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Deferred Payment

There an old worker, 60 years lives, works in a service any 8 hours per day are its horria load! It does not have the such of the Ticket feeding, and it does not have valley has carried! Its wage? One! Minimum? today this represents 600 Reals. Many writers such as Hewlett Packard offer more in-depth analysis. It arrived behind? The master xinga! This indisposto? Bad luck of ' ' velho' ' , you receiving; it works! If it has family, little matters Deferred payment far from the service? BAD LUCK YOURS! It has what to eat? What to dress? It obtains to work? The wage of the one for the month? This is the world of the wage-earning workers for Brazil measures different what we could call another world: Its work? It is a little difficult, works 3 times per week. Pra to say the truth, nor work this I can call. In a question-answer forum Jerome Powell was the first to reply. It frequents the Chamber to say that it was there, he is master of itself exactly, he is elect for the People who still believes that honest politicians exist. This there for the money, therefore what it earns in one Month, never will gain outside daqui Aerial tickets for it and its family, aid housing, aid have carried, valley feeding, telephone that it can use how much to want, and also not forgetting them employee staffs who it can contract they have a reasonable wage, which had tried to increase, but had also not obtained, were thus low same. 21 a thousand MONTHLY Reals.

These bonifications, and wages are official of the government This, is the reality politics of Brazil, this reality politics is paid with the taxes of that old and poor worker, who in an arduous work and weighed, paid its taxes in day, and automatically, board the life of luxury of the legislators, who always want more do not have some wrong thing? still our legislators has the courage to say: ' ' I must have a wage more something, I have direito.' ' That right? He is this speaking suddenly of the beginning of the Dignity human being? Really, who gains 21 a thousand Reals and all these bonifications are with its wounded rights. If this finds that he is not being guaranteed its rights, that right this old wage-earning worker will have, with a small wage of 600 Reals, to practically give its life for the work to gain this wage? Wage of the Worker: A minimum. (without ticket, assessors, bond nothing) = 600,00 federal Legislator: 21 a thousand + ticket, card, telephone, employees. totalizing: R$ 171,000, 00 (ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY AND ONE A THOUSAND REALS) for month (for each one)


tax is insufficient to guarantee a sustainable growth of 4,5% to the year. The external investments right-handers are in high and will be 50 US$ Bi in 2011, however, it has had certain denationalization of the economy resulting in the rise of the remittances of profits and shares: of 23 US$ Bi in 2003 they had jumped for U$ 70,6 Bi in 2010. – Precariousness and the inefficiency in the infrastructure: Deficiencies and gargalos in roads, ports, airports, railroads, ‘ ‘ band larga’ ‘ , among others. The Brazilian bureaucracy and the regulatory systems and tributaries make it difficult the investments and the competitiveness. JPMorgan Chase spoke with conviction. We are not champion of productivity. Low availability of hand of workmanship, specialized or not. – Real supervalued and, although the measures adopted for the Central banking, continue if valuing. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ESG on most websites. – Gradual and sped up Loss of competitiveness: The results of the trade balance are each time more dependents of the high one of the volume and the price of commodities.

Fall in the exportation of half and manufactured goods. Sped up rise of the deficit in current transactions: a surplus of US$ 13,6 in 2006 turned a deficit esteem for the BC 67 US$ Bi in 2011. – Nominal Interest in rise, real interests in fall. – Increasing ‘ ‘ gap’ ‘ of it offers and demand in a warm economy growing above of 5% of the GIP with significant expansion of the credit. The inflation in high will breach the ceiling of the goal of 6,5% between May and June, with negative effect on real the average income. – Moderate public Debt: Rude debt in 61% of the GIP and the liquid debt, for return of 40%. – Exchange Reserves above of 322 US$ Bi and in rise, with raised shipment cost. Risks with potential greater of impact in the economy Some of the risks with being able of ‘ ‘ to give to end ours festa’ ‘ they are: – Acceleration and uncontrols of the inflationary process; – Magnifying of the speculative attack in the exchange: the continuity of the appreciation of the Real will extend the damages to productive system e, in the sequence, to financial system; – Risk of ‘ ‘ Hard landing’ ‘: Brusque fall of the economic activity in Brazil as result of the combination of the rise of the interests in the Europe and U.S.A., and/or end of the cycle of high of commodities, and/or cooling of the Asian economies reached by the inflation?

