The Choice Of Clothing

Under the current Labor Code (Article 212) the employer shall at its own expense to give workers clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment. Overalls for workers in selected Depending on the specifics of the organization. When choosing clothes do not forget its main purpose – to protect personnel. Therefore, it must comply with the requirements of gost. Particular attention should be paid to durability of the material of which is sewn clothing. Tissue Russian production exceeds their Asian counterparts in all parameters.

Discontinuous characteristics of Russian materials in an average 25% higher. For example, take the fabric of the Leader-250 and its analogue. After five washings waterproof Leader-250 "is reduced by 20%, and its analog by 95%. Hence the conclusion about their preferences in the choice of clothing. For clothing fabrics, there are two types of Finish: finish maslo finish fabric impregnated with maslovodootalkivayuschey (CVM) is used for sewing clothes primarily for the petrochemical complex.

Consider protective clothing as marketing tool. For example, your company has a delivery service (or another service, which is in direct contact with customers). Choose the color combination of materials in accordance with your corporate identity, Apply logo and clothing than its direct purpose can be used as an advertising medium. Your company will become more recognizable, which will increase customer confidence and as a consequence of increased demand for your products. Marketing and branding of a separate conversation, but do not forget about their importance.