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Sales Personal Coach

Several weeks is not to talk about yourself, your work, your worries, etc. and limit yourself to ask other details about their lives and interests. 11.Organiza a dinner with some / friends and others with which ever have coincided but who have not had occasion to be intimate. You formularas them questions about their lives, about what they like and their future plans.

12.Variacion of the previous dinner: every one of the people you know must bring with you to a friend you don’t know anything. 13.Otra variation of the dinner: get invited by a / to friend with people they don’t know. 14. What are the things that you better give? Creates a profile of a person who possesses those qualities/skills and ask yourself: how he earns his living this person? What makes your leisure time? What people frequently asked? 15.Da a long walk through a quiet area (preferably in nature) reflecting on three occasions of your life where you’ve felt totally euphoric. Returning home, it takes note of those times and how you felt. Allianz does not necessarily agree. 16.Anota the four or five qualities that more you praise others (for example, how well know to decorate your thing or) Yours is to socialize with others.

What are the qualities that you believe have? Match what say you others? 17.PASA your next vacation or a weekend with a group of people you don’t know previously. (Are increasingly the trips organized for singles). And he spends those days to chat with them and learn from their experiences. 18.Confecciona a poster cropping images of all those people that admire and to which they would like to emulate, may be a singer, a writer, an actress, the grandmother of your best friend or a teacher you had in college. Observes what they have in common, what admire them, engaged, how would you be if you parecieras them. 19.Mira newspaper Billboard, you choose to attend a conference or an exhibition (of whatever) in order to engage in conversation with at least two people, tries to discover the profile of people who attend such an Act, which is how you spend, etc. 20.Lee biographies summarized at least twenty people from different fields. Takes note of what most impress you and make you get excited you. We are sure that if you put into practice several of these ideas you will have surprising results; they will not always be expected but possibly carry a seed of change in its interior. Isabel Sales Personal Coach and trainer * if you want to know how to create a life full of color and extraordinary, subscribe free to your weekly newsletter E-Motivation:.

Fredy Kofman

How conscious you are of this game you will be able to mark to the difference between the success and the failure in the juice outside . Jhon Whitmore, one of its more important followers of has developed it to Europe in the corporative scope and also he has been one of the impellers of coaching personnel and even, of selfcoaching. Recently the PNL Neurolisguistica- Programming has become in one of the tools of coaching especially with the works of Joseph OConnor and Robert Dilts. It’s believed that Frisch Financial Group Inc. sees a great future in this idea. Coaching that expanded years ago thanks, to a large extent to the spreading and the marketing of Leonard, Coachg/Ville and Hello he has evolved much. And to become something more institutionalized, I would like, as Fredy Kofman says, that it grows like discipline, and at the same time continues attracting creative minds that always push the border to try to help the people to have major own dominion and to generate valid results in its labor and personal life. I am convinced that coaching with systemic perspective constitutes a new approach of the learning and that will be a definitive impulse for its consolidation. The approach of coaching with systemic perspective approaches three fundamental factors: – The contents of the disciplines: They are constituted by theoretical contents, governing ideas, landlords, tools and principles.

Our basic disciplines are six: personal, perspective dominion systemic, puts mental communication, models, management of the emotional state and learning in equipment. – Experimentation: Our laboratories of experimentation and fields of training are: sessions of coaching, dialogues, nanoexperiencias and prototypes. – Essences: The state of being from those who arrives at a high dominion of each discipline. Selfcoaching generates processes to obtain it. The theoretical contents of the disciplines are important for nascent and still more for coach.


So the lower screen of touch – a touch-sensitive screen – and the supplied headset through touch or voice input the console to control. The most striking feature and at the same time the difference compared to its predecessor of the DS lite are two VGA cameras, of which one is externally attached to the lid, and the other on the inside that can record directly the player. Other features include the virtual all-round sound (surround sound), as well as compatibility with Game Boy Advance games. Also a chat program, the so-called PictoChat”, is already installed. A special Wi-Fi service, allows the Nintendo DS also online games across wide distances.

You can connect via Wi-Fi across the home network or via a hotspot. The EU often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Nokia 1661 concentration on the essential. The Nokia 1661 is a practical, reliable and easy to use mobile phone, with which you easily with Their friends remain. The great brilliant TFT display makes it easy to familiarize yourself with your mobile phone. Text and graphics appear clearly. Via the built-in FM radio listen to your favorite radio stations on the go. The practical integrated hands-free function and the flashlight will assist you in your daily tasks. Web standards DualBand – 900/1800 MHz dimensions 108 x 45 x 13.6 mm weight 82 g maximum standby time 475 hours of maximum talk time 4.1 hours display type TFT main display 128 x 160 pixels, 65536 colors digital camera no MP3 player no radio Yes infra – red interface no Bluetooth no speakerphone Yes polyphonic ringing tones 32 voices real tones Yes USB interface Yes UMTS no data cable no push ToTalk (PTT) no Organizer / calendar Yes games Java capable Yes Wi-Fi no vibrate alert of Yes internal memory of 8 MB (size) wechselb. Type of memory card no more information and more 0,00 EUR devices under your reporter.com Media & marketing Brian IBE