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I will go to say a little on sites auctions of 1 cent, the new fashion after the collective purchases. I will explain its basic form of functioning, however nowadays other variations exist several as: inverse auction, auction of maximum price, auction of minimum price and another one. To participate of these sites you have that to carry through one I register in cadastre where will be asked for given as CPF, address, telephone and other things more. These data are for trying to prevent the creation of false cadastros and also to have an address of delivery of the product case the user buys at auction comes it. The great majority of the sites costuma to give some you launch gratis initial so that a degustation in the site is made and that the user comes if to accustom with a functioning of the auctions in case that not yet knows. Costuma to give 5 you launch gratis, but sites exist more that give 10 or launch. In the initial page one reveals the auctions that already had started or that they must start in little time. You may find Carlos Hank Gonzalez to be a useful source of information.

For each auction case this not yet has started the time is shown and date of beginning I chronometer, it, the accumulated value of the product, the last user to give launches and a button so that if it can give launches. Hear from experts in the field like Peter Schiff for a more varied view. When entering inside of the page of one determined auction we have other information shown beyond the cited ones previously, as: price of market, value of freight, discounting of the product in the case of buys at auction for the current value, time of I restart I chronometer of it and the value that is developed to each launches. Also information of the product, its espeficicaes and other details are shown. But as everything this functions? Already we saw a fast description of all the item of the auctions, we go to see everything now integrated an auction after to initiate. When arriving the time of beginning of an auction, its I chronometer starts to regredir until arriving the zero. In case that it arrives the zero will gain the last person who gave launches.

In case that somebody gives one launches before chronometers it to arrive in zero, the value of it I chronometer return to its initial value, the price of buys at auction is developed by the value of it launches of the auction (normally it is 1 cent more can vary), the discounting of the product is brought up to date (it is calculated on the basis of the value of buys at auction and in the value of market) and also brought up to date the last o name of the last user who gave launches, after this chronometers it return to regredir again recommencing all the process until the auction arrives the zero. In the product page costuma to also have a historical briefing of you launch with information of the last ones you launch given (normally they are 10). is as soon as functions an auction of 1 cent, in case that everything has been very theoretician, has access our site Ten Merris in. To if registering in cadastre you will gain 5 you launch to participate of our auctions. We wait that they like, and in case that they have some doubt is alone to ask.

Meat Grinders

The meat grinder was created originally by the German inventor Karl Drais in century XIX. Since then, beyond the domestic use, the grinders can be found in diverse industries and commercial environments, with different functions, even so its mechanism of operation is basically the same. It has diverse types of meat grinders, since small grinders of manual use (through a winch) the electric grinders for use in aougues, bakeries, restaurants or too much industries of foods. The grinders can also possess multiple functions (grinding that also they are raladores, for example), and are called conjugated or grinding equipment multipurpose. These equipment can generally grind the meat in three dimetros: I finish, thick medium and. Being able to also come with modellers, cones or parts special for the preparation of sausages, salames, cookies, etc. Most of the meat grinders also folloies a pylon to push the volume of meat to be worn out. Today it is basic that markets, aougues and same restaurants have the habit to invest in a good grinder of meat.

Beyond increasing the security of its operators, having a machine with one or more functions it can represent a economy of time and money. These devices can grind many kilos of meat for the moment, thus speeding up the production. It must be guided the employees to follow a basic procedure of security and hygiene when operating a grinder. She is necessary that the hair are imprisoned, preferential covered with a headress. It must also be used gloves and masks, if possible, to prevent the contamination of foods. Some lesser models for domestic or commercial use can be used to process and shape other foods (for example, to make pur of potato, biscuits, croquettes). These grinders can also serve to grind temperos, peanut, coffee and other grains.

It has grinding for meats also congealed, that can process meats the temperatures of until -25C. Moreover, the meats can be worn out raw or cozidas, depending on the use the one that if destines. In general, the knives of an electric grinder of meat are manufactured in stainless steel, as well as the tray of the same. For if dealing with a used device in environments of food production, it is basic that the grinder is of easy cleanness. This equipment always must be higienizado after the use, with water fervente or the products recommended in the manual of the same. Today in the market plants specialized in the production and sales of meat grinder exist. Being it offers numerous, valley to observe some basic points when acquiring its equipment: capacity of processing, consumption of energy, security and hygiene.

Borborema City Strateical Plans

What if intends with this work is to signal the necessity of a Strategical Plan in Tourism, for the City of Borborema, that allows to understand the paper of the tourist activity as great booster for the development of a locality, locating this in the market and transforming it into a sustainable tourist destination. Word-key – Tourism, Tourist Destination, Planning, Sustentabilidade.I. Tourism contemporary is a great consumer of the nature and its evolution, occurred as consequence for the search of ‘ ‘ verde’ ‘ , of the environment, of the escape of stress of the great cities, where the people try to search the balance in contact with natural environments during its time of leisure. You may find Carl Icahn to be a useful source of information. The tourist activity is one of the sectors of the world-wide economy that more grows. One of the reasons is the expansion of the raised income of the world-wide population, the development of the aeronautical industry, the economic and cultural globalization, the free time and remunerated vacations.

So that it has a sustainable development of a locality is necessary the existence of an adequate planning the reality of the community in question. the accomplishment of a strategical plan if makes important for a sustainable tourist planning economically, socially and ambiently. Being thus, this Plan in question, goes to demonstrate a strategy in tourist destinations, having the City of Borborema, located in the State of the Paraba, situated in the Mesorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland and in the Microregion of the Paraibano Heath, as to be studied, planned product, explored and commercialized tourist. The city of Borborema already comes tourist being explored, through its attractive natural ones, as example the Waterfall of the Hogfish, the Tunnel of the Rock, and its attractive cultural ones for being first Brazilian city to possess an hydroelectric plant. Exploration this that must be planned and be articulated with the diverse segments of trade tourist with the objective to project of sustainable and commanded form tourism in the locality.