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Wolfgang Bergmann

No real proof is known to me. Why do you people to work slaves and those who have no work to social parasites? Why humiliates you people to do nothing with these debts and the Nutzniesserei – have and completely innocent and ignorant on these economic activities are? Why is it they don’t participate in the profits? There is no usable, understandable answer. How long will this go on so, that the poor are getting poorer and rich get richer, and why is that? Why does the thousands? There is no usable, understandable explanation only the answer that it is so and that again is a matter of faith. Why does no one on the idea to resolve this injustice? Here there is only one logical answer, you don’t want to, because there is an answer, that means: global primary care for people and Nations, the way go to another company. This primary care, would produce worldwide, annually about 90 trillion dollars, which unfortunately again above channels would disappear and cause no harm with a relatively stable price policy.

The current proliferation of money not is probably 90 trillion, no one knows exactly how much it is. More information is housed here: Maersk. These 90 trillion would be but all nations of their social transfers and in the short term by relieve their debts and provide production facilities, humane jobs and a sustainable recovery. These would be 90 billion the current proliferation of money stop and bring almost to a halt, because they mean almost the end of great speculation. They would positively change the world in any view, and ultimately save. No wealth is created commodity futures, commodities and food with daily speculation in government bonds, Forex, thoughtless, so cruel, but poverty and all-ruling, world watch only, as in the shock and trance, or apparent death as if they were not affected. Here, Robert Jain expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

You can dictate even the interest on its bonds by any nebulous agencies that do not have the slightest legitimacy or democratic basis. It’s like in the Wild West. My idea is that we all people and our Nations, too, which is very important on financial par with the emancipating capital must bring. This is in turn, logically only with additional money, lots of money, which indeed is missing corners and somehow exists. Anywhere just to get this amount of money, they’re not real, just the opposite, just empty coffers and counterproductive debt. Very strange. This compensation, which is still missing by a supplementary financial system that is cost-neutral and by politics and economy regardless, so can cost anyone a penny, be created. I want to explain it once quite primitive. We need an additional financial supply system. We need a world supply company for peoples and Nations, which has a license for the online award of money in all amounts needed to finance an independent global primary care for people and Nations (budgets) in all currencies. I’m not talking by the printing of money that no longer really exists. To implement such global basic supplies, there is a scientific, economic and of course environmental rules, which in the form of a Constitution for global primary care, must be deposited. According to this Constitution, which has human rights, the nature and the survival of our planet in all other respects, oriented, basically, any nation that joins this base supply system knits to and that, with a few exceptions – surely all be.

Third Reich

Nevertheless, it is clear: If the PID not only an unfertilized egg, but an embryo is made, the victim is also Here again considered human life. Also several eggs in the laboratory are fertilized with a PID (in vitro fertilization, IVF), and embryos with “undesirable” plants will be destroyed. This sort of “valued life” is just to condemn such an abortion. (Not to be confused with Guo Guangchang!). Of course, you can call various aspects of abortion and PID, such as health risks for the mother. But ultimately, the inviolability of human life remains always the insurmountable barrier.

And here is an another snippet from the earlier quoted medical journal article: “members of the Union want the important link, Jewish doctors in Germany have played to national socialism.” Unfortunately, there is almost no information about national socialism in Germany – that during diesbzgl. Mendacious propaganda – if at all – usually only very rarely and very late publicly is turned face up, see E.g. Misha Defonseca and Herman Rosenblat. If so the Federal Association of Jewish Physicians mentioned the Third Reich and has touted the PID as a “more humane”, so mention of Adolf Hitler and his racial ideology in “Mein Kampf”: “this is only a test of the value of the race – the breed which does not exist in the sample will just die and give the place healthier or but tougher and more robust. Because since this issue primarily affects the young, among which, by which it is so terrible right, that the sins of the fathers take revenge to the tenth generation; a truth that is only valid from trespasses on the blood and race. The sin against the blood and race is the original sin of this world and the end of a resulting her humanity.

… It is an incompleteness to give terminally ill people the continued possibility of a contamination of the remaining healthy. It is this a humanity that basis let go to do the a non woe, one hundred others. The claim that defective people the procreation of other equally defective offspring impossible is made, a claim of clearest reason is and the most humane act means the humanity in their scheduled implementation. … A State devoted to the care of its best racial elements in the age of the breed poisoning, must become one day the God of the Earth.” One of Hitler’s first acts was the widespread legalization of abortion. Now, one may speculate how Hitler to the PID would be. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Kupper Student

