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Emmanuel Obiechina

In what he says respect to the teachings of the local culture, the man oldest transmits what he learned with its predecessors to the youngest and this, in turn, to its future generations. He can yourself be affirmed that, how much to the position of ' ' accountant of histrias' ' for if dealing with after-modern workmanship, Couto conflitua the tradition and modernity in an inversion of papers: ' ' The small one reads in high voice. Its eyes if open more than the voice that, slow careful, it goes deciphering letras.' ' (COUTO, 1992. pag 13) What if it can apprehend regarding African literature, in accordance with Emmanuel Obiechina, is about ' ' to fit one varied joint one of verbal texts, the myth to fbula, while ' ' estrias' ' encaixadas' ' (apud MILK, 2003. pag 41). Histories that follow the plot, in its majority, are of the sort story and some of them in forms of parabolas, as in the first narrative, ' ' whose structure appears mixed with the ones of stories of ogres, stories of animals and stories of pessoas' ' , according to Henri Junod (apud MILK, 2003.

pag 42). Example of such concept meets in the Siqueleto personage, ' ' old high and torto' ' when of its will of ' ' to plant gente' ' to populate lands again: ' ' It is this that goes in them to make. eart Transplant Program on most websites. It wants company, wants that gente.&#039 is born more; ' (COUTO, 1992. pag 65) Great part of the second narrative also follows a standard: it is structuralized from dreamed histories. In accordance with studious Ana Mafalda Milk (2003. pag 43), the dream ' ' it allows the constant sprouting of the prophecy and of a type of it says to sentenciosa and proverbial' ' , aspect that if can point out how much to the wisdom of the narrators, in the sayings that function as an enigmatic repetition: ' ' The war is a snake that uses our proper teeth stops biting in them.

French Revolution

Time of crisis? ' ' crisis of the conscience europia' ' , Paul Hazard called it -, initiated to the 1680 return and that it has to culminate in 1789, with the French Revolution. In the bulge of this crisis values partners – politician – economic and artistic agonize deriving of the Renaissance, at the same time where conceptions embrionam that have to generate the great cultural revolution that was the Romantismo of century XIX. (Op. Cit. Jeff Bezos addresses the importance of the matter here. 1993).

The intellectual revolution caused by return of centuries XVII and XVIII, called Iluminismo, brought as motto: freedom, equality and fraternity, and influenced the artistic thoughts of the time in the Europe, mainly the French Revolution, the independence of the English colonies of America Anglian and in Brazil, the Mining Inconfidncia. It can be observed that the iderio of the Neoclassicismo translated, in aesthetic terms, the yearnings of naturismo, rationalism, universality lodged per the century of the Lights. 2,3 Bocage Manuel Barbosa Maria du Bocage (1765-1805), was born in Setbal, Portugal. He is most famous of the satirists and most popular of the Portuguese poets. Its inspiration was not only ertica and passional; also it sang serious feelings, ' ' the hopelessness and the slow taste of morte' ' , where the sublime one reaches many times.

To the 15 years of age it entered the military service, in the regiment of Setbal. To the 21, incorporated to the Real Navy, it was for Goa, in India, where it served per three years. In 1789, not accepting its transference for Damo, it turned into a desert and it ran away for China. When returning to Portugal, in 1790, it would suffer the great disillusionment to see the namorada one, Gertrudes, that it leaves in Setbal, married its brother, Gil Bocage. The forty years of life of Bocage had been marked in such a way by the suffering and failures of all order how much for the agitations of the adventure, the controversies and the bohemian.

Dirk Winter

Topic rather tricky for young people not confined she turn to the ABC of social handling conventions, but shows the young people, as you is so you don’t offend to, but also not to the sneak is, who denied his personality in dealing with family and friends as well as with the supervisor. A further signal that the adults often give the child, is an increasing lack of self-responsibility. Who blames only his difficulties and failures, not only too makes it easy for himself, but brings also to the satisfying experience, to take his life into their own hands and own achievements to be proud. To know more about this subject visit Liberty Mutual. Nicole remu message this is so clear as encouraging: you is not the economy and the economic situation, what happens to you once, but what from his Life are doing, saying: what you need to live inside yourself, you need only to call it off, and: you can do it! That a book of this kind a guidebook which you can look at as an adolescent if you want to know something, but more has no overview, to whom you can use, for example, for questions regarding finance, insurance, the correct behavior in interviews or in labour matters, is long overdue, soon becomes clear in reading. All topics are clearly arranged detailed information, who presented afloat and not lengthy. During the preparatory work on her book, Nicole Rauscher could draw from the full: the qualified industrial clerk has an unusually diverse knowledge through their diverse experience in the insurance industry and in the management of an engineering company as well as in adult education and youth work. Not about it leaves the author not in their publication. With its interactive Web site: a common Internet platform for young people, parents, teachers, educators, companies and all interested parties, as well as with the establishment of the Association”Youth for success she does something that should make school: you tackle with. You can also do this! Nicole Rauscher – information and tips for successful kids – publishing books on demand, Norderstedt paperback, 168 pages, 12.

