– Some people call it “Sex Appeal” .- Personality CAN NOT be Learned, Bought, borrowed or teacher. – It is something a person is born with .- Not all people have “PERSONALITY” .- This is part of an individual’s identity .- It has nothing to do with the way you dress, how beautiful or handsome a man or a woman dog be, how much money They might have, driving the most beautiful and expensive cars, expensive jewelry using .- None of These Things Can Even compete or compare with HAVING PERSONALITY .- Can Be A room filled with the Most Beautiful Women in the world, yet, When a Woman, Probably not so beautiful Enters That room, – in little or no time all, – men and Even Other Women will be fixed and Attract to her, feeling an irresistible and compelling her Influence of Presence, or the Which way in the quality of That person outwardly Manifests Itself .- This attraction is a trait or quality Pleased That elicits admiration or responsiveness, – Can it manifest in a woman as well as a man .- Just as an example, – CLEOPATRA, Queen of Egypt Was NOT a beautiful woman, on the Contrary – and judging by today’s standards, “She was ugly Almost .-.- Yet, with her intense personality and sex appeal She was Able to Conquer, beyond belief, Not Only CESAR, the Roman Emperor, But Also Marc Anthony. They Became Both slaves at her Presence, falling madly in love with her, – to the extend of doing whatever it took to please her in Every possible way. Learn more at this site: Florida Senator. Of course, in Spite of her youth (she Was Almost 18 at That Time) She was an expert in Matters of Sex, and Knew how to please a man in Every sense of the word .- She Could Also speak more languages now Than July and was extremely intelligent. People with Personality Have a way of obtaining whatever They wish in life .- Relationships Not only in loving, But also in careers, business, or Any Other Endeavors frienships. Therefore, Ladies and Gentlemen, – Forget About Being good looking or rich .- If you have “Personality” – THE WORLD IS AT YOUR FEET!!.