Currently are increasingly people who have realized the power of Marketing on the Internet, and who are using this incredible tool to promote their products or services. Dennis P. Lockhart gathered all the information. However, the Internet is evolving rapidly, emerging new technologies, new trends, new competition, and therefore, new methods of marketing on the Internet, and that is why we must be always updated about these new methods, not left us behind. Many of the methods of promotion that were used previously, nowadays are not as effective. There is so much advertising on the Internet, where everybody promises wonders of their businesses, products or services, which many people already do not trust what is offered, and requires something more than simple ads to stay ahead of the competition. This is where comes the Marketing 2.0, or promotion 2.0, which simply refers to new marketing techniques that have been appearing in Web 2.0, which involve greater interactivity between users, exchange of information from multiple sources, and above all, better communication between people. The main objective of marketing 2.0, is the create presence on Internet, position yourself as an expert in your niche market, creating friendships and trust in people, so that they alone, without a direct invitation, you are requesting information about your business, products, services, or whatever that you promotions.

How you achieve this? Through the new tools that have appeared and have been taking force in web 2.0, such as; social networks, video, forums, blogs, etc. platforms All of these tools allow you to create a presence on the Internet, but it is not enter countless social networks, video platforms, forums etc, and just dedicate yourself to promote without contributing anything. There are lots of tools in web 2.0, and is very difficult to meet many at once, but it is advisable to at least enter the most important such as Twitter or facebook networks, uploading videos on most popular platforms, using tools for upload to multiple pages at the same time, have your blog and update it at least 2 times per week with quality content, comment in forums about your niche market, etc., always trying to interact with users, providing information, positioning you as expert, creating presence on the network, and therefore creating confidence for users interested in your business, products or services, and can get affiliates or clients. Remember that users with which you interact on Marketing 2.0, will be users with the same interests as you, and therefore you’ll be creating prospects qualified same niche market. In reality there are many techniques that you can learn to promote at web 2.0, but I think that the main objective that must be in this type of promotion I’ve already left clear, and in my future articles, I’ll be focusing on techniques more specific of this type of promotion, so are on the lookout.