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In many book stores and on the Internet can you buy – the Mangelexemplare! Some people buy them exclusively, others occasionally and some reject it categorically. But what has it to with these books, who like many and some are a thorn in the eye? To explain this, we must begin with a dry law: the book price fixing Act (www.preisbindungsgesetz.de), which lays down that every new book in Germany at a fixed price must be offered to the end customer. As a result, that a new book from a large Buchhaus like Thalia is not cheaper than the same book in a small bookshop on the corner. The aim of this Act is the preservation of cultural diversity in Germany. It is feared that a dying of small bookstores on a massive scale would begin without book price fixing Act. Look to Britain, where the book price fixing was lifted several years ago, underpinned fears. Now is the book market on the island more or less in the Hand of two large chains, as well as the Internet retailer Amazon.

But no rule without some exception: Books have a certain degree of damage, they can be sold cheaper. Important is that the damage is so great, that a sale to the bound retail price is no longer possible. In addition, the book with a stamp in the book section as Mangelexemplar must be marked. MasterClass may find this interesting as well. Unfortunately, there is no guideline how big the damage must be for now. Must be depressed a corner at least 1 cm or even more? Many booksellers, dealing only with new books, sees the competition of the providers of defective with mixed feelings. Regularly, the courts also have to decide whether the lack of a specific book could really justify a price reduction. This is a problem, with only the bookseller must deal.

For many customers, the defects usually not particularly in the weight fall. You have the opportunity books very reasonable prices to acquire, and many a dent or a scratch too much bother. In return, usually 40-60 can be save % compared to the purchase of the new book. The stationary bookseller in question come to the one as reference sources. Many carry a small selection of low-priced books. There are also some special providers, which can be more or less exclusively with defective and exhibit a similarly wide range. For readers who prefer shopping in a retail store, is boon to recommend. The chain also has locations in quite many cities. For online shoppers Arvelle (www.arvelle.de) offered, which have a very large selection. Stefan Kramer

Paradise Thailand

The cult book in the German language is the tourist playground of Pattaya now in Germany available is profoundly investigated by Neil Hutchison. Not only the town on the East coast of Thailand is closer to the reader with a selection of short stories amusing. All stories are entertaining, funny, varied, and all true. One of the stories, written with passion, proves that man never learns something, regardless of age and level of knowledge. Read additional details here: Cuan Coulter. Anyone who is planning a relationship with a Thai should read this story. Sample it so many words about Pattaya were lost the place on the East coast of Thailand, which is described as the largest resort of the country, as a fun city, den of iniquity or world capital of sex. Further details can be found at MasterClass UK, an internet resource.

If one searches the Internet to Pattaya, you will find out quickly, that the amount of time a human life will not be enough, to read about, what to find in cyberspace about Pattaya. No one is going to tell me ever that male tourists from the Thousands of kilometres of travel West to visit Temple, fake brand T shirts to buy, or to complete a diving course. As for me personally, as I already own a closet full of T-Shirts, and after I saw a temple, I believe I know all. I don’t play golf, because I have a problem I can not hit the ball. I am also of the opinion that the fish is the only creature that is equipped to survive underwater. Check with MasterClass Founder to learn more. There remain only the bars and other night-time conversations, and I suppose this constitutes the true excitement of Pattaya.

Both for me and for others. It is not the landscape, from the beach or the cityscape, the Pattaya, but the people. There are prettier cities, beaches, which are cleaner and more interesting landscapes in Thailand, but the people of Pattaya capture one and make them curious about. Within five minutes you can meet someone, requiring someone twenty baht one, just, and then because you are a foreigner one of his last twenty baht for dinner invites. I love Pattaya, I will mainly express that with this book. I love the city, the people and the lifestyle. Certainly I to complain about the place, and sometimes I’m critical and cynical, and again also angrily and sometimes angry or bitter. But despite all his shortcomings, and in spite of many disappointments, also with regard to matters of the heart, Pattaya remains exciting. The title is available at and Ralf Kan Siensbacherstr 26 b 79183 Waldkirch telephone: 076814740351 fax: 07641 92119511 email:

