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Ukrainian Company

But during this time by Snack Export was opened 28 branches and podfilialov throughout Ukraine, and without false modesty, we can say that we have one of the largest Distribution Network in Ukraine. A uniqueness of this network, as already mentioned, is that the Snack Export works in several other countries where the same quality standards in the distribution that we observed. Ways of distribution development in Ukraine now that the manufacturing company has opened its own distribution, then naturally becomes relevant question – how to do it direction of maximum profit. Here, only one way – distribution will work actively to profit only when the director of the company will actively engage other people's brands, the company will provide services logistics on the side. And if one is a proper distribution was considered as an auxiliary function of sales, then this phase distribution is becoming a full-fledged business direction.

Ukrainian distributor must build high-quality logistics, which are still unavailable. Logistics – a concept quite capacious, here can be attributed not only transport available to the distributor, here is the same, and service and software, and routing and timing and even how and what to wear drivers. Such logistics – a very cumbersome and complex set, which will require staff fairly high skill level (as an option – trained to work in companies Western-style), which, so far, still very lacking. Called Ukrainian logistics service early. It is still far from optimization of the cost of petrol, transport and personnel.

Ideal logistics company Our market will be, I think in 5-10 years. As for coverage, the Ukraine has no logistics companies, which would cover the entire territory and would have a branch in each region. It is really difficult, unless some operators in the market distribution services to consolidate their logistics structure and create a corporation. To date, the tendency is that the distribution companies, not to go to the dogs, will grow into simple logistics companies (provide only logistical services – storage, transport, etc.). In principle, after a while leaving a clean logistics – the fate of all distribution companies. So constructed Logistics in the west, so will we. And the second version of the development and further growth of distribution companies – to open their production and reach a new level.