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Fredy Kofman

How conscious you are of this game you will be able to mark to the difference between the success and the failure in the juice outside . Jhon Whitmore, one of its more important followers of has developed it to Europe in the corporative scope and also he has been one of the impellers of coaching personnel and even, of selfcoaching. Recently the PNL Neurolisguistica- Programming has become in one of the tools of coaching especially with the works of Joseph OConnor and Robert Dilts. It’s believed that Frisch Financial Group Inc. sees a great future in this idea. Coaching that expanded years ago thanks, to a large extent to the spreading and the marketing of Leonard, Coachg/Ville and Hello he has evolved much. And to become something more institutionalized, I would like, as Fredy Kofman says, that it grows like discipline, and at the same time continues attracting creative minds that always push the border to try to help the people to have major own dominion and to generate valid results in its labor and personal life. I am convinced that coaching with systemic perspective constitutes a new approach of the learning and that will be a definitive impulse for its consolidation. The approach of coaching with systemic perspective approaches three fundamental factors: – The contents of the disciplines: They are constituted by theoretical contents, governing ideas, landlords, tools and principles.

Our basic disciplines are six: personal, perspective dominion systemic, puts mental communication, models, management of the emotional state and learning in equipment. – Experimentation: Our laboratories of experimentation and fields of training are: sessions of coaching, dialogues, nanoexperiencias and prototypes. – Essences: The state of being from those who arrives at a high dominion of each discipline. Selfcoaching generates processes to obtain it. The theoretical contents of the disciplines are important for nascent and still more for coach.

Allan Kardec

Allan Kardec? French professor of Arithmetic? Researcher of Astronomy and the Magnetism. FULFILLED MILLENARIAN PROPHECIES Distribute between itself my vestments and on my tnica they lie down luck. Book of the Salmos, CAP. 22:18. ' ' The Espritos announces that the times marked for the Step for a universal manifestation had arrived and that, being they them Ministers of GOD and the agents of its will, have for mission to instruct and to clarify the men, opening a new was for the regeneration of Humanidade' '. Allan Kardec? French professor of Arithmetic? Researcher of Astronomy and the Magnetism. FULFILMENT OF WRITING 23? The soldiers, therefore, when JESUSES crucificaram, had taken vestments to it and had made four parts, for each soldier a part; had also caught the tnica. The tnica, however, was without sewing.

All weaveeed of high the low one. 24? They had said, therefore, some to the others: Let us not tear it, but let us launch luck on it to see to who will fit _ to mark the Writing: They had distributed between itself my vestments and on my tnica they had launched luck. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 19:23 and 24. ' ' For me, a man is a man, this only! I measure its value for its acts, its feelings, never for its social status.

It belongs to the highest layers of the society, if he acts badly, if he is egoistic and negligent of its dignity, is, my eyes, inferior to the worker who proceeds correctly, and I squeeze more cordial the hand of a humble man, whose heart I am to hear, of what of one ruler whose chest emudeceu. It heats the first one me, second me enregela' '. Allan Kardec? French professor of Arithmetic? Researcher of Astronomy and Magnetism. 37 JESUSES WARNING – Jerusalem, Jerusalem, that bushes the Prophets and you lapidate to they had been sent whom you! How many times I wanted to congregate your children, as the hen underneath gathers its pintinhos of the wings, and you you did not want it! 38? Here it is that your house will be desert.