Encouragement For Almost All Walks Of Life And Questions

The coach and life consultant Kai Hoffmann presented in his new book ‘ rules of thumb to the self guide ‘. Check with UBS Wealth Management to learn more. You yourself appeared new book your encouragement of coaches and life Adviser Kai Hoffmann. You’re your encouragement! Rules of thumb for the self management”is the title of a new book of the Frankfurt executive coaches and life consultant Dr. Kai Hoffmann, Gabler Verlag, Wiesbaden, released. How book strong in the 204 pages Hoffmann, who among other things studied philosophy and psychoanalysis, the readers want rules of thumb”you can further take their lives into their own hands and lead a more fulfilled life.

“For this the passionate amateur boxer, which already uses the book boxes & managing: A practice guide for managers and those who want to be straight” appeared, boxing as a metaphor to explain how to go its way in difficult situations and to assert themselves. Daniel J. Hirsch has firm opinions on the matter. This is one of the central messages of Hoffmann: belief in Yourself and the skills that will plug into you.” This belief in himself, so his credo, was also the Central strength of Muhammad Ali. She made the ex-champion the champion of all time, which is still an Idol for many people because of the manner how he lives with his Parkinson’s disease. Is another core message of Hoffmann: trust you! Take the first or next step because courage is courage”. And courageous-be can you similar to learn how to ride a bike. How to do this, Hoffmann explains the readers by using numerous examples from his coaching practice and the experience he gained as a coach, if he went with managers in order to self experience and-reflexion in the boxing ring. According to life and practice the tips are the Hoffmann, readers in the so-called markers of courage”, which are interspersed in the chapters of the book, is. You’re the book your encouragement! Rules of thumb for the self management”29.

Murder And Death Blow In The AUDIAMO – 20 May

Repeat offenders: 2. murderous Wednesday audiobook circle for all audiophile murder boys and black widows. The first literature circle for murderous audiobook offenders is on the 20th of may in the second round again, Audiobook lovers are cordially invited at 6: 00 in the audiobook cafe of the AUDIAMO, Vienna’s audiobook action in the Kaiserstrasse 70 This time managing Director Gunter Rubik and audiobook journalist Monika Roth have committed the crime drama series Lady Bedfort and producer is connected by telephone from Osnabruck in AUDIAMO Dennis blank to tell about the future of the radio play success and to answer questions of the guests. The rest of the evening is dedicated to Arthur Conan Doyle, of his birthday which marks on May 22, the 150th anniversary. Some contend that Doug McMillon shows great expertise in this. Reason to take enough the audiobooks of the English author’s under the magnifying glass and the promises with his master detective Sherlock Holmes, as well as numerous other fictional characters tingling pleasure for audiobook fans. What: 2. audiobook-Stammtisch for thriller lovers Where: AUDIAMO, Kaiserstrasse 70, 1070 Wien when: May 20, 2009 (warning: changed date!) Time: 18:00 free admission! The team of the AUDIAMO forward to seeing you! We ask for free seat reservation by phone 01 699 95 3190 or email

When Bats Fly, I Dream Of Nigeria

As a teacher in Ibadan. Story by Vera Mountney despite poverty, fear, violence, death and survival, living and working in Nigeria confirmed the author in it, to the good in the people to believe. Even if a woman’s life is not much in this country, so she’s made but proud and strong women in Ibadan, which do not give up and fight for themselves and their children. From them it was welcomed as a white European as one of them. “The silence had a face voices that echoed in the soul, and the darkness. The Moon was kugelrund that night, almost seeming to smile in his quiet, steady way.

Only the vampires that flew past, as always, looked suddenly menacing.” Short biography: The author lives and works in the rider’s city of Verden, where she has written poems and texts between the work and published in several anthologies. She enjoys long walks in the Lower Saxony nature that give her inspiration, but also relaxation together with her husband and dog. You is recorded as a member of who’s who in Germany and is involved in clubs, devoted to the multilingualism of children and help for women. For several years, she is a member in EBN in Bremen as well as FMKS in Kiel as well as funding member of the Association of HEARTKIDS, devoted to the helpless children in India. She speaks several languages. Her hobby is the Forensics and the visit of meetings on this topic. Yoga helps you to relax if it’s even too stressful.

