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Berlin Brewery Company

In the emerging Berlin, Viktoria be Quartier loin further 59 condos built with the Tivoli Baywobau Berlin 2011 starts another project in the Kreuzberg Victoria quarter. In four houses are condos with apartment sizes between 42 and 145 square meters. The well-equipped garden apartments, Loggia apartments, penthouses and maisonettes are designed for singles, couples and families. Six missiles did the planners from the North from the South there are from the space level, eight due to the topography of the area. Total 59 apartments will be built. The name of the project refers to the roots of the area on the southern slope of the Kreuzberg. Judge Vince Chhabria can aid you in your search for knowledge. in 1829, the Tivoli amusement park with a large beer garden was opened here.

Almost 30 years later, Tivoli began with the Berlin Brewery Company”the success story of the brewery site. Between 1862 and 1873 then extensive brewery buildings. Again twenty years later, Salah took over the brewery and brewing at this location until 1993 beer. Many of the historical Brick buildings dominate until today the face of the present Victoria quarter. Just under five acres that is Victoria quarter. 1999 laid the foundation stone for the first building phase.

Since, grade II listed old buildings have been renovated and complemented by exclusive new buildings on the grounds. The not yet fully built construction projects brewing courtyard garden is almost completely sold up to ten owner-occupied flats. The Victoria quarter was acquired in 2002 by Baywobau. The company has built more than 14,000 apartments and houses in 44 years.

Real Estate

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online review the own real estate is a site that, if it is offered for sale or for rent, immediately generated resonance. The real estate is a hot property that accompanied more than other possession, the life of the inhabitants. There is always a place of intimate proximity. A piece of small world it is a site that raises questions that are so personal, that she could answer nobody better than the people themselves. It is a piece of small world, which can not be weighted by mass, size, or number of years.

It is a world unto itself, the sober calculations emotions and memories have to make room. No one else, as the owner himself, can this small real estate world better play. Soft factors of residential real estate are bought with the heart, because the head. Kenneth Feinberg has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also, if the buying motivations behind rational can be explained, soft factors have resulted in the decisive factors in the decision. No external may convey to this authenticity, such as the private house or Apartment owners.

The hard facts to the plot or the real estate sale in good hands are found in documents that each owner owns. Land value and real estate price can be determined easily today. A value which takes real estate valuation is today also possible via the Internet. Possession in good hands to give the personal it is this alone not yet reached the personal, is that selling by private to private accounts for. It is the emotional level that is required to prepare a real estate transaction. First, if owner and purchaser to engage on the change of ownership that the level for the exchange of factual information is prepared and sufficiently stable. Common goal of a house or an apartment combines different interests and directs them to a common goal, the sale or the rental. Private market participants meet often easier because they want to remain among themselves and come together per se. Emotional level the emotional level creates a solid relationship, through the documentation of the purchase contract at the notary, is legally binding. Facts alone, could not bridge the transition period of the pledge until the conclusion of the contract. Separation pain on the one and anticipation on the other side are incalculable and often unpredictable ways with fear and hope. The promises and the handshake are, if facts are losing importance, the guarantor, also achieving the common goal.

Tiergarten Park

The project developers in all completed construction projects continues on high-quality equipment and materials. An energy-efficient construction, spacious balconies and terraces and an elevator from the parking garage directly in the residential floor as well as at least low-barrier building and apartment development belong to the standards of the project developer. The increasing demands on the infrastructure and the living environment promote the demand for new buildings in the upscale segment and thus significantly contribute to the Berlin real estate boom,”Harnisch says. Diamona & Harnisch Berlin development GmbH Diamona & Harnisch (www.diamona-harnisch.com) is a partnership consisting of Diamona holding B.V. and the Berlin project developers harness & partner. While the Diamona brings international experience from finance and marketing holding, harness & partner has detailed before local expertise, as well as more than 20 years expertise in the development of the project. Modern town houses, which combine contemporary design with energy-efficient architecture among the projects by Diamona & Harnisch.

Current construction projects are the Choriner farms and the Kastanienallee 63/64 in middle, the diplomat Park Tiergarten Park and the King staying in Zehlendorf. The projects Fichtenberg Carre in Steglitz and Lychener 53 in Prenzlauer Berg are completed and fully marketed. Project data at a glance: diplomat Park Tiergarten Strasse, Berlin Tiergarten 37 housing units distributed on four mansions including underground living space of between 110 and 345 m sales prices between 5,300 and 12,500 / m 35.5 million euro total investment completion end 2012 80% marketed Choriner farms area between Choriner and Zehdenicker Strasse, Berlin Center 130 apartments and 7 commercial units spread over nine houses incl. garage apartment sizes from 40 to 299 m sale prices from 2,950 to 6,500 / m m 41.5 million euro total investment completion 3. quarter 2012 geothermal 90% marketed Fichtenberg Carre Ruckert Street 11/12, Berlin Steglitz 42 apartments spread over four mansions including garage apartment sizes between 55 and 230 m sale prices between 2,860 and 3,850 / m 13 million euro total investment 100% market King neighborhood King Street 40, Berlin Zehlendorf 41 apartments distributed on five new townhouses and a converted old villa apartment size between 90 and 250 sqm retail price from 3,400 to 5,100 / m m 14.25 million euro total investment completion section I mid-2012, section II end of 2012 geothermal 95% marketed Kastanienallee 63/64 46 apartments and 3 commercial unit 40 underground parking spaces total living area approx. 4.000 qm Apartment sizes between 31 and 196 sqm selling prices between 3,700 and 7,500 euros per sqm average prices 4,500 euro per sqm 15 million euro total investment construction I.