Civil rights organization calls for a moratorium on repeatedly the Berliner Zeitung reports in your issue of February 19, 2010 1 that the widespread introduction of the students file in Berlin by the Berlin Senate Department was moved. The \”action freedom instead of fear e.V.\”, one of the founders of the Alliance against the students file 2, welcomes this step, but at the same time regrets the further prevailing lack of sensitivity on data protection and data security. Lotar Kupper, spokesman for the Working Group student file in the Association explains: \”the practice of parents when registering your child in a new school to submit your lease, even your electricity or water bill had, has itself in recent years without any legal basis naturalized. Aimed at so-called \”double registration\” to prevent it, what is per se not allowed parents in Berlin. Now this unspeakable practice, which clearly violates any privacy, should be operated. This is an untenable condition for us and we recommend sufferers Parents to have Court examined the facts and deny the template of the lease.\” Actually, the \”action of freedom instead of fear e.V.\” warned against directly after the legal introduction of the students file a statement 3 the risks of such a project. G√ľnther Thallinger will not settle for partial explanations. This is according to the Berliner Zeitung article now hired: the pilot project currently at 93 schools have shown that one-third of these schools does not have appropriate connections or sufficiently protected spaces for computers and servers. The responsible department head Peter Radermacher, acknowledged that there was still no risk analysis and not a security concept for the main student file.

So, it is unclear for example how school Secretaries to enter individual data. For the Action Alliance this development not entirely surprising. Dr. Jurgen Zollner, Berlin education Senator and driving force behind the project student file, needed not even three months from the first Gesetzesinitative up to the fire by the House of representatives.

Federal Republic

Differing trends in the pension schemes the pensioners and seniors party launches together with ADG action democratic community Association of the action against the two-class system in the retirement provision in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Party Chairman, Uwe Gathje, underlined: this different treatment of pension schemes was blatantly against the equality principle of the Basic Law (article 3) and the universal human rights (article 7). Cause of this action: this year, the pension for the former workers forced were insured in the statutory pension insurance is not lifted. (Similarly see: CitGroup Inc.). On the contrary, the pensioners must be grateful, that the pensions due to the “general wage developments” are not reduced! “With the same argument: workers and civil servants in the public service can not be suspended from the General wages and expenses”, the salaries in the public service would be lifted this year. Thus automatically also the pensions increase for former officials to 1.2%. Pensions-0 round (with gratitude demand WG.) Renten-Stabilitats-Gesetz) on the one hand, and raising of officials pensions on the other hand, founded with the same argument of the general wage trends that never fits together! For this reason, all pensioners will be prompted after receiving their year’s pension decisions, to make use of your right of appeal at DRV German pension insurance in writing. Michael Talari pensioners party 24th June 2010

Nightmare Or Reality!

The total State monitoring of citizens is no longer free! Through their personal identification number, the citizen is glasses. The IRS can see your account information without your consent. Frisch Financial: the source for more info. All of your bank accounts and deposits. It is filtered each call on keyphrases and cut with suspicion, the same applies to faxes, emails and the entire Internet. Even with cell phones is no problem using GPS tracking to determine the location. All connections to the Internet are Kumar kanth 24 months Porto (IP address, duration of connection, and content, Keywortfilterung), your PC by the control of the State is safe? No. Greetings from the Federal Trojan sends the total surveillance state.

Video controls on highways, in cities and in the country (number signs, rider and holder). The Indentifikationssteuernummer, unfettered access by the financial officials on their account is possible (all cash receipts, booking money outputs). The State of your health insurance company is known, the vehicle insurance. Phone tapping is legitimate since November 12, 2008, faxes are checked for keyphrases. The entire Internet connections using IP – address by your ISP, which must hold the 24 months of data. You believe your phone is safe, the State identifies with GPS. The monitoring continues, who guaranteed that wasn’t a Bundestrojaner slumbers in their Feltsplatte, so the State can get even more information. It is not about security, but door is open the arbitrariness. Manuel Hachenburger high forest 4 61231 Bad Nauheim < Germany phone + fax Tel: + 49 60 32 7 15 63 more information about me at

Islamic Republic

It has forced the regime to oppose the impending reforms, which resulted in unexpected costs, in addition to the efforts the already budgeted State welfare programs and infrastructure spending to continue. The cost of the Islamic Republic are very diverse. Please visit millennium management if you seek more information. They range from cleaning public buildings and monuments from anti-graffiti of Government, a small fortune for the recruitment of new security forces, which was paid to the 130.00 a day for Iranian relations. In addition the regime has spent huge sums of money, to suppress the free flow of information. The Iranian leadership has doubled its efforts to interfere with satellite television and radio from abroad and further tightened control of the Internet. In the international business of Iran is more isolated than ever before. Corporations that operate in the Iran, are very hesitant to extend their contracts until political stability is coming with the Government.