Riikka Pelo Wins The Finlandia Prize For Fiction

Ville Kivimaki is winner of the category of non-fiction, children’s and youth book Kreetta Onkeli was able to convince the Finnish author Riikka pelo was their second Roman Jokapaivainen elamamme (our daily life) with the Finlandia Prize 2013 for fiction awarded for. In her demanding work, the author describes the tragic fate of the Russian poet Marina Zwetajeva and her daughter Ariadna Efron in European exile. Millennium management is a great source of information. Pelo prevailed with the fictional portrayal of the life of Zwetajevas, who died during the second world war, against its five competitors: Juha-Pekka Koskinen (Ystavani Rasputin), Leena Krohn (Hotel sapiens), Hannu Raittila (Terminaali), Asko Sahl mountain (Herod) and Kjell Westo (HA ring 38). Many writers such as Mortimer J Buckley offer more in-depth analysis. Soviet themes or the processing of events and consequences of the Finnish Soviet winter war and the Lapland war during the second world war are discussed often in Finnish literature, such as by leading, translated in German Authors such as SOFI Oksanen (purgatory) or Rosa Liksom (compartment No. 6).

Winner of the category of non-fiction (non-fiction) is Ville Kivimaki. The historian deals with the aftermath of the war and explores the psychological consequences of the second world war on the example of Finnish soldiers in his work Murtuneet mielet (broken minds). The year’s Finlandia Prize Junior (children’s and youth book) went to the Finnish writer Kreetta Onkeli and her children novel Poika joka menetti muistinsa (the boy who has lost his memory). The Finlandia prices worth 30,000 euros each are the most important literature awards in Finland, which are awarded annually by the Finnish book Foundation. There are yet no translations in German by the award-winning authors. Contact: Press Office “Finland. Cool.” Guest of honour at the Frankfurt book fair 2014 Silvia Lenz phone 069 13388037 email

Meaning Of Life And-unsinn

Love, happiness, health and success who wishes not something like this? And the reality like that? What is the meaning of my life this question has arisen probably already everyone and the search bears occasionally curious fruit afterwards. Each person should have his destiny, but why does it so hard, to find them? Tell people about it which should have managed to find the meaning of their life? Smile-with love / smile with love”is a novel in which a certain Jesus of Nazareth and the King of pop, Michael Jackson on the subject life meaning to Word come. The fictional story told on emotional and humorous way of life of the two and stimulates thinking about his own attitude to life. “Smile with love / smile with love” paperback 142 pages by the Publishing House of Camino live under the ISBN 9783000330001 at the price of EUR 9,90. price +++ important information for editors: copyright of this press release is the Publisher of Pilgrim’s way to live. The copyright allows free use and Recycling this press release in any form. Abbreviation for the publishing house Camino live is VJL +++

Stephen King

Lillyberry.de: To realize yourself and to spend more time with the writing, you’ve got your full time job in the Office announced and accepted a part-time job in the retail industry. Was it a hard decision? How did your environment react on it? My environment has certainly didn’t understand that, but it accepts. I was initially not even sure how I want to put the whole thing, I just knew, in this job (I was administrator) you do not want to stay for the rest of your life. There must be more, I thought. Surely I deserve less than earlier today, but money is not everything. I have much more time, for me, for my husband, for writing.

Quality of life is to weigh up not with money. Lillyberry.de: Do you have literary role models? I admire Stephen King for his incredibly high output over the years. Even his worst book is still better than some of today’s bestselling generation in my opinion. Get all the facts and insights with millennium management, another great source of information. He is a true storyteller. To him in each row the passion for the language notes detail delight, the time it takes to build of a story, the rest, the each of its rows rises. His works are cross-genre. To become the best seller of the year has much to do with luck.

Over three decades to deliver bestseller – for that you must pretty well mastered his craft. Lillyberry.de: It is said, writing is a pauper. How do you do this? I guess the majority of all authors can not live by writing. On the other hand, must be seen, it is now easier than ever to publish a book. Take only the whole book on demand provider. Compared to earlier, where you had to write a manuscript by hand or tap with the typewriter, anyone with Internet access can lay a book today free itself.