Wolfgang Gramer

Children and young people should have the opportunity to see through these images and understand. “” It comes, not at the same old battle “of the gender struggle”, as so many generations before, to be sent. So that shame, language and merely stealth, connected can dissolve with justification pressure and guilt feeling, lonely attempts of self-enquiry, which are fuelled by ignorance and taboos. Review of the MYM-Verlag, Wolfgang Gramer “The gate to life” is a revolutionary and unique illustrated book as he world still doesn’t exist. Jamie Dimon insists that this is the case. The book is a tribute to an unknown land. The date white or black spots on the map of the female body are filled with life and color. Grit Scholz is incredibly brave and sensitive a counterpoint against the pornography. A mysterious terra incognita opens the astonished and sometimes irritated look.

It may happen that most women feel embarrassed or hurt by looking at these photos. But not the photos are for the cause and it is also not our own humiliations. There are ancient socially distinct humiliations, which we acquired in our consciousness as limiting values. Therefore, this book can be very healing. Beneficial in two ways. “It heals the women, the by the publication” their physical shame rid their mental shame could. And it heals the beholder who can look at a mystery without a bad conscience, which is still the subject of many psychic injuries and commercial exploitation. May this book be true taken by many to dissolve the boundaries of our own and we can conquer us a new dimension of freedom as intellectual potential.

Stephen King

Lillyberry.de: To realize yourself and to spend more time with the writing, you’ve got your full time job in the Office announced and accepted a part-time job in the retail industry. Was it a hard decision? How did your environment react on it? My environment has certainly didn’t understand that, but it accepts. I was initially not even sure how I want to put the whole thing, I just knew, in this job (I was administrator) you do not want to stay for the rest of your life. There must be more, I thought. Surely I deserve less than earlier today, but money is not everything. I have much more time, for me, for my husband, for writing.

Quality of life is to weigh up not with money. Lillyberry.de: Do you have literary role models? I admire Stephen King for his incredibly high output over the years. Even his worst book is still better than some of today’s bestselling generation in my opinion. He is a true storyteller. To him in each row the passion for the language notes detail delight, the time it takes to build of a story, the rest, the each of its rows rises. His works are cross-genre. To become the best seller of the year has much to do with luck.

Over three decades to deliver bestseller – for that you must pretty well mastered his craft. Lillyberry.de: It is said, writing is a pauper. How do you do this? I guess the majority of all authors can not live by writing. On the other hand, must be seen, it is now easier than ever to publish a book. Take only the whole book on demand provider. Compared to earlier, where you had to write a manuscript by hand or tap with the typewriter, anyone with Internet access can lay a book today free itself.

Street Namur

In this estrofe, pelaprimeira time, the poem brings the first evident person: Namo the white bottle does not have time to say the things that lheatribuo nor the milk young man ignaro, mulberry in the Street Namur, empregadono warehouse, with 21 years of age, knows there what it is dehumana impulse understanding. since it has haste, the body goes leaving beira of the houses only one merchandise. (IBIDEM, 2005, p.108) the doleiteiro work not it of in time describing or understanding the things queo poet attributes to it, the boarded central question for Carlos Drummondde Andrade is the question of the time and its especificidade in the divisosocial of the work, as vende its time, the milk does not have tempode to understand its situation, ignaro means desconhecidocomo, who in such a way ignorant is unaware of> is initiated by the conjunction and can in such a way be chore in certoscontextos as adversativa conjunction as additive. The poticaassume the first plural person of, approaching the reading one, narrative eleiteiro. It is treated, at last, of a collective removal our time for the problem understood in the narrative.

