway implemented for the first time in our country. “The balance sheet leaves us a good taste, despite the current situation, the franchise continues to remain stable and strong as a whole. Of course, some sectors are more affected, but others re-emerge and evolve more strongly. This causes the system is balanced and generally continue to offer very favorable expectations “concludes the President of the AEF. On the Spanish Association of Spanish Franchisers Franchisers Association (AEF) was founded 15 years ago and currently consists of 193 members, whose turnover represents 66% of turnover generated by the system franchises in Spain. The objectives of the AEF are to represent and protect the interests of the franchise in our country and to partner with the Administration and make it available in other markets, through its presence in various international franchise exhibitions. In turn, the AEF is a member of the Iberoamerican Federation of Franchising (FIAF).