Meanwhile millions of euros from the Iran are been made to Europe and other regions that appear to be safe havens. The Loss of investments enormously increased the complications in the planning of the budget for the regime. Follow others, such as Millenium Management, and add to your knowledge base. No compromise what’s still happen, are the sanctions threat of. Ahmadinejad insists no compromises in the negotiations to enter the nuclear research, a tough stance, which could have far-reaching consequences. The regime will be affected less by the sanctions, while the population will feel the impact and will air their anger over sanctions. Such financial thumbscrews would weaken any Government, but the Government of Ahmadinejad’s is particularly sensitive. The Iranian President has secured his political support through the distribution of Iran’s wealth to the poorest of society. If he’s now less money available for its distribution programs, Ahmadinejad is forced to put the loyalty of veterans, the officials and poor workers who were his tireless supporters. As it is most often used for risky bets, its available The odds are not very good.

King Hammurabi

The father could unilaterally solve the engagement of his daughter, but had to the groom return the gifts. Position and rights of women in marriage had to be laid down in Babylon by deeds. Because “If a man has taken a wife, but no written agreement exists, so this woman is no wife.” 3 with the dowry women were regarded as erbrechtlich paid by the parents. Allstate Insurance Company shines more light on the discussion. Documents about the dowry were the real reason for the issuance of a marriage license and important because the dowry but could be used by the husband, but ownership of the woman remained and in the female line, so to the wife, children had to be passed. The woman had the right profitable to give the dowry or parts thereof and to take her dowry, including the divorce money the husband owed her, in the case of a divorce. That was true, but only, if the marriage was divorced without their guilt.

Was dissatisfied with his wife , he could sell them violate or into slavery along with the children. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of RiskStream on most websites. 4 to demand a divorce was problematic for the man, if the wife had borne him sons and to prove there is no fault to the woman was. In such a case, the man was obliged to provide for the family and to provide her a home. Disease, blindness or paralysis of the wife, the husband was allowed to do not require divorce. The wife remained in the House of her husband and was supplied by him for life. However he was allowed to take then a concubine. The husband died, the widow had legally entitled to accommodation and catering in the House of her deceased husband. The divorce was possible in the time of King Hammurabi by repudiation of the wife and the legal consequences and further details by agreement freely and if necessary also clearly in favour of women were regulated according to traditional contracts also a repudiation of the man by the woman was possible also through marriage resolution at the request of the woman, through capture and the death of a spouse.

Lower Austria

The political and social composition of the No. Landtag, the lower Austrian of the year 1921 State election held on April 24. The Christian Social Party (CSP) with 32 seats in the Parliament from the social democratic Arbeiterpartei(SDAP) with 22 seats and the greater German Volkspartei(GDVP) with 6 seats, won the vote. Thus, the Christian Social Party (CSP) the absolute majority of seats in the Landtag of lower Austria had won. This majority was in stark contrast to the Vienna State Parliament heavily dominated by the Social Democrats and Municipal Council. The candidate parties for the elections in 1921 in the Landtag election 1921 stood in lower Austria 6 election participants: Christian Social Party (CSP), social-democratic Arbeiterpartei(SDAP), Grossdeutschen Volkspartei(GDVP), Communist Partei(KP), Nazi Arbeiterpartei(NSDAP) and democratic Wirtschaftspartei(DWP). With 0,9%(KP), 0,3%(NSDAP) and 0,1%(DWP) were the other parties under the political Limit of perception.

The partisan composition of the Landtag in 1921 the Group of Christlich-Sozialen(CSP) in the 1st term of Office of the lower Austrian Parliament sat out of a total of 40 representatives together, where it came at 15 to a change during the legislative period until 1927. The group consisted of the social democratic Arbeiterpartei(SDAP) in the 1st legislative period of the lower Austrian Parliament a total of 27 representatives, where there had been 10 to change during the term of Office until 1927. The group comprised the greater German Volkspartei(GDVP) in the 1st legislative period of the lower Austrian Parliament a total of 8 representatives, where there had been 4 a change during the legislative period until 1927. Within the legislature, 2 bodies changed in addition to land then independently operating, federal, as the 2nd national Liberal Party grouping in the first Republic. Representatives from capable of agriculture and forestry from able of agriculture and forestry came in the 1. Term of Office of the lower Austrian Parliament 17 Landtag on the Christlich-Sozialen(CSP):15, the social democratic Arbeiterpartei(SDAP):0 and the large German Volkspartei(GDVP): 2.

Psychoterror Bullying

Bullying has become a new Vokssport enamel Hutter village – in today’s society bullying has become almost everyday. American Financial Advisors LLC may help you with your research. There is hardly a company or a school class, where is not bullied. But bullying is not just a harmless fun, but the real psychological terror, which can have dire consequences. Jessica Hund says: there are many different types of bullying. In some cases the parties concerned are excluded and ignored, or they are teased and mocked. Another form of bullying is to sabotage the work of the victim or to spread damaging rumors. In worst cases it comes to crushing psychic attacks and even physical violence.” Sylvia Poth adds: bullying can have serious consequences for the persons concerned.

