The Graphic

Several officials from the different States that comprise the OPEC stated that recent volatility observed in the present commodity market, it has severely hurt the oil industry. These fluctuations have observed in the crude oil market at least 8 months ago.Without accurate and precise data on levels of supply and demand for crude, OPEC will again be the center of attention. If crude oil does not falls with clear levels of support, OPEC, could again take measures such as reductions in production for the purposes of promoting the value of black gold. It would be advisable to follow closely the opinions of different given OPEC members that future cuts in production, and with it, a rise in crude oil could insinuate. News technical EUR/USD the slow stochastic and the RSI on the daily graphic show the continuation of the downtrend. Graphic schedule notes a bearish formation.

In the 4 hours chart, all indicators show the current low. Go short will be successful today. GBP/USD after the downward correction on Thursday, cable, again began its downward trend. The RSI on the 4-hour chart is located in line 50, indicating that the bearish movement still has place. Go in short would be preferable today. USD/JPY bearish trend that took place a few days ago, it seems that it will continue.

IHR graphic schedule surpassed the 40 line, hinting that the pair could follow in baja. On the daily chart slow stochastic supports this notion. The next target would be the 96.20. USD/CHF our preference: in in length in the 1.13900, with goals in the 1.1475 / 1.1500. alternative scenario: below the 1.1385 could continue on low until the 1.135 / 1.1305 as targets. The RSI shows upward signals. OIL the break bassist of yesterday into the graphic schedule seems to gain strength now. The 4-hour chart supports a bearish movement, and investors may enter with this popular trend.