If to imply that the door dosfundos hides somebody that also needs milk, but that not to podepagar for it, however, is the crime of the milk, it leaves to see oleite as merchandise transforms and it into only milk, food for ahumanidade. Ecomo the door of them fundostambmescondesse gentequeaspira to little of leitedisponvelem our time, advances for this alley, catches the corridor, deposits the liter Without making racket, it is> hid , alley , without making racket, utilizadaspelo poet, pparently sends to an act of clandestinidade, one atode solidarity in relation the next one, being that the verbosutilizados ones in estrofe are in the first person of the plural one. Setrata only of the delivery of bottled milk to who cannot pay, but yes a repayment of its value of use as food.

Publisher Bo

For a few euros, you can bring it even in the bookshops. It is complained much, but actually I feel better than ever the contemporary author. Lillyberry.de: Where are we now with publishers: trivia was first published for the Shaker-media publishing house from which you’re now in hindsight but disappointed. Why? Generally it is impossible me due to drastic changes in costs, mean to accommodate the next book or subsequent books when the Shaker media publishing at an affordable price. In addition there are some changes to the Shaker media publishing house with which I disagree, on which I can enter but here not closer. More info: American Advisors Group. My book of trivia is published in addition to the free download as print edition published by BoD and available in addition to bookstores and online providers such as Amazon also through my website.

In addition to an improved quality of book (hardcover with dust jacket and bookmark) and a lower selling price it was important to find a reliable publishing partner, with which I can work permanently and where I know my future book projects well accommodated me with switching to BoD. I think I’ve made the right decision with the BoD Verlag. Lillyberry.de: I personally look forward to your book of Aurora and intend to read it. When can you expect roughly with the release? The Mysteryliebesroman of Aurora, in the the young Hitchhiker Lilith on a motorway service area meets a man and with him on a journey through his soul moves, where nothing is, it seems, exists as a finished manuscript, must however completely revised. Currently, the manuscript of trivia is primarily – the love story of a suicidal woman who falls in love with a mentally handicapped man and learns to appreciate life through him. I hope to start soon with the corrections to Aurora. A first sample to Aurora will be soon be found on my Web page.

Jasmin Bolger: Trivia Publisher BoD 204 pages. Bound with dust jacket. ISBN 978-3-837066-82-1. 19.95 euro free of charge as a pdf. Jasmin Bolger, born in 1972 in a small town in Lower Saxony, Germany, is a writer and worked as a clerk in the publishing industry, their main concern, writing, to devote for years before she joined in a part-time job, to. Jasmin Bolger is married and lives in bilk, Dusseldorf, Germany, and is currently working on her new novel.

Susanne Jauss

Only then I will find no other court Baker.”very well, replied Frederick, although he had understood nothing. He bowed again and disappeared quickly. Arrived home Friedrich sat down on the rickety wooden table in his bakery. Karl, his friend, joined him. “” Now, master “, Karl asked mischievously, why are you looking at, as if the mealworms had stolen the flour you?” make no jokes, Karl. It’s about my stand as court Baker.” And he told the whole story of Karl. A pastry, through which the sun shines three times.

If I only knew how to do that! “, sighed Frederick finally… Badner and Swabia cooking and eating with wit and humor: a pig to another pig says: that which to us pig say the difficut mer couldn’t care less. “Ahe that do don’t care from us, of I big mess!” (“For not Badner: that which to us sow” say me is totally sausage (= no matter).) But that made us sausage make, it’s a big mess!) Liabr a guats Stiggle Floisch than nothing Essa zom. (Swabian wisdom) (For non-Swabia: prefer to eat a good piece of meat than nothing at all.) Authors: Anne-Kathrin Bauer comes from a small village in the Swabian forest. The love of cooking and baking set she got from her mother in the cradle”. Anne-Kathrin Bauer was in their cooking habits influenced by her grandmother, who had come after the war as refugees from Hungary in the Swabia country. From her she has learned many things, which is really alien to the Swabian cuisine. Godel Davis comes from a village near Bruchsal in Baden bei Wien and is characterized by the practice of cooking and dishes of her mother.