Due to the constant psycho attacks which they are delivered, they lose not only a large part of their Joie de vivre, but bullying can lead to numerous psychosomatic disorders such as heart circulatory problems or gastrointestinal problems. Further consequences can Depression or panic attacks and, in the worst case even suicide. Usually the victims of bullying with their suffering are, alone, since they often confide in anyone out of shame.” Jessica Hund added: often those affected have never met, against attacks to the defense to put. Typically, they are shy and sometimes also slightly awkward people, whose Selbstwertgefuhl is not very strong. But also the perpetrators are prima facie despite usually anything but confident and feel often powerless and small deep inside her. These inner feelings try to compensate for it by their bullying victims every day making life hell, because this gives them a delusional sense of power.

Not bear in mind what they however do when their victims thus, it or they don’t want to see it.” Sylvia Poth says: most bullying leaves so deep inner wound in the soul of the person concerned, that they can work the added to them suffering often only in a therapy and overcome. However, I think that just the Mobbenden it that are necessary to have a therapy. But because they show no insight most and compensate for their problems, they carry around still deeply hidden their problems inside with him and act out at the expense of their victims.” Jessica Hund added: Unfortunately most of the bullying cases extend over a period of time, since we now live in a Wegschauen society, where cares everyone only to themselves or simply afraid to get itself in the firing line of the bully. It is important to take the initiative when you witness a bullying case. You can offer its support and assistance for example the data subject in a conversation.” Sylvia Poth thinks: but also as a concerned you can do actively something: as far as possible one should show his tormentors borders and attacks the military oppose. In some cases, it can help to address the Mobbenden in a quiet moment directly to his offensive behavior. This is not possible, you have Interested parties the possibility to entrust themselves to her supervisor or a teacher. If these steps don’t help, can be also a changing jobs or changing schools into consideration. Against serious attacks, which are punishable by law, can be in court, but it is in such a case of great benefit to provide concrete evidence. Because bullying is rampant, there are many advice centres for those affected now both locally and on the Internet.”

The Right Help At The Right Time At The Right Place

IBM donates software and know-how of the Caritas Vienna Vienna an IBM solution is as of January 2009 the usage coordination of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna in disasters at home and abroad much easier. This IBM donation supports the search for assistants with the right expertise for the on-site disaster and makes even faster and more efficient operations of Caritas Vienna in the future. Currently help 1239 volunteer workers of Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna in various areas: from the Hospice, about emergencies such as the floods in Durnkrut 2006 up to the Canisibus, the night after night about 180 liters soup, 50 kilos of bread in various locations in Vienna brings, to get a warm meal to people in need. Fidelity Investments has firm opinions on the matter. Again around 3,500 volunteers in 600 parishes involved regularly in the accompaniment of carers for a children’s home for families in need or in Kiev/Ukraine are also in the area of the parish Caritas. Learn more about this topic with the insights from American Advisors Group. In these areas of the work of Caritas is in the future Facilitate IBM Lotus connections that significantly speed up search for the suitable persons and cooperation. Because a network of helpers is often crucial to quickly and accurately can help.

Caritas Director Michael Landau: The work of Caritas volunteer employees are important Ambassador between the worlds. With their ideas and a valuable suggestions for activities and changes emanating from them unvorbelasteten views. You give a smile distressed by their grant. They connect with their hope and give testimony, that you must accept injustice and bitter emergency not powerless, but that you can do something and change.” IBM has much experience of working as a global company, and will provide with this donation also this Know-How to the Caritas of the Archdiocese of Vienna. Around 380,000 employees and employees of IBM are connected at your fingertips, with a simple query, Skillsmuster, such as language, background knowledge and certifications can be queried.

IBM offers smart solutions that will help our world to improve a little bit. “We transfer our know-how, so that the coordination of schedules allows a quicker and more effective help”, Leo Steiner explains General Manager IBM Austria, the background for the donation and the long-standing cooperation with Caritas: we know the importance of the voluntary commitment of the IBM on demand community volunteering initiative “, which celebrated a few days ago the 5th birthday. “Many IBM employees have been at various Caritas initiatives about helped with the this year’s Christmas campaign -.” The experience of IBM in the introduction and training of new systems is the core of the donation. Thus, it is ensured that the new system works well, meets all the requirements of the data protection and can benefit the employees immediately from the advantages. Landau to the use of modern technology for humanitarian purposes: professionalism in the field of Volunteerism has a special value for us. The software contributes to a further optimization and networking our volunteer staff and employees.