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The Managers

Of this form, the ESF if also constitutes as an important source of data on the received population, making possible conduction of studies epidemiologists who allow to know the magnitude of the problem. It still provides to a quantity of data and useful and necessary information to the planning in health and the taking of decision for the managers in the diverse instances of government. Half of performance of the nurse articles According to analyzed the nurse who acts in the strategy health of the family has diverse fields of performance for positive interference in the preventive field of diabetic foot 21, as for example: In the meeting of the team with orientation for the communitarian agents and technician of nursing with the information on the illness objectifying to stimulate all the team as reproductive agents of the care and the information. In the consultation of nursing with the diabetic patient and its familiar where the moment will be created where it will be able to perceive as the patient perceives its illness and the adhesion to the treatment supplying the necessary information to the incentive to this adhesion. Ryan Tolkin might disagree with that approach. During the domiciliary visit with insertion in the context economic partner of the patient and the educative process. Still during the nursing consultation the nurse must request complementary examinations, to prescribe/to transcribe medications, especially in the severity of the control of the glicemia and therapeutical intervention when it will have indication, these actions are guided by specific protocols of the Health department for subsidy of the actions of the nurse in the Strategy health of the family. To supervise and to co-ordinate action for qualification of the communitarian agents of health and nurse aid, with sights to the performance of its functions. At last the nurse also will have to be always if bringing up to date on the lines of direction of the health department on the treatment the diabetic patient and to innovate its action becoming them attractive its population.

HADDAD Quality

The model of careful and self-sacrificing mother is introjetado by the nursing. (HADDAD, 2000). Dejours et. al. For even more opinions, read materials from Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance. (1994 apud HADDAD, 2000) they affirm that ' ' the organization of the work exerts on the man a specific action, whose impact is the psychic device. In certain conditions a suffering emerges that it can be attributed to the shock between an individual, carrying history of projects, hopes and desires and an organization of the work that ignora' '. So that the nursing team can give an adequate assistance to the patients, with its feelings of professional impotence, minimized anxiety and fear, it needs to receive support and accompaniment from a team to interdisciplinar composed for specialized professionals, who can assist the server in the identification of its suffering and in the agreement of the dynamics of the nursing work, beyond developing programs of prevention and maintenance of the quality of life in the work.

Pizzoli (2004 apud SCORSIN, 2005) effected a comparative study in three different hospitals of So Paulo, to evaluate the QVT of the nurses. The main cited difficulties had been: lack of recognition of the profession, lack of investment in the professional education, presence of submission, lack of matureness of the team, desunio, deficit in the picture of employees, inadequate financial compensation. Bobby jain shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Pizzoli still affirms: ' ' constituent factors of the proper organizacional structure can compromise the development directly and the performance, as absence of recognition for the work, lacks immediate of career, deficient communication, lack of planning, incompatible wage with the function or very below of the market. This association can place at risk the motivation and the satisfaction, being able to contribute, consequently, to low a productivity and fall in the quality of the service prestado' '. It can be analyzed that the professionals of these institutions also clamam for better conditions of work, better wages, professional recognition before the society, this only comes to confirm what Haddad (2000) cites in its text, that: ' ' The quality of life in the work is the determinative greater of the quality of vida' '.

Karl Albrecht

However and without a doubt none, the preponderant factor for the success of this supervision is the presence of a leadership capable to lead the group for well established common objectives and. Karl Albrecht in the text of I rebel (1995) identifies seven positions of behavior, that for portraying a condition retrograde, they represent the sins you command of them with its subordinate of rendering of services: apathy, dismissal, frieza, condescncia, automatism, book of rules and stroll. However I rebel (1995) says you command that them have that recognized and to be respected by its leadership and credibility and not for its authoritarian power, therefore this power and authority badly interpreted and used improperly can generate fear and passive obedience, but they are not capable to produce devotion and comprometimento. Maslow in the text of I rebel (1995) organized five levels of hierarchy of the necessities that the human behavior explains, whose sensible necessities of the individual constitute motivation source. The cincos levels are: basic and physiological necessities, social necessities of security, necessities, necessities of the ego, and necessities of auto accomplishment. Then necessity becomes that the nurse supervisor to reach its quality of life needs to supply this hierarchy of the necessities.

