The Asturcon

The appearance of the “asturcon” is a nimble, harmonious Pony as well as strong and tough. His coat is black, although at first glance the asturcon winter presents a totally different from the summer appearance. Its adaptation to the rigors of the mountain causes that during the cold season the animal coat with a layer of brown hair that protects you. The head is small, slightly concave and topped by large nostrils profile. The eyes are large, vivid black. Gain insight and clarity with Chief of Staff. The ears, small and great mobility, flank a clear front covered by a thick fringe.

An of medium length, slightly arched neck in males, which precipitated a dense and long mane cascading. It has very sloped shoulders, rump also tilted and never double with an abundant colade Hairiness. Lie a wide rib with a chest front of well-defined musculature over a few thin extremities with very hardy small and rounded helmets. Its average height is 1.25 meters depending on great way to breeding system. Habitat and distribution The “asturcon” is part of a broad family ponies which are preserved in the so-called Atlantic Arc, the strip of the ocean coastline that runs from Portugal to Scotland and comprising Spain, France, England, Wales and Ireland. In total reconocidasnueve there are breeds of similar characteristics: Garrano, Asturcon, Pottok, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Wales, Connemara, Shetland and Highland, many of which have been extended by the world given its characteristics. The natural conditions of Asturias, a mountain region and abrupt, communications difficult until the 20th century, has been a double-edged sword for the “asturcon” circumstance. On the one hand protected racial purity, preventing crosses that made him lose the hallmarks, but, on the other hand, limited disclosure and exit to the outside, despite the enormous virtues that treasures. The momentum of the environmentalist conscience of 1980s, preceded by private initiatives and the efforts of emerging organizations such as the Asociacion Asturiana of friends of nature (ANA), managed to curb to time the dizzying fall of the pony wearing road become a certain disappearance.