Center Rio

After that, 14.78% and 13.85%, respectively in the regions South and North. It is also examined that, 55.86%, that is, 12,211 EES had come out in the domestic territory from years 2000 until the year of 2007, thus perceiving a growth in the order of 4.798 enterprises in relation to the previous period (SENAES/SIES, 2007). In this last period, the Northeast region, with 38,90% continues leading the EES creation. In sequncia, it is had: Southeast (22.24%); South (17.59%); North (10.68%) and Center-West (10.59%). Continue to learn more with: Outlook Email. Table 1 – Amount of EES for date of creation (in absolute numbers) Creation of the EES/per decade Center Region decade 1900020136 decade 1910010203 decade 192001011113 decade 1930 18041225 decade 19400704314 decade 195001556632 decade 19603308203091 decade 19702395233236209 decade 19801567631862262301,561 decade 1990 7033.7151.0278711.0977.413 decade (partial) 2000 up to 2007 1.2934.7501.3042.7162.14812.211 did not inform 311021022917281 total 2.2109.4982.6563.9123.58321.859 Source: RANGEL (2010). Extracted data of the SENAES/SIES (2007). It is important to recognize in this study, the first experiences identified in the Brazilian territory.

It has a century more than, the precursory states had been Rio Grande of the North (01 EES) and Paran (01 EES) in 1901; Rio Grande Do Sul (02 EES) in 1902 and Pernambuco (01 EES) Minas Gerais (01 EES) in 1903. It enters the years of 1910 and 1950, 87 autogestionrias companies had emerged in the country and the biggest manifestation of these initiatives if it shows in the states of the Rio Grande Do Sul (19 EES), Rio De Janeiro (13 EES), Alagoas, Pernambuco and Rio Grande of the North (7 EES) in each one of these, totalizing 53 EES. In the state of So Paulo, particularly, the city of Mirandpolis in 1935 was the precursor as for the solidary economy. It enters the decades of 1960 and 1970, distributed between 30% and 70%, respectively, 300 EES had emerged. Of the totality of the participants of the solidary economy in Brazil, the percentages of 38,25 and 32,14 (the greaters) can be observed in the regions Northeast and South, respectively.

Michel Foucault

For Michel Foucault the citizen of the contemporaneidade is a synthesis of the effect of the power of the institutions, good it disciplines as it, the monitoring and the practical corrective that if destine to the social control which had been shaping this citizen, ‘ ‘ When the speech contemporary defines repetidamente the power as being repressive, this is not one novidade’ ‘ (P. 175). To understand the practical ones of control used by the institutions it is necessary to analyze the speeches and the existing complexity in its essence. Foucault observes that the repression of the speech of the mass historically is conceived, with the intention to generate the control and to inhibit the action of change in the seio of the community. The power of the word must be withheld by the State and its institutions, all the order and control emanate of this device and its institutions. The contemporaneidade is conducted by a system of being able that if it establishs connection with the speed in the medias, the automatic information reduced the form world to investigate bringing it a new instrumental order of social control.

The propaganda is the main element of imposition of wills, bombing of information suffered in our daily one in the contemporaneidade is proceeding from the evolution of the practical ones of control cited by Foucault. The modern capitalism adjusted around in function of this logic of speed in the proceeding of information of the globe. It was in function of this economic system that the man reached a significant distanciamento of its cultural civility. The disciplined citizen became much more useful the system, as much politics how much economically. The citizen remains chained to one without number of subordination forms, which go generating an identity, in this way the individual is always being constructed for procedures to discipline.

The Basilica

NOT to the so profane law! We cannot compactuar with people who want to change the designs of God, if making to pass for It or wanting to be It. I cannot support people who are playing of being God. Nobody can FORBID the maintenance of the moral order established and sedimented in natural and divine laws in mago them good people. I cannot agree to the installation of a government that he intends to banish of public places; TO FORBID to symbols and religious images. We will not be able more to pray in the cross of the souls in the public cemetaries, why they will be pulled out by the law that the PT intends to approve. We will not see crucifixos more in public distributions why the law more will not allow. Streets, churches, quarters, cities, states, rivers, lakes and everything that will be public and have names of saints, logically will have that to move of name or to remove the names of its faades.