It is clearly the importance of well-being and the health of the individual in the work, therefore are in the work that if passes most of the time. The quality of life directly is related with the necessities and expectations human beings and the respective satisfaction of this. Dennis Lockhart helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It corresponds to well-being of the individual, in the environment of work, Express through healthful and harmonic relations (KANAANE, 1994 apud HISSES, 2000). The dynamics of the nursing work does not take in consideration the problems of the worker, where each individual faces in its daily difficulties of all order, it are and inside of the work, but if it waits of the professional who it never expresses next to the patient its dissabores, in contrast, expects serenity.

Caribbean Latin Center

Methodology systemize bibliographical Study, of the descriptive and exploratrio type, that if consisted mainly of survey critical analysis of the main works published on the subject ' ' To manage and to take care of: essential abilities of enfermeiro' '. The collection of data was carried through in the database of the Virtual Library of Sade (BVS), in articles published in the period of 2000 2010, having as the describing ones the administration, management, care and assistance always making relation with the term Nursing. The drawing chosen for the same one was of a bibliographical study, therefore it was developed on the basis of material already elaborated, constituted of books and articles cientficos9. The main advantage of the bibliographical research consists of the possibility that the investigator has to carry through the covering of ampler series of phenomena of what that one that it could search directly. This type of work serves to congregate given separately published in a logical data set and crtico10. The strategies used for the collection of the data had consisted of election of the periodic ones with international circulation in the area of Nursing in last the ten years, specific on the subject. The bibliographical search included the databases, as LILACS (Caribbean Latin American Literature and in Sciences of the Health), in available electronic magazines in the database SciELO (Scientific Eletronic Library Online), periodic of BIREME (American and Caribbean Latin Center of Information in Sciences of the Health), BDENF (Data base in Nursing), MEDLINE (MEDlars on LINE) and in available dissertaes and teses in the site of the Library of the University of So Paulo (USP). The articles had been selected obeying the following criteria: accessibility of the article (integral) for saw electronics; publications of preference of Brazilian magazines indexadas with qualis international for the Nursing; publications in the period of January of 2000 the July of 2010; texts published in Portuguese; thematic boarding in accordance with the selected describers.


METHODOLOGY: Exploratrio-description was about a research of character, qualitative boarding, using the method of bibliographical survey. The present study it was carried through during the month of May of 2011 for the academics of the Course of Nursing of the Regional University of the Cariri? URCA, Iguatu Campus, being elaborated from published pertinent literature in the electronic databases (LILACS, BIREME), beyond books and electronic magazines. They had been searched in 10 removed articles of the cited databases, being used the describers: Sexually Transmissible infection; Sexuality; Aged; Perception. The same it was classified in two stages, where the first one had intention to identify works that approached the thematic one, and in the second stage it was become fullfilled analysis and distribution of the research approaching the 0 variable chosen for the study: the knowledge of the aged ones concerning the AIDS; the perception of risks, vulnerability, transmission and prevention. ANALYSIS AND QUARREL OF THE DATA: The quality of life is basic so that the aged ones face the process of the aging of more pleasant and healthful form. The sexuality constitutes a way of quality of life that is essential for the satisfaction of the life of the aged ones.

To age does not mean to weaken, to be sad or assexuado. However, in our culture, diverse myths and social attitudes are attributed to the people with advanced age, mainly related to the sexuality, making it difficult the manifestation of this area in its lives (MOLETTA; OLIVEIRA, 2007). For Vicente (2005), in the third age the sexual desire does not disappear only the physical vitality of the aged o sexually hinders to be so active. The sexual activity starts to be more sensible, with a frequency and lesser intensity. The vaginal sex leaves of being the main source of pleasure and other forms of stimulation are appreciated. It is important to know that the aging does not compromise the sexuality necessarily, therefore the same one is not sinnima of act sexual, it involves much more of what the physical desire.