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Animals & Plants

Fight with natural methods of ants, moths, and mealworms. It always comes back that despite regular brushing and keeping clean the premises is located at vermin in the home, Garden, or maybe even in your own body. There are many ways to successfully combat vermin, but never assume that these methods of in chemical nature must be and it is borne most carefully that even natural methods for controlling vermin could give it. These natural methods are themselves also complete safety, but usually also much cheaper not only for you as the most triumphant to the successful fight against home remedies that are almost everyone has at home. Ants fight ants naturally and without effort are widely used especially in the summer and plagues represent by far one of the most common pests. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Farallon Capital Management. Basic principle of successful ants fight is the Elimination of the Ant trail, the ants always along hiking. How is a proper pest control in this case? This is possible through various methods. Most famous is the spreading of baking soda on the Ant Street.

Also very effective and just as, if not the establishment of a bait box is even less expensive. But even flying ants can be especially in the garden to the plague. The flying Ant is countered by simple hot water poured on the hive will be during the day. Vermin fight in the kitchen moths and worms by dry goods such as flour or similar, in the kitchen in the store these goods in the first place, einisten flour moth or meal worms. This can happen even on the regular cleaning of the kitchen. Should you determine such infestation should affect food necessarily throw away and the Cabinet or the place of storage of the goods thoroughly clean with vinegar and water. To make sure that the mealworms or flour moths not eggs or similar have left, you should a bait trap for a period of one to two weeks set up clearly to make sure that the attack was completely opposed. A Larva in the bait box should appear in this period, repeat the cleaning with vinegar water.

Dog Training Basics

Tips for dog owners, faced with raising an animal for the first time are why dog training is important? A good dog training builds mutual confidence and to allow the dog (and human) life without conflicts. Much is required today by a dog. He should adapt to our everyday life and thereby provide a highly social behavior. A dog is grateful for a good education, because he is like based on the leader of the Pack. The individual phases of the dog training: 1st and 2nd week: the vegetative phase (drink and sleep) 3rd week: transition (open the palpebral fissures and outer ear canals) 4th until the 7th week: the sensitive phase (embossing phase) 8 to 12 week: the socialization stage (puppy begins to explore his environment) of 13 to 16 weeks: the ranking phase: the dog takes his position in the hierarchy a 5th and 6th month: The Pack order phase (the teeth change of the young dog is) puberty phase: this is slightly different for each dog. Generally begins at the 7 month around This phase. Source: Kiat Lim. 12 to 18 month: The maturing phase, the dog is mentally mature at this time. Positive and negative experiences will determine his further action.

In the education of the dog is conditioned by using positive reinforcement (treats, ball, etc.), that is to installed to display desired behaviors and to apply properly. Of course, a successful education involves some rules that the dog owner should observe. It is important to confirm the sofort(!) dog, since he already no longer understands some seconds, for which he was rewarded after execution of the command. The same applies to the Zurchtweisen of the dog. It should happen immediately. The sound makes the music: to link the training always the same command in the same pitch as the dog learns sequences with the appropriate exercises.

Praise is always in a friendly, high voice. A ways rightly should be always in a pitch where the dog recognizes our displeasure, but should the Never yell at the dog. Methodologies to the dog training can be for example the conditioning of dogs on a “dog flute”. The dog associates the whistle from this “flute” with something positive after successful conditioning. So allows to call up his dog the dog owner with a single whistle. The clicker training conditioned the dog on a particular sound, “clicking”, which is always a positive acknowledgment to the result. Again, it is again important to reward the dog immediately. The conditioning via the feed, alternating between the noise and the luxury treat on the clicker. Click feed, click feed. Is the dog linked after a short time after the noise a reward done. Many people are so overwhelmed, to train the dog. Therefore, there are dog schools and dog trainer, with whom you can work together. You can learn more basics of dog training for example here. Many of the skills that are necessary to the dog everyday use are the dog is not too difficult to learn. Also in the private training, you can achieve that is already successful. And otherwise (for example in problem dogs), there is a dog school, which you can use in almost every major city.