Everything that will have name of saints will have that to move of name, to start for the city of So Paulo, one of the biggest cities of the world, why the law more it will not allow religious symbols in public places. Contact information is here: Kenneth Feinberg. It is astonishhed! If he will be pra to observe and to act in the legality: Cariocas and Northeasterns! The Christ Redentor of Rio De Janeiro and ' ' Santopadinhopadreccero' ' in the Cear they will have wants to be demolidos. Natives of So Paulo! The Basilica of N.S. Appeared, padroeira of Brazil also, since all meet in public place. Catarinenses! Cities that live of the religious tourism as New Trento-SC and others for this Brazil measure will have that to disappear. Nobody can FORBID somebody, nor an entire nation, to exercise its religious beliefs. I cannot support a candidate, who belongs to a party that elaborated a plan to impose law that, all that one that to more than possess a country property with 1000 alqueires, the excess will be dispossessed, being productive it or not.

Russia Research

Research sample that in the year of the Olimpadas of Brazil, the country will be the third bigger market of automobiles. 200 executives of great manufacturers of automobiles of the world had been interviewed. The International KPMG, recognized company in the branch of the research, made a study with 200 executives who work in the automotiva area, indicating a great possibility of Brazil to go up in ranking of bigger automotivos markets of the world, being assumed the third rank. The research sample that in four years, the number of cars vendidos in the country will be between four and six million, surpassing Japan. Charles Krieck, partner-leader of the area that takes care of of the industrial market and auditorship of the International KPMG, affirmed: ' ' The result of the research demonstrates clearly the image that world-wide the automobile market projects for Brazil: of a country with healthful economy and the excellent perspectives for businesses. To the end, the automobile market found a proper place in the Brasil' '.

Another result of the research, was the indication of that the emergent countries of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) they will be the responsible ones for 40% of world-wide the automotivo market in 2016. The tip of ranking will continue with China, followed of the United States and with Brazil in third place, surpassing Japan (current third place) and Germany (current room place). ' ' Global Automotive Executive Survey 2012 Managing Growth While Navigating Uncharted Routes' ' (' ' Global research of the Automobilsco Sector Managing the Growth While Unexplored Routes are Desbravadas' ') it showed that the hybrid cars will be the consumed ecological option more. Exactly thus, they will have between 9 and 14 million electric cars circulating for the planet up to 2026. Liqui team Tires

Marketing Digital Politician

As integrant of one of the first companies of Brazil to work comMarketing Digital Politician, I feel myself in the obligation to pass important information for the politicians who want to enter this branch. It is necessary to know the tools, the technologies and everything what it says respect to the marketing politician in the Internet. Everything this will make with that the politicians save money, beyond having a more efficient campaign.ServicesThe first thing if to lead in consideration is the necessary services for a good campaign of marketing politician in the Internet. Many people at least know the basic steps for a good campaign. Then, we go there. This is the basic package of services in the digital area:- Complete Management of the digital actions – Management of links sponsored – Management and monitoramento of Social Nets – Monitoramento de Reputao (it knows what they are speaking of you before the medias) – Sending to newsletter of campaign politics – Creation of Websites dynamic (it forgets that one its nephew that makes site in the vacant hours) – Otimizao of websites for buscadores – Generation of quality content (Articles and texts)How it will be the battle for the vote?ELECTRONIC DONATION – the one that is: the candidate will be able to create a site to receive donations for half electronic. Another option is to offer one link in the official site, that sends the sites specialized in payments of small value, as the Paypal and Pagseguro, that eliminate the necessity to create a complex system of collection.- It bets of the Campaign: with the permission of the congress for donation for credit card, candidates will be able to attract givers that do not costumam to pass resources. Another advantage is the reduction of the costs with phone calls.Marketing Digital Politician – NING – the one that is: service that creates private social nets.