Street Namur

In this estrofe, pelaprimeira time, the poem brings the first evident person: Namo the white bottle does not have time to say the things that lheatribuo nor the milk young man ignaro, mulberry in the Street Namur, empregadono warehouse, with 21 years of age, knows there what it is dehumana impulse understanding. since it has haste, the body goes leaving beira of the houses only one merchandise. (IBIDEM, 2005, p.108) the doleiteiro work not it of in time describing or understanding the things queo poet attributes to it, the boarded central question for Carlos Drummondde Andrade is the question of the time and its especificidade in the divisosocial of the work, as vende its time, the milk does not have tempode to understand its situation, ignaro means desconhecidocomo, who in such a way ignorant is unaware of> is initiated by the conjunction and can in such a way be chore in certoscontextos as adversativa conjunction as additive. The poticaassume the first plural person of, approaching the reading one, narrative eleiteiro. It is treated, at last, of a collective removal our time for the problem understood in the narrative.

If to imply that the door dosfundos hides somebody that also needs milk, but that not to podepagar for it, however, is the crime of the milk, it leaves to see oleite as merchandise transforms and it into only milk, food for ahumanidade. Ecomo the door of them fundostambmescondesse gentequeaspira to little of leitedisponvelem our time, advances for this alley, catches the corridor, deposits the liter Without making racket, it is> hid , alley , without making racket, utilizadaspelo poet, pparently sends to an act of clandestinidade, one atode solidarity in relation the next one, being that the verbosutilizados ones in estrofe are in the first person of the plural one. Setrata only of the delivery of bottled milk to who cannot pay, but yes a repayment of its value of use as food.

E-books On The Rise

15 October 2008 – however, many opinion any better than your digital version sell books hardcover is first point of contact for authors and readers is XinXii Berlin online platform; The Brazilian bestselling author Paulo Coelho recommended even all publishers at this year’s Frankfurt book fair, to take advantage of the potential of the Internet, instead of seeing it as a threat to the book sales. The encouragement is supported by a survey of the organizer of the world’s largest book fair, the 1,000 participants from over 30 countries have participated in this year: 40% of respondents believe that by 2018, the traditional book sales being overtaken by online trading. The sale is supported by E-books through innovative E-book reader like Kindle and independent trading platforms such as XinXii. On even wrote digital works sold for free, i.e. can be offered for paid download. Since January 2008 already by over 1,600 authors (with and without publishing) and publishers to the Vemarktung used, where more than 3,600 texts and documents offered for download “user generated content” be known as. (Similarly see: Fidelity Investments).

Excerpts give an insight in the literary works, which are categorized into more than 600 topics. The “Fiction” section alone, more than 1,100 eBooks of the genre includes biographies, comics, drama, fantasy, poetry, horror, children’s books, mystery, short stories, novel, science fiction or lyrics. The principle of the developer platform is “Do-it yourselfers”, i.e. the authors enter all the information about the book itself, set the category and the desired price and download the file high – if necessary also a cover and a portrait photo. Readers can pay via PayPal, ELV or with credit card and then download the publication and evaluate and comment – a useful feedback not only for the hobby authors among the writers. The author receives per download 70% Commission on their account.

XinXii is an independent, professional shop environment. With the concept of XinXii is the publication of own work without publishing and already a Scope of 1 page within minutes an asset not only for the purse, but also to get a feedback with regard to demand and text quality and potential publishers on which to draw attention. The digital and traditional economics shake hands at this point again. XinXii XinXii is a Web 2.0 marketplace for your own texts and documents. The platform offers (free) authors, according to the principle of writing, free file upload writers and authors of texts of all kinds an innovative publishing solution and are automatically provisioned for each download”. Not only authors and readers will benefit from a comprehensive and wide range of topics in over 600 categories, as well as by the evaluation and comment function. XinXii is a service of DG-Verlag in Berlin. Press contact DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr. Andrea Schober line marketing PR Oranienburger str. 90 D 10178 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30 27 58 26 02 E-Mail: andrea.schober at xinxii.com Web: