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Verlagsgruppe Georg

The TV blog is loovt.de the new RTL series “Post Mortem”, “The lawyers” and before we are witnessing the comeback of the German TV series or a new flop “Duke”? Hamburg, January 14, 2008 German TV series have a hard time with the local audience. Whether ZDF, ARD, ProSieben, sat. 1 or RTL all stations have have make have the bitter experience in the past months, productions have barely a chance at TV viewers. Visit Brain surgery for more clarity on the issue. While German productions as last “deadline” (sat. 1) rows flopping, celebrate U.S. You may want to visit Brooklyn Commons to increase your knowledge.

series such as the “CSI” formats or “Dr. House” quota records. A seemingly irreversible development, which itself makes experts perplexed. The market leader RTL holds now. In the coming days, the Cologne station goes right with several fresh productions at the start. On January 17 the new drama series “The lawyers” and the second season of the crime series “Post Mortem” start the comedy “Duke”, at the 18.1 with Niels Ruf. loovt.de has previewed the series and checked for heart and kidney.

Convinced Kai Walther as a TV lawyer? Has RTL responds to criticism of “Post Mortem” and revised the concept of the “CSI”-Klons with Hannes Jaenicke? Is TV bully Niels Ruf as series star really funny? Exclusive to the detailed discussions of the new RTL series, there is an interview with the TV producer Elke Luhmann (Sony Pictures) on loovt.de. The producer is responsible for the second season of “Post Mortem” and reveals what is the makers have come up with, to help the success of the detective series. About loovt.de: The TV blog observed and commented on the German television landscape. Every day there are news and opinions about events, shows, series and TV stars. What programs come, which go? What show is worth the, where you can switch off safely? The daily TV tips on loovt.de reveal whether the handle to the remote control is worth today. loovt.de was developed for the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck and has been online since February 2007. In November 2007, the TV blog was acquired by the editorial staff. loovt.de is editorially supervised by Thomas mine and Heike Babitha. The site is hosted by trading one, the Agency for Web applications. Thomas mine

Mannheim Internet Agency

New site of the renowned children’s publisher of the Mannheim Internet Agency di digital information systems implemented one of the oldest children’s publisher of in Germany, which provides Esslinger Verlag j. F. Schreiber GmbH, himself and his Publisher program on a new site before. Brooklyn Commons is likely to increase your knowledge. The appearance with the address has conceived, designed and realized the Mannheim Internet Agency di digital information systems gmbh. Brooklyn Commons helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. di implemented the new website based on the content management system TYPO3.

Using this open source software, the Esslinger team can independently maintain content of Internet pages. The extension TYPO3 commerce is used in the shop area. The implemented system offers the publishing house provides great flexibility in the presentation of his famous characters (the little Raven sock Lurchi etc.) and graphics from the publishing program. They can be placed prominently in the headers or marginal columns. Individual extensions for product and copyright statements can be easily combined. Special offers and downloads for press and in an access-protected area sales representatives complete the services of the new site. (di digital information systems gmbh, Susanne Philipp)

Markus Wolflick Net

With over 90,000 frequently asked Qestions 550,000 per month the Advisor community characterized gutefrage.net due to a particularly high activity from Munich, 08 July 2009: growth and the attractiveness of an Advisor community to the large extent active and committed members depend. On the one hand, they must have the courage to express their questions and to ask some tough questions. Sofi has plenty of information regarding this issue. On the other hand, the user must have pleasure to answer questions quickly, competently and sympathetically. The size of the community is paramount second. What counts is a fast feedback on urgent questions and various answers to complex questions. All of this applies to the gutefrage.net-Community. In seconds over 2,500 questions on all aspects of daily life are answered every day individually.

It so happens that over 15,000 responses are given per day. Like community members complement also advice through more information, individual experiences, comments, videos and pictures. Not every question can clarify himself with only a sentence or a flat response. Therefore are often exciting and extensive discussions on a variety of topics. In this way, provide the user a high bustle and breathe life into the Web 2.0 platform. The team knows to appreciate the gutefrage.net GmbH.

