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Of goal the goal the collection of pnalti suggests a mission so easy. The player is ahead of its great objective: the goal. Of so attainable and next, it seems to be impossible to make a mistake. It presents some obstacles, such as: requirement of the twisted one, nervousness of the player, happy positioning of the goleiro and of course the bars. Some consider the collection a lottery, others guarantee that only it depends on the maestria of makes who it. End of championship. Full stadium.

To the forty and four minutes of second time, the departure was tied up to. At this moment, Carlo is knocked down in the area. Pnalti is marked. The proper player, collector of lacks of the teams, locates itself to beat it. While the judge finishes the preparativeses, he passes for the head of Carlo, in fraction of seconds, a very similar situation to this: its marriage. Marina and it, gotten passionate, are in the altar, opposite to the priest.

The guests crowd the dependences of the church. Of each side of the priest, next to the godfathers, they are its parents and its future fathers-in-law, whom it stops, were an incognito. The marriage if carries through without no impediment. The fiancs go happy for the moon-of-honey. Everything will have to give certain, if they love in such a way! After some months, the couple starts to present misunderstandings. Each one has a life project, chateando itself because the other does not think in the same way. The mother-in-law of Carlo was a legitimate jararaca. She intervenes of all the forms with the life of the two. Marina always defends the mother. The quarrels if occur. However because of by any reason insignificant money, however for cimes or. What it seemed to have everything to give certain, is gives to finish. They argue the separation possibility. The devaneio of the player is interrupted by the whistle of the judge, having authorizeed the collection of pnalti. Carlo is prepared, of the modern a paradinha, and kicks the direct ball at the hands of the goleiro. The twisted vaia. The arqueiro tries to kick the ball for far. This escapes of its feet and, in rebote, Carlo places the ball in the deep one of the nets, with a skillful play. Goool ….. The arbitrator whistles the end of the departure. General commotion. The hero is festejado by the friends and controllers. At this moment, our personage leaves in enormous race. Nor he enters in the dressing room. He goes direct for house. In the way, he compares its pnalti not converted, to its predestinate marriage to the failure. He perceives, then, that in the game, although the first committed error, had a reversion possibility. The rightness happened. It follows thinking: who knows in its relationship, the mistakes can be equated, or exactly decided, also occurring there a possibility of rebote e, with it the marking of one another goal. Themis Groisman Lopes

John Rawls

Fairness we should have with respect to future generations, is characteristic of another theory of Justice, described by John Rawls, which tells us that an action will be considered fair provided it is done from an original position and with a veil of ignorance. This means that our actions must be carried out without predict who will be the recipient of the consequences. This ideology is based on an imparcialismo, which means that for the issuance of judgments we don’t need have too many details about our situation or the persons concerned, since we caeriamos the risk of conduct prejudices and therefore eligible for some and indirectly harming others. As we can see, we are mixing two concepts which in principle are opposite each other. A part tells us that we must assess the negative consequences of our actions and thinking about who will be affected, but John Rawls theory tells us that we must not carry out prejudices and act blindly to ensure the fairness of the consequences. On the one hand, Rawls refutes utilitarianism since its original position no person knows what special interests will have, everyone is going to want to make a maximum of freedom to be able to devote to the interests that you purchase at the time of joining the society. Click Maersk Drilling for additional related pages. At the same time, Utilitarianism says that the ideology of Rawls, not considering the impact of the actions cannot be applied since it goes against basic human policies. roach.

If presented two theories are contradictory to each other, how can we establish a framework that promotes environmental equity? I believe that any theory of Justice can take as absolute standard, each one has its pros and cons. In this case specific, must perform an exercise that integrates part of the utilitarian theories but also part of the theory of Justice of John Rawls. A basic idea would be aware of the consequences of our actions and assess what the least possible damage that we can perform, that is, be aware of our current context (need to obtain a broad knowledge about our ecological situation and the needs of others) and allow this improve or keep for future generations in an equitable manner to all. This will only be possible if we act without bias. Only this so we could say that we live with responsibility towards our society since we would allow that our natural resources are conserved and thrive for generations to come.

These problems affect humanity today, but they are problems which will be great for future generations, which will hinder their harmonious development and will have consequences for their level of quality of life. It is our responsibility to provide them an equitable world propitious to their development, although this is simply to stop environmental deterioration. This way could avoid favouring certain sectors of society and be able to make a distribution of assets (or in this case to avoid damage to all alike) in a fairer manner.

