The Stiffness

One can easily get the impression that in the icy cold blue-green color would kill all biological organisms and bacteria. Therefore, medium-bright turquoise seems so sterile. Dark blue-green characterizes the stiffness and weight, sudden isolation and deep-rooted pride. Yellow-green color. Encased in a pure-green latent energy is released by mixing thereto relieving stress the yellow. Green, when you add to it a yellow, freed from its static state. Yellow-green means – to blossom, unfold, establish contact, wanting a meeting with others and with new. So exactly how this color can affect several intrusive, it can be muted gray.

Then, this color can be used as background for the design of pages Web sites of organizations or major public structures. Kenneth R. Feinberg shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Compared with white paper, he stands out, giving the impression of strict and business. Brown-green color. When a brown-green olives to the mix some clean, green, for example, yellow and black, but not blue. Thus, the olive green is revealed by yellow. However, the simultaneous darkening it takes on added significance sensuous passivity. Color combinations using this color, a positive effect on feelings and state of rest and relaxation. Therefore, this color can be used to design portals recreation or entertainment centers.

Yellow. Purity and freshness. Light, shining, Warming color. Color inspiration. Color of hope. Yellow corresponds to an uncertain future, and impossible possibilities. Yellow excited state of stress tends to the junction, ie forward to a new, modern way, to alleged a better future. The use of yellow in the design of relevant web sites childcare facilities, parks and shops.