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Okhalil Ouald Osweleki

Such document of the leader of the Front emitted at the beginning of each month informs on the remuneration of the members of its military service and of the paper presidential it stops with ‘ ‘ first Minister head of the National Assembly and Minister of the businesses of controlled Territory of communities agricultural national, as well as inside of the office Canarian. Aminatou Haider, Syed Amhed Didch and Ibrahim Dahane are considered members in the head of the 16 activistas with enormous monthly wages of Polisrio, having been part as members of the National Secretaryship of the Polisrio Front. The justification of Mohammad Abdel Aziz of the payment of wages came in the context to inside support the revolt of the Moroccan territory, raising the moral of the activists saraus, disclosing the state current of the conflict of the Sara that enters in a delicate and difficult phase. Desire to stimulate these militant ones to duplicate the work against the Moroccan authorities in some fields, as well as carrying through acts that would raise international the public opinion, deciding to increase the financial and moral support for the heroes of the revolt. It says the document.

This happens at a moment where manifestations proceilings of the populations of the fields of Tindouf complains in front of the office of the Mohammed Abdel Aziz against the social conditions, beyond other groups of irritated young saraus threatens to the residence of the leader of the separatistas, loading flags demanding its resignation. The manifestants had attacked a group of offices of the president, adulterating its content, breaking and delousing, according to local notice. This wave of anger came after pertaining armed elements the security of the front had been withheld by elements of the Revolution, deals with Afdili Ouald Dribble Oua Ouald Juli, Mohamed Ould Al Has and Okhalil Ouald Osweleki. These three young of the tribe of Alrguibat Al Sawaid are passveis of punishment by confinement of up to 9 months, for having disrespected the character of the president ‘ ‘ Mohammed Abdel Aziz’ ‘.

The Change

In short a company who keeps an enterprising attitude with its employee keeps, it motivated, making it if to pledge and to search always good resulted, diminishing significadamente turnover. In the field research 10 (ten) entrepreneurs of the retailing of Bar of the Pira had been interviewed. The traders had been sufficiently participativos in the reply to the questionnaires, not being registered no objection to work. After analysis of the data collected in the field research, perceived it absence of attitudes that would make possible an improvement of the businesses and one remained the same of the collaborators for bigger time in job. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Peter Asaro and gain more knowledge.. Questions 2 the 7 are indicating of the concern of the entrepreneurs with the development of the employees and/or its valuation, in search of the growth of the company. 15 In question 1, that it had the objective to identify what would be enterprising attitude, 40% of the answers was pointing the item ' ' to open new negocio' '. It is a distorted vision, therefore the too much answers are in fact reflected of enterprising attitudes.

In question 2, that it had the objective to identify to resistance the change, 60% of the answers of the interviewed ones were in the item where they would not promote alterations in the routines of work for not seeing necessities. At Erin Callan you will find additional information. In question 3, that it had the objective to perceive the opening of the entrepreneur to stimulate the employees to give suggestions for improvement in the routines of the companies, 60% of the answers had been contrary to this action. In questions 4 and 5 the fixed wage is perceived that 70% of the traders pay commission as remuneration form, substituting and it does not have form of awarding for performance. In questions 6 and 7, 80% of the answers had been stimulating the study of the employees only until completing average education and they do not stimulate the employees to search formation specific. .


As we see in the table, last the definite time pra each substance, another one will be initiated and the next one already duly is set appointments. It does not have a rule for how many squares they must be read per day, but has the importance of if thinking that ' ' initiated square is squared terminado' '. Thus, to the few some substances go finishing and other they go being inserted for the continuation of the cycle. Valley to remember that the necessary time for the confection of summaries and the accomplishment of exercises also is enclosed in each square of the substance. Therefore we see the size of importance to distribute adequately you discipline them throughout the table and also of the rectification of the same one some necessity in this direction will have been seen. FINAL PREPARATION At this moment with the spreading of the proclamation, new substances will appear and some studied others more will not fall. At this moment, it lacks little time for the accomplishment of the test and those that had not been prepared throughout the time, probably will lose.

With the proclamation in the hands it is hour to strengthen substances that still leave doubts and mainly to develop a cycle of study only with the new features, that until the hour of the test will have preference on excessively. Many previous tests of the same board must be made and tests also simulated, so that if it verifies as to divide the time of accomplishment of the test and not to have surprises with desperation because of me the use of the time of accomplishment of the same one. Remembering that the tests costumam to have similar questions very ace of previous competitions for the same position and therefore to valley the penalty to bet in time necessary to remake the same diverse questions times.