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The majority of the contraceptive pills of regular use that contain Levonorgestrel. What, it will mean that the women of this country we will not have control of our body like first property of all human being and a free exercise, healthy, pleasant and normal of our sexuality, being harmed in addition in capacity and power to decision that has been imposed in the continuity of a patriarchal culture based on the other masculine and a God superior. Also, one of the consequences of this norm is that it can imply the increase of clandestine abortions without no type of security and conditions of salubrity, equipment and professional personnel that can cause the death of the woman, an extension of the business of inescrupulosas people which they take advantage this situation, and the increase of the abortion sentences, since in Chile it is prohibited in his totality and strongly penalized for all the participant people in the act. 3 Either it is time, or it is time. to vindicate this situation, in which not only she touches to the mothers, the daughters, citizens of the nation, but involve the society as a whole, and that in the days of a legitimate democracy, through popular vote she corresponds that the voice of the town is listened to and is summoned to a plebiscite, so that in the heat of freedom and equality we decide on a serious proposal that a policy of coherent reproductive sexuality guarantees and a system of public health of the 21st century. Thus, one of the first steps the same 22 of April, day in which the Constitutional Court emits the failure, is summoned to a march from the 18 hrs from Italy Place, so that we altogether mobilize between all and all, organizations and institutions, workers and unions, communities, movement of women and feminist, poltic@s, mass media, students, etc, to pronounce our deep Rejection to the old woman rezagos of which they are wanted to perpetuate in the time being mutilated the Rights of the Women. By the Freedom To decide! By Daniela Andrade Zubia Coordinator of the City of the Goddesses 1 National Norms on Regulation of the Fertility in Chile.

MINSAU 2 Buckets, Teresa. Coordinating Observatory of Sort and Fairness. Possible failure against " " T" " of copper . 3 In Chile the right to the life, and first fundamental of all the human rights, this recognized in our political constitution in its article n 1: the law protects the life del that this to be born. The penal code typifies and punishes the crime of the abortion in its article 342, and the Sanitary Code establishes in its article 119 that: will not be able to execute any action whose aim would cause an abortion. The penal code sanctions the individuals that cause and/or cooperate with the procedure, having you punish for both from military prisons smaller with degrees principles and military prisons principles with degrees we mined, following the form that happens the abortion. Although in Chile the abortion is prohibited, even the therapeutic one, this still continues being a pending subject, since many political sectors want to replace article 19 of the sanitary code to allow the therapeutic abortion when there was danger of death for the mother. Original author and source of the article.

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– ActiveX controls: in certain occasions, when we sailed by Internet, it appears to us a message that asks for our authorization to execute small programs in our own equipment, like requirement essential to be able to continue with our activity in the page Web in which we were. These programs come from the Web server to which we have acceded, but they are executed directly in the computer of the user, reason why the danger is clearly. – Unloading and execution of archives .exe: it can be obtained through techniques of social engineering, that is to say, through deceit of the user or the abuse of his confidence, affection, etc. – Instantaneous mail: at the moment the programs Messenger type very they are extended between the users, who even can get to accept like contacts at people who do not know, or who do not know the sufficient thing. In these cases the attacker will try that the victim accepts a file she executes and it in his equipment. – Operation of vulnerabilities of third parties through navigator: we cannot leave without commenting another one of the routes by which an attacker can get to control the team of a user, and that route is the one to take advantage of through navigator Internet the vulnerabilities or exploits that occurs in applications of third parties (different from the manufacturer of the navigator in the majority of the cases).

Special numerous attention is due to render to exploits that they affect well-known reproducers of video that the majority of us we used with remarkable frequency. And up to here the first approach to the most common attacks that they can be sent to take control of the control of a user team, who will be able to serve the attacker as platform as attack to a whole network or a servants of the organization to whom the user belongs. It is, then, patent the necessity to educate and to bring back to consciousness to the users, because it is the most effective form to protect in last instance all our network. udea Security of the Information Manuel Diaz Sampedro Department Management of the Security