Justice Application

Taking itself in account that justice would be the foundation of the application of the right, we perceive, hodiernamente, a necessity of new conceptions concerning the formula gotten for the modern State. The 1 silogstica interpretation of the norms Is about the systematic application of the norm, of the classic form of interpretation, in which the judge it attributes a legal consequence to a subsumido fact to a legal proposal whose estatuio is that consequence, summarizes the jurisdictional application of the substantive right to the proven factualidade in judgment: the premise biggest is the legal proposal, the lesser premise is the factual subsuno and the conclusion is the imputation of the consequncia to the subsumida factualidade (GREW NEPHEW, 1991; P 41) ' ' Justice consists of applying in agreement penalty lei' ' (Fernando Whitaker apud Friede, 2002, 45). It’s believed that Rockefeller Capital Management sees a great future in this idea. Being thus, he would not fit to the judge in accordance with to apply them its ideology, conscience and criterion of law unjust joust or and that they are supported in supposed ' justice social'. This is a work that fits to the legislator, who has the task to correct the supposed injustice if using of the derogation of the considered law unjust. (FRIEDE, 2002) From this estimated we arrive at the problematic one that it is to know if a judge can be equitable when applying the right. Allianz Australia has plenty of information regarding this issue. To this step, so that some judge could be, really, just, he would have that to have to be able that the society not yet granted to it. Its onipotncia would need to be recognized, therefore, to become just, many times would have that to reformulate all the social structure of that historical moment. (JORGE JAIME apud FRIEDE, 2002, 47) The logical one would be that the judges were consulted in the act of the laws to inform to be they jousts or not. .

Public Administration

Dapor that, when it is alluded to the Public Farm in judgment, the expression is presented as synonymous of the State in judgment or the public being in judgment, or, still, of the legal entity of public law in judgment. In the truth, the expression Public Farm represents the personificao of the State, enclosing the legal people of public law. In the process where it has the presence of a legal entity of public law, this can be assigned person, generically, of Public Farm. (…) ' ' When the procedural legislation uses of the term Public Farm is to mention the Union to it, to the States, the Cities, the District Federal and its respective autarchies and fundaes.' ' What in fact he interests in them in the present work is the procedural technical meaning, where the expression ' ' Pblica&#039 farm; ' if it relates to the Public Administration, represented for the proper legal people of internal public law, that is, Union, States, Federal District, Cities, as well as, the autarchies and Foundations. As said in the first lines of this work, beyond the profits made bitter in the balconies of the poles of the faced Farms Public and mazelas for that they wait in the line of payment of the famous precatrios. The choice of this subject if gave especially because, while the pressing necessity is proclaimed to the four cantos to modernize and to democratize the judiciary Brazilian, in the contrahand of these yearnings, we witness the increasing disequilibrium of the procedural relation when a public being figure as part. It has seen that the measures that guarantee a guardianship more clere, many times go of meeting with the interests and prerogatives of the Public Farm and it is this point that I intend to focus in the present work. Aspects Controverted of the Possibility of Concession of the Anticipated Guardianship in Face of the Public Farm The chosen subject sufficiently is controverted and controversial, therefore we in such a way find divergences in the doctrine as in the jurisprudence.

Retaking Scabello

Retaking Scabello et al. (in prelo), they would be our proper attitudes (and difficulties) front to the experience of the proper sexuality that, incorporated to a myth series, preconceptions, doubts, omissions and constaints, and reflected even though in the unpreparedness (also of the specialized professionals) when approaching or to deal with this thematic one. Ahead of its proper difficulties in this sphere, professionals and parents would be, many times, to to think that they are not capable or apt to carry through pertinent a sexual orientation, to build what we call ' ' the orientation of silncio' '. Erin Callan understood the implications. The sexuality of people with deficiency, until good little time, was treated with the politics to ' ' avis struthio' ' , term originally thought by AMARAL (1994), in aluso to the ostrich: if I do not see, I do not exist e, therefore, we do not go to say on this E, we understand that, such type of ' ' orientao' ' it can be in fact a species of moral violence. It is interesting to observe as parents and excessively educational agents present the same referring difficulties to the convivncia and the education of aspects of the sexuality of its deficient ones, therefore still she meets in some families and professionals the idea, errnea, of that the sexuality of the people with deficiency is intrinsically problematic, when not pathological (however exibicionista and desregrada, however sexually infantile, beyond inapropriada, when the sexual manifestations occur in way and, in place, different of the habitual ones) and above all a great unpreparedness prevails ahead of its manifestation in the quotidiano (FRANCE RIBEIRO, 1995; GLAT; FREITAS, 1996). Thus, the distrusts, the unpreparedness of the professionals who deal with this population and the difficulties in the treatment of the sexuality of its children and pupils are express for the parents by means of silence, of the repression of its same manifestation and of the infantilizao of the behavior of the adolescents and adults acometidos for the deficiency.