This was during the war and in the time thereafter forced to conjure much from little, and has taken over therefore in turn by her own mother much. This had as a poor woman try every day with many children in a small village to keep the hunger of her family. Anne-Kathrin Bauer /. Friedericke Godel so let’s cook delicious Baden and Swabia and popular recipes, anecdotes and stories Pascu-verlag 132 pages, soft-cover, spiral bound ISBN 978-3-9813600-6-6 14.90 (D) / 15,90 (A) / sFr 27.50 available in any Bookstore, online bookshops and in our book store at contact: hobby factory Machnowerstr. 27a, 14165 Berlin Tel 030-845 92 661, fax 0321-21297293 hobby factory outsourcing: the hobby factory offers a strong offering for artists, Producers, suppliers, publishers, printers, and galleries. Companies find their principal products and customers, service providers. We assume the creation of Werbebriefen, press releases, ads, magazines etc. as well as press and customer inquiries. Such as project-related action clerical, administrative support, and E-Mail processing tasks competently by our qualified employees. In this way, fashion and relieve we efficiently Business processes of our customers. “Outsourcing the Pascu-verlag (www.hnb-verlag.de), in which among other hobby factory customers the book so we cook in Baden and Swabia” appears. The editorial and the Editorial Board of the book is located at Susanne Jauss (www.jauss-lektorat.de), which among the permanent by hobby factory outsourcing and the hobby factory author assistance, as a freelance editor and writer.

Travel Demand

Under the name of ‘hnb on demand’, the Berliner Pascu-verlag launches his new offer for self publishers in the book area these days. The Selfpublishing enjoys today increasing popularity and has produced many bestsellers. With a modular system and clear prices hnb on demand offers multiple support in the production and distribution of a book authors. In this way, the author can alone decide about his book and yet take advantage of the structures and the expertise of an established Publisher. Hnb on demand the author between three service packages with varying degrees of performance can decide tailored to his individual needs and its specific needs. Features of the classic Buchherstellungs and distribution tasks, hnb on demand the customers a wide range of additional, optional publishing services, ranging from editing on the design of the cover to the final set. Even after publication of his book left for the author is not alone.

So he can for example, his public relations or marketing tasks transferred to the specialists from hnb on demand. Optimal personal care is a top priority at hnb on demand. Even with the smallest package, the author has claims on an individual and professional telephone consultation. And with the most comprehensive package hnb on demand offers a completely carefree activities in terms of book production and distribution including storage and billing with the wholesale customers. Whether printed book or E-book with hnb on demand the desire of every author, to keep his book finally in the hands, can become reality in a quick and convenient way. About the Publisher: Our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old alike: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books.

Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. So, our program includes a series of partly regional cooking and baking books, the Edition sunlight Travel’ and the book series Technic3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions. With the new Division hnb on demand (www.hnb-on-demand.de) the Pascu Publisher helps the growing trend towards the Selfpublishing invoice. Authors can set her book in its own, but under the umbrella of an established Publisher take diverse services and extensive expertise in claims.


Fun, is not it? She also chided me – they say, what are you? Assumed after sending the text to call back the next day – whether all reached safely? Superb advice! Always follow him – or risk up to age wait for a response. And now – Phones publishers. eksmo – olma 956-24-10 – 784-67-74, 215-12-85, ast – 232-14-04 Armada do not remember, litter, look at their website, there 🙂 In general, do not forget the algorithm Written a book – a call to the publishing house – refer at the specified email text – the next day ringing again, got interested in a book when she read and when – to call back again. People here ask how the editors refer to calls. Believe me, it’s better to call than not call. I called after the first edition every two weeks (naive, I did not know what it is – a long time!). I always politely replied that no, yet the manuscript unread. More info: Daniel J. Hirsch.

At the end of kontsovposle 4 months of waiting, I became depressed – oh, my do not take and did not call where – about a month, while I did not keep kicking people still call. And guess what happened? It turned out that just a couple of days after my previous call editor sent me a mail with the message that I adopted and that she was waiting for my call. So – call us, and let this case be an example for you that is better to call than to wait for the weather at the sea! And the last stage now be patient. The first review will be very fast. Wrote her reviewer, which is essentially just divides the text into two piles. One – in a basket – the second – what might be published. The first review means the ability to publish, but will solve all the same editor – so do not relax! After Text passes the first review in accordance with the instructions of the referee and then send to the publisher.

(Do not forget that the next day again, you should call – came a text?) After that – everything. Three – four months can do not remember the book – no one will read it earlier did not. In general – are firmly usvoyte – published the first book – a very long process. Takes from six months to a year. So, I tried to bring together the most frequently questions attempted to fully explain how to publish a book. If you have questions – plz, ask.