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Calliope Love

POEM FOR SAFO Looking through the waters, I see your face. and watch the gentle warmth of your being. The angelic sounds of rustling water every particle of your voice. My chest began to tremble, while my heart yearned hunch for you. That would be of ancient Greece without the figure of your being. Sing to me sweet poetry, is free, dream and dance. bow down to me and tenderly kiss your hands, just as I will do for you. Official site: Pacific Mortgage Services. Inspire with your feelings and let the muse flow in you.

Let me feel the hunch your timid heart, give me your love and I shall declare to the mysteries of the night. Wrap me in your arms and give me wine, Intoxicate me of your consciousness. Every drop of water not only my chest tremble also my being. Lets put the Angels at your service. And if it pleases you then leave them and come to me home. Several things have prepared thinking of your beautiful love. Every part of your body looks like a beautiful flower. Every breath sounds to me yours.

The reflection of your soul light up my eyes. My poems want to win your desires. Show me the mysteries of art and the greatness of science. You know that even when the side of Calliope have listed only his poetry, without letting them affect me. Now at night when the beautiful muse of history comes to tempt her away gently and say: Clio Clio my heart belongs to Sappho.