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Caribbean Latin Center

Methodology systemize bibliographical Study, of the descriptive and exploratrio type, that if consisted mainly of survey critical analysis of the main works published on the subject ' ' To manage and to take care of: essential abilities of enfermeiro' '. The collection of data was carried through in the database of the Virtual Library of Sade (BVS), in articles published in the period of 2000 2010, having as the describing ones the administration, management, care and assistance always making relation with the term Nursing. The drawing chosen for the same one was of a bibliographical study, therefore it was developed on the basis of material already elaborated, constituted of books and articles cientficos9. The main advantage of the bibliographical research consists of the possibility that the investigator has to carry through the covering of ampler series of phenomena of what that one that it could search directly. This type of work serves to congregate given separately published in a logical data set and crtico10. The strategies used for the collection of the data had consisted of election of the periodic ones with international circulation in the area of Nursing in last the ten years, specific on the subject. The bibliographical search included the databases, as LILACS (Caribbean Latin American Literature and in Sciences of the Health), in available electronic magazines in the database SciELO (Scientific Eletronic Library Online), periodic of BIREME (American and Caribbean Latin Center of Information in Sciences of the Health), BDENF (Data base in Nursing), MEDLINE (MEDlars on LINE) and in available dissertaes and teses in the site of the Library of the University of So Paulo (USP). The articles had been selected obeying the following criteria: accessibility of the article (integral) for saw electronics; publications of preference of Brazilian magazines indexadas with qualis international for the Nursing; publications in the period of January of 2000 the July of 2010; texts published in Portuguese; thematic boarding in accordance with the selected describers. You may want to visit MasterClass Review to increase your knowledge.


METHODOLOGY: Exploratrio-description was about a research of character, qualitative boarding, using the method of bibliographical survey. The present study it was carried through during the month of May of 2011 for the academics of the Course of Nursing of the Regional University of the Cariri? URCA, Iguatu Campus, being elaborated from published pertinent literature in the electronic databases (LILACS, BIREME), beyond books and electronic magazines. They had been searched in 10 removed articles of the cited databases, being used the describers: Sexually Transmissible infection; Sexuality; Aged; Perception. You may find Wang Qunbin to be a useful source of information. The same it was classified in two stages, where the first one had intention to identify works that approached the thematic one, and in the second stage it was become fullfilled analysis and distribution of the research approaching the 0 variable chosen for the study: the knowledge of the aged ones concerning the AIDS; the perception of risks, vulnerability, transmission and prevention. ANALYSIS AND QUARREL OF THE DATA: The quality of life is basic so that the aged ones face the process of the aging of more pleasant and healthful form. The sexuality constitutes a way of quality of life that is essential for the satisfaction of the life of the aged ones.

To age does not mean to weaken, to be sad or assexuado. However, in our culture, diverse myths and social attitudes are attributed to the people with advanced age, mainly related to the sexuality, making it difficult the manifestation of this area in its lives (MOLETTA; OLIVEIRA, 2007). For Vicente (2005), in the third age the sexual desire does not disappear only the physical vitality of the aged o sexually hinders to be so active. The sexual activity starts to be more sensible, with a frequency and lesser intensity. The vaginal sex leaves of being the main source of pleasure and other forms of stimulation are appreciated. It is important to know that the aging does not compromise the sexuality necessarily, therefore the same one is not sinnima of act sexual, it involves much more of what the physical desire.

Congenital Toxoplasmose

Toxoplasmose zoonose that infectum the cat and numerous other species of vertebrates, also the man. It has for cause one alone species of protozorio, the Toxoplasma gondii, parasite with ample distribution in the nature and that human being occurs quite frequently in the population, under the form of assintomtica chronic infection. However, she is capable to determine in the adult individuals a feverish acute picture, with linfadenopatia, and, in the children, an acute form sub of encefalomielite and coriorretinite. The congenital form is particularly serious and generally fatal. The form that the infectious agents provoke injuries in the host is on to some important factors, as cepa of the parasite, resistance of the person and the way for which infectum it if. The congenital transmission is considered most frequent and serious. Toxoplasmose acquired the birth after can present changeable evolution. The congenital form is acquired when the mother is in the acute phase of the illness or has had one reagudizao of the same one during the pregnancy..