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CiMiCON Evolution

“The best event to join with peers, exchange ideas, problems and solutions review 2nd CiMi.CON evolution 2013” the best event to join with peers, exchange ideas, problems and solutions and listen to high level professional presentations. “” Eliana Benjumeda, Acciona S.A. from 06th to 07th of June 2013, we.CONECT invited international audience of global executives, managing directors, head of’s and managers of departments such as competitive intelligence, market intelligence, business intelligence, corporate development, competitor analysis, market analysis, risk management, marketing and brand management to the CiMi.CON evolution 2013 in Berlin. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Schiff . More than 100 attendees Bucholz at CiMi.CON evolution 2013 to discuss strategic approaches, new technologies and ideas in improving competitive & market intelligence in fast changing business environment. Participants, speakers and business partner joined in on one of the biggest international conferences on this topic and had the opportunity to exchange experiences, widen their network and debate upcoming challenges. Review of the enterprise app revolution 2013: more than 100 participants from over 65 companies from all over the world discussed about future challenges, latest approaches and future progress in the context of sophisticated and holistic methods & strategies, tools & processing of competitive & market intelligence systems and evolutionary. 20 + high level case studies were presented by companies find P & G, AB Electrolux, Metso group, Acciona S.A., Air Liquide, YP holdings, LLC / United States, Festo AG & co. resource. KG, SCHOTT Electronic Packaging GmbH, Bayer AG, Hitachi Europe, T-systems, shell, Vattenfall, BASF AG, Renault S.A. and many more this conference what is rated on a scale from 1-5 with on average of 1.5 by 78% of the participants (1 stands for the highest and 5 for the lowest) 5 world cafes, 6 Challenge your peers round tables, a wonderful evening reception and eventful icebreaker session the evening before the conference. 7 leading business partner CID Consulting GmbH, wide or narrow intelligence Digimind, d & a Visual insights, LexisNexis GmbH, Cascade insights and Thomson Reuters introduced cutting-edge product solutions and competitive and market intelligence management strategies on exclusive, rich media center featuring conference material, presentation slides and downloads (complete Conference documentation) the 3rd CiMi.CON evolution will take place from 16th to 17th June 2014 in Berlin “A stimulating creative environment for learning some of the best ideas in intelligence & strategy” Martyn link, Wood Group PSN UK CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATION 2013 Media Center you didn ‘ t have the time to n’attend CiMi.CON the evolution of 2013? Now you get the chance to order the complete documentation of the conference, including: all speaker presentations of the two conference days (PPT / PDF) summary of the “World Cafe” session summary of “Challenge your Peers” session overview of the delegates in attendance impressions (photos of the Gr.CONECT event) more than 25 presentations and keynotes inspiring discussions and presentations regarding the core issues enabled diversified touch points with the audience’s experience and fulfilled the expectations to a maximum.

Media Distribution Summit

E-kiosk, bookstore, hyper distribution – new sales strategies for digital and print media whether print or E-book at Amazon, whether workflow solution for B2B customers at our own online-shop or content pool in the cloud-new products and distribution channels make the media distribution becoming more complex. Is set most publishers to the changed situation and have continuously expanded their digital sales, such as shop networks. However, the implementation of successful multichannel strategies remains a challenge in times of – and social commerce. Renowned speakers from the industry show on the media distribution Summit of Academy of the German book trade in cooperation with Hamdi, Spiller & partners on the 19.07.2012 in the Literaturhaus Munich which strategies they meet the increasing complexity in the distribution of media. How do marketing and hyper distribution across all channels by stationary book stores via the website to the mobile shop? How must the stationary trade change relevant distribution channel to stay? And how look successful social media concepts with which reseller and end customer community be achieved equally? The Conference is aimed at business leaders, experts and executives from publishers, the range and media houses, especially in the fields of marketing, distribution and new media/E-publishing. Speakers include inter alia Annika Bennett (Taylor & Francis Group, UK), Baiju Jin (readbox), Uli Damjanovic (Verlag Antje Kunstmann), Hubert Haarmann (academic Working Group Publishing), Dr. Gregg Hano (like +), Jochen Krisch (exciting future), Silvia Maul (Forum independent), Carsten Schulte (Egmont), Gunnar Siewert (Bookrix), Dr. Thomas Wilking (book report), Thomas Wrensch (Bookstore Graff Lorenz Borsche, e-book)..