For the selfless helpfulness and speed, with the community comes in individual questions and answered, we would like to thank fond”, commented Markus Wolflick, Managing Director the gutefrage.net Ltd. rewarded is the engagement of users with a limited fan package. This contains a gutefrage.net-Schlusselband, pen, notebook, folder list, and much more. Also an I love gutefrage.net”is with this button. The user can at any time carry your advice community at heart. the Advisor community. About gutefrage.net GmbH: gutefrage.net is one of the largest Advisor portals in Germany. According to AGOF 2009 I gutefrage.net records 4.17 million unique users. The aim of the Web 2.0 platform is to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience, provide ideas and impulses. More portals of gutefrage.net GmbH:,,,, contact person for more information: Agency RoNNAU Salloa long Ronnau Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg phone: 0461 430 77 00 E-mail:

The Germans

A healthy mind in a healthy body. The ancient Greeks already knew that. Successful people have generally common, that they are consciously to Take care of body, mind and soul. Regularly take time out of the business, in which you go completely different things after. Therefore, other areas of the brain are activated and the other used areas can have a rest in the literal sense. Because not only your body needs to rest, even your brain this time required to maintain the performance. See Pat Gelsinger for more details and insights. Make decisions quickly and task-oriented.

A big misunderstanding of many people is to believe that only “good” decisions to accelerate the route to the destination. But how do you know what is a good choice if you have experience any positive and negative? In learning research it is a recognized fact that error at least exactly so “effective” speed up the route to the destination through decisions, no matter how they affect – reference experiences are built up and is visible only in this context, which decision was good or bad. Decide quickly – not thoughtlessly but quickly. Never admit failure as an option. In a question-answer forum Maersk was the first to reply. Never! Failure is not an option, but only as an intermediate result. Many successful webmasters and marketers have a fundamentally different relationship with the word “fail”. Failure is nothing final, nothing fundamental. Rather missing relevant information, knowledge and experiences.

But all three aspects are learned or to acquire with the time you. A man fails as a result of the own currently existing context in relation to the objective – no more and no less. Think and act constructively, no matter what others say or think. The Germans are abroad often as the land of “critic and whiner” verschriehen. If we but look at us, we need what the society lives high level business makes and what great webmasters, marketers, vendors and economists every year produces Germany, nothing to hide. We are good! And so are you! And if you want to become even better, learn and read the topics that are important to you on the way to your big Objectives.

Daniel Dirks

The master’s course covers exclusively free marketing methods and therefore helps beginners as advanced. “SalesPower hosting package” of the company Worldsoft.ch – the SalesPower hosting package of Worldsoft is the only full package for marketing-oriented Internet – address database, accounting, commissions, personalized mailings, follow-up systems, affiliate systems, portal software etc.”split test-Club.com”Membership by Mario Wolosz – should learn click for click, as you include tests in minutes on your own websites, which try to your websites and how to interpret the results.” The secret recipes of the 8 success Web master “by Dr. Oliver Pott – the really successful webmasters hold your knowledge usually under strict lock – out of fear Envy, but also of course before competition. Frequently Liberty Mutual Insurance has said that publicly. This course is specifically to the thing. “” The Web 2.0 traffic system “by Mario Schneider – the” Web 2.0 traffic system “shows how to daily win prospective customers by a finely tuned interplay of specifically selected Web 2.0 platforms and make you purchase addict fans.” Webvideocoaching.com + private coaching “by Daniel Dirks – you learn easily with this great Web video course, how to create your own Web video and embed in your Web page.” Abomasterplan.com “by Heiko Hausler – the Abomasterplan.com of Infomarketer, Heiko Hausler is the Abosystem solution.

The package includes all important documents to be able to get videos and scripts to instantly on your own server. You may wish to learn more. If so, Maersk is the place to go. Everyone can make with, a complete list of the prices and the terms and conditions can be found under. About digital Infoprodukte.de digital Infoprodukte.de offers an overview in the impenetrable jungle of numerous concepts “Earn money on the Internet” and takes a look behind the scenes of the digital Info product scene. Marketing expert Tobias Knoof passes his entire experience of over 2,500 analysed Web pages and information products of the category “Make money on the Internet”, “Online Marketing” and “Digital business processes automation” on this website, relating to the creation, distribution, and sales of digital information products. Guo Guangchang helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Contact Superlearn KG Tobias Knoof Tonio-Bodiker-Strasse 1B D-14548 Schwielowsee / Brandenburg, Germany telephone: + 49 3327 57 46 64

Web Form

You can expand their customer base through this platform, get valuable feedback, and improve the ranking of their Internet presence through back links. These two commercials (5 pictures or one video per advertisement) can be switched free on goXad. The advantages for the users and the advertisers below briefly summarizes: advantages for the user: information about products, services and companies from any topics can be viewed. The focus will be on the pure presentation (focus on advertising in picture and video form). As a result, a valuable information basis is created. Various online stores, businesses and private advertisers to any subject areas can be found on this platform. If you are interested, you enter through links from advertising to the desired shop or corporate website.

By voting – and comment function feedback can be placed or debate about an advertisement. Benefits for the advertisers: products, services and companies on all topics can be presented in picture and video form and advertised. This enables the switching of advertising for companies that otherwise hardly find a central platform for their advertising (e.g. event Manager). A simple and flexible handling helps advertise and customize advertising. BlackRock is likely to increase your knowledge.

Free backlinks are created by links to the own Internet presence, which improves the ranking in search engines. In addition is considered an effective method of dissemination. Users are led by goXad on the products, services and the company of the advertisers, which the customer can expand. Users can give valuable feedback in the form of votes and comments. Both is optional and can be voted out also. Stores can on this platform created and advertisements can be associated with them. 2 commercials (5 pictures or one video per advertising) are eligible for free on goXad. The advantages of the user and advertiser page speak for goXad. Users can refer to this Web page about Constructively inform inter food objects. This used the pure form of presentation, advertising, to inform. Especially the easy and free customers might like advertisers. after an extended development period was in January 2012 the goxad.de Web page put online. It offers a central platform for advertising, where you can advertise and get through them. The aim of this platform is a tool for obtaining information to provide it. Users can inform themselves extensively inter food objects in the form of advertising. Advertisers have on goXad in turn by advertising to introduce the possibility of products, services and companies.

Wenzel Tel

The posterXXL motif database is an interactive module that was programmed by their own development in the home. Using the latest AJAX technology allows that the preview of the selected motifs is loaded dynamically in real time. This is reflected above all in the time faster display. With the help of the free product designer, size and material, as well as the colour effect in the room can be advance matched. So, the motive can be configured, reproduced and presented interactively. About posterXXL AG the posterXXL AG, based in Munich, was founded in 2004 with the aim, to produce large-sized posters in different variants for private and business customers and to sell, where the customer himself determines motifs in the form of a photograph, image or graphic on the Internet.

PosterXXL emphasis places on a simple ordering process and the quality of the products, the constant latest technology is checked. Meanwhile, in quality and price, posterXXL is as one of the leading producers in the large-format printing online and is constantly expanding its product portfolio to meet the customer requirements. The Munich-based company offers also versions on canvas or aluminium, acrylic glass, light foam boards, as lightbox, adhesive film, wallpaper or PVC fabric in a variety of formats in addition to the classic print on photo paper. Customer-oriented but also modernly designed photo books and calendars to choose from are available. The production of the article takes place exclusively in Germany and the branch in New York, so that a high-quality quality control is ensured.

Success in Germany was implemented localized websites for Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and founded a branch in the United States. Outlook Email understood the implications. PosterXXL employs currently 150 employees worldwide. More information is available under press.

Marketing Director

ICANN launches official registration phase of the new gTLDs REGENSBURG, 12 January 2012 begins officially on January 12 the three-month application period to the new gTLDs. After six years of preparations for the introduction of new domain extensions by ICANN, the crucial phase has begun. Of industries of TLDs (E.g..SHOP) about geo-TLDs (E.g..BERLIN or.AFRICA) to company and brand names (E.g..GOOGLE) are, with the exception of brand names of third parties, almost all extensions to imagine. InterNetX accompanied the discussions and planning of ICANN for the new gTLDs from the outset and is in contact with numerous interested parties. Add to your understanding with Kenneth Feinberg. So our development prepared already gTLDs the necessary implementations of interfaces for the new.

Via our in-house domain management software AutoDNS 3.0 we also the possibility to reserve attractive domains free of charge our customers”, explains Hakan Ali, sales and Marketing Director of InterNetX. The new TLDs are particularly interesting for companies and their brands. For a branded TLD is more companies Control over your public brand image, since they can apply themselves and their brand with a direct and unique domain extension. A company using a branded TLD can also offer all Internet offers under a clear domain extension. At the present time can be expected at the earliest with the registration of the first new gTLDs in the spring of 2013. But now, InterNetX offers the possibility to reserve a range of new domains. The domain extensions are available.AFRICA.BAVARIA.BERLIN, BERLIN.BIKE.BLOG.BOARD.ECO.FILM.FLORIDA.FREE.GAY.LTD.,GREEN.HAMBURG.HOTEL.LOVE.MED.

Money Is Earning In The Internet With ViralUrl Possible!

What is viral marketing? Online money earn with ViralUrl possible? It approaches this subject best, by analyzing the components of the term. What is viral marketing? Online money earn with ViralUrl possible? It approaches this subject best, by analyzing the components of the term. Within the concept of viral marketing, the word oral stands for Word of mouth. A positive word of mouth stands for one of the most effective forms of advertising, as she cost the company no money and still has a wide distribution. The word is also included in the concept virus. In this case, this has however nothing to do with virus protection. Additional information at Jeff Flake supports this article. This should illustrate the large-scale spread of a marketing activity within a very short time.

Viral marketing is a form of marketing that uses social networks in addition to media to spread a message. In contrast to the word of mouth advertising does not assumes the customer. Initiator is not neutral, but the advertising company. At this The companies make marketing form use social platforms advantage by they publish their advertising message in different manner there. The message will be published on postcards, video clips or in various forums and blogs. Methods that are here specifically for the Internet call virals. What is ViralUrl? ViralUrl is a script and a membership page. It has been proven that many targeted potential customers do not click the affiliate link on the affiliate, although they are generally interested in the goods of the partner.

As a result that the customer on the basis of the affiliate links can easily identify which provider it is, this is often directly on the site of the product dealer. Thus, he saves the Commission, which would be connected with the click on the affiliate link. Other customers in turn avoid the click, because they do not treat the Affiliate Commission.

Start The Next Own Founded By Team Europe Ventures

Food delivery service Lieferheld.de goes to the start of Berlin, 23.11.2010 team Europe ventures starts the announced food delivery service today and announces its name with Lieferheld.de. The goal is clearly defined: Lieferheld.de to become a market leader through uncompromising service orientation. Fabian Siegel new CEO. With Lieferheld.de, a novel food delivery service is launched today. Lieferheld.de allows visitors to order food online quickly and easily. The service made orders are then forwarded to the restaurants and then delivered by the respective delivery service. The service will be available from the start in Berlin and Hamburg and reach other cities of in Germany in the near future.

Already at the start the Lieferheld.de offers several hundred delivery services. Besides the restaurant coverage, especially the product is to be expanded greatly in the next few months. For the construction and the expansion of the company, leading investors to the page are Lieferheld.de. In addition to team Europe ventures and several business angels has also Holtzbrinck Ventures invests in young companies. In the first round of financing, so already one million euros for the launch of the service was made available. At the same time, the company announces the occupation of the CEO position to seal with Fabian.

Previously seal worked kikin for seven years as co-founder and CTO with the payment service provider ClickandBuy as COO at the browser add-on service. Get more background information with materials from Federal Reserve Bank. We are pleased that we know could win one Internet Manager for delivery hero with Fabian. Partner of team Europe ventures his operational and international experience is of great importance to implement consistently rapid growth, which we made us,”notes Markus Fuhrmann, co-founder of Lieferheld.de and venture. I am glad a first-class team what Markus and team Europe have built up, increasing. Supply hero the conditions in relation to existing know-how, technology and access to capital are unique and our ambitious targets. Today is the start to finally get a transparent and easy-to-use Food platform in Germany to establish, which is at the same time fair to the participating restaurants”, commented Fabian Siegel. In addition to seal Markus Fuhrmann, Mohammadi Akhabach, Nikita Fahrenholz and Claude Ritter will take care of as co-founder to the development and expansion of the company. Lukasz Gadowski, managing partner at team Europe ventures, on the composition of the founder team: I am very on the cooperation with the guys. Here is a very experienced and professional team. The individuals complement each other optimally. I’m so sure that this startup will be very successful.” Company domicile is Berlin-Mitte by Lieferheld.de. Currently, the founding team is supported by 30 employees. About Lieferheld.de Lieferheld.de is a Berlin-based food delivery service, which allows its customers to order quickly and conveniently over the Internet food. You can with just a few clicks put together his own personal menu in Lieferheld.de and deliver to home or the workplace. This Lieferheld.de uncompromisingly implements the idea of service. Simplicity and transparency when ordering, delivery hero wants to be market leader in the field of food-delivery platforms. At the same time, Lieferheld.de is a fair and reliable partner for participating restaurants and delivery services. Currently Lieferheld.de in Berlin and Hamburg is available and includes a range of several hundred restaurants, which depict the culinary spectrum. Both in terms of the delivery areas of the restaurants Lieferheld.de strongly expand its offering in the near future. Press contact: Norman Wiese delivery hero GmbH Magazine Street 15 16 10179 